Anjelah Johnson on her YouTube-made comedy career and new special, Mahalo & Goodnight.

Why Anjelah Johnson Isn’t Doing Trump Jokes Just Yet

Why Anjelah Johnson Isn’t Doing Trump Jokes Just Yet

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Dec. 29 2017 7:32 PM

It’s Fan Service or Bust

Some comedians have a “kill or be killed” relationship with their audiences. Anjelah Johnson just gives them what they want.

Anjelah Johnson performs in 2014 in Los Angeles.

Ben Horton/Getty Images for NUVOtv

Listen to Episode 899 of Slate’s The Gist:


On The Gist, Mike is down with feminism but argues that woke should be Merriam-Webster’s word of the year instead.

In the interview, Anjelah Johnson was living off grocery store gift cards in L.A. before a new thing called YouTube launched her comedy career. Someone uploaded a video of her stand-up routine to the site in 2007; it quickly racked up millions of views and landed Anjelah an agent. Johnson’s fourth comedy special, Mahalo & Goodnight, is on EPIX, Apple Music, and Spotify.

In the Spiel, we should be taking a closer look at New York City’s latest crime, rape, and murder statistics.

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