Hit Parade
Hit Parade

Hit Parade: The Great War Against the Single Edition

The story of how the recording industry made you shell out $18 for one good song in the ’90s.

July 28 2017 1:45 PMHit Parade: The Charity Megasingle EditionIn the mid-1980s, big, loud, multicelebrity pop songs were briefly all over the charts and the radio. How’d that happen?
May 26 2017 5:12 PMHit Parade: The Fab Four Sweep EditionHow a major label screw-up helped the Beatles sweep the Billboard top five.
June 30 2017 2:45 PMHit Parade: The Imperial Elton and George EditionGeorge Michael and Elton John were friends, collaborators, and for one week, chart rivals.
April 28 2017 7:03 AMHit Parade: The Rogue DJ EditionA new podcast about how that song you love—or hate—became a smash.