Chris Molanphy on the Billboard hits of 2007.

Why 2007 Was a Trendsetting Year for Pop Music

Why 2007 Was a Trendsetting Year for Pop Music

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Sept. 22 2017 8:08 PM

2007 Defined the Next Decade in Pop

Hip-hop and R&B dominated the charts, but digital sales are what mattered.

Rihanna performs in 2007 in Hanover, Germany.

Thomas Starke/Getty Images

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The chart-topping hits of 2007 featured Beyoncé at peak pop and Kanye West ahead of the curve with electronic dance music. Why do the hits of 2007 have such impressive staying power? Chris Molanphy says it might be because the 2007 Billboard charts were more comprehensive than ever, marking the first time that digital music sales were incorporated into a song’s ranking. Molanphy writes Slate’s Why Is This Song No. 1? column and hosts the podcast Hit Parade.

In the Spiel, John McCain just keeps on delivering.

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