Musician Ted Leo on his album The Hanged Man.

Musician Ted Leo Has Had Enough of Moderate Republicans

Musician Ted Leo Has Had Enough of Moderate Republicans

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Sept. 15 2017 7:42 PM

Ted Leo’s Hanged-Man Wisdom

The musician’s latest album offers a serenity prayer for political obsessives.

Ted Leo performs at Public Assembly on Oct. 23, 2010, in New York.

Cory Schwartz/Getty Images

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On The Gist, Mike talks to one of his favorites: Musician Ted Leo discusses letting his political frustrations fuel his songwriting (see his song, “William Weld in the 21st Century”) and explains how he finds solace in the tarot card image of the hanged man, which inspired the name of his new album. The Hanged Man is available now. For more on Ted Leo, read Michael Tedder’s story in Stereogum, “Ted Leo Is Like You.

In the Spiel, why it’s silly to say that speech equals violence.

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