Kathleen Horan on Audible’s Mortal City.

Audible’s Mortal City Is an Ode to Obituaries

Audible’s Mortal City Is an Ode to Obituaries

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Oct. 23 2017 8:49 PM

A Show for Mere Mortals

What if you got to read your own obituary? That’s kind of what Audible’s Mortal City is going for.

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Kathleen Horan is the host of Mortal City, the Audible original series.

Courtesy of Audible

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Kathleen Horan writes obituaries for the living. Her Audible original series, Mortal City, is an anthology of lesser-known New York characters: Douglas the sanitation worker, Serge the barman, Rocky the ambulance commandant. “I just kept feeling like there were people that I was missing,” says Horan. She prefers to talk to people who live and work on the city’s margins: “They just can’t help but show you higher up on the thigh of their story.”

In the Spiel, the latest page in the very long scrapbook on President Trump’s communication catastrophes.

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