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If Then

How Russian Trolls Went Local

A deep dive into how Russia gamed Facebook.

Feb. 14 2018 3:55 PMLike Is Too Simple an EmotionThe inventor of Facebook’s iconic button reflects on technology’s unintended consequences.
Jan. 31 2018 4:21 PMThrough the Revolving Door Between Facebook and DemocratsA former Facebook employee and Clinton campaign adviser on how advertising tech and disinformation campaigns are a perfect fit.
Jan. 17 2018 7:22 PMWhy Facebook and “Meaningful Interactions” Don’t MixA media studies professor argues that the social network’s design makes serious discussions impossible.
Jan. 3 2018 2:26 PMScience Fiction by ABBAIf Then talks about how the new tax plan could usher in more robots, what the iPhone “batterygate” tells us about Apple, and the history of writing about the near future.
Dec. 13 2017 3:49 PMWhat’s Next for Net Neutrality?The man who coined the phrase reflects on the vote to kill it—and how it could yet be revived.
Nov. 29 2017 3:41 PMAntitrust SuperstarIf Then examines the Trump administration’s tough stance on monopolies and what it might mean for tech giants.
Nov. 15 2017 10:48 AMWhy You Can’t Put Your Smartphone DownA neuroeconomist explains the psychological tricks that apps use to keep us hooked.
Nov. 2 2017 5:18 PMTrash Moths to the Trash FlameIf Then on the hearings on Facebook and Russian meddling, and an interview with Antonio García Martínez.
Feb. 7 2018 3:02 PMFISA and FuryNational security expert Marcy Wheeler explains the hypocrisy behind the Nunes memo.
Jan. 24 2018 3:19 PMDudebros Every DayJournalist Taylor Lorenz takes us inside the cultish, male-dominated world of teen YouTube stars and explains how they make millions.
Jan. 10 2018 3:23 PMThe Future Is “Smart” and DumbIf Then reports from CES on the A.I. battle between Amazon and Google, Intel’s cybersecurity problem, and a robot that shoots dog treats six feet in the air.
Dec. 20 2017 3:17 PMThe Browser WarsIf Then on Uber’s misdeeds, what the Fox-Disney deal means for net neutrality, and how Firefox and its nonprofit compete with Google’s Chrome.
Dec. 6 2017 3:46 PMEllen Pao Knows Who Will Fix Sexism in Silicon ValleyA conversation with If Then about the tech industry and #MeToo.
Nov. 22 2017 3:00 PMHack FridayIf Then breaks down news of a digital media crash, the death of net neutrality, and how to stay safe when shopping online.
Nov. 8 2017 11:25 AMWhat if Social Media’s Ugliest Problems Can’t Be Solved?An expert on trolls and hate speech says there’s no easy fix for online harassment.