NPR’s former CEO on life outside the liberal bubble.

If Liberals Are in a Bubble, Where Are Conservatives?

If Liberals Are in a Bubble, Where Are Conservatives?

A daily news and culture podcast with Mike Pesca.
Dec. 22 2017 7:28 PM

Deplorables and Snowflakes

Ken Stern thinks we should quit it with the name-calling.

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On The Gist, Ken Stern explains why the deplorable label doesn’t sit well with him, even if it’s defensible. Stern is the author of Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right.

In the Spiel, is life better in the U.S. or Europe? Mike considers it with David Plotz, CEO of Atlas Obscura.

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Mike Pesca is the host of the Slate daily podcast The Gist. He also contributes reports and commentary to NPR.