Josh Green on Steve Bannon’s candid “interview.”

Is This, Finally, the End of Steve Bannon?

Is This, Finally, the End of Steve Bannon?

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Aug. 17 2017 7:03 PM

Is This the End of Steve Bannon?   

Author Josh Green on the rumors around Trump’s chief strategist.  

White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon walks across the South Lawn upon return to the White House with President Donald Trump on April 18.

Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

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Did Steve Bannon really misunderstand the meaning of off the record during his now-infamous “interview” with the American Prospect? “Yup,” says Joshua Green, author of Devil’s Bargain, a book about Bannon’s influence on the Trump presidency. Green addresses the latest rumors of Bannon’s political demise and tries to sort out why, exactly, Trump’s chief strategist always wears three shirts at once.

In the Spiel, a nuclear war with North Korea no longer feels inevitable. So what now?

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