How Kelly Sun outsmarted the casinos.

The Inside Story of How Kelly Sun Beat the Casinos

The Inside Story of How Kelly Sun Beat the Casinos

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July 31 2017 8:02 PM

How to Beat a Casino

In the new ESPN podcast documentary A Queen of Sorts, the story of a woman who turned the tables on casinos around the world.

Gambling chips at a gaming table in Macau on June 12, 2007.

Mike Clarke/AFP/Getty Images

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A few years ago, an unassuming young woman named Kelly Sun teamed up with Phil Ivey, the world’s most famous poker player. Using some questionable strategies, the two managed to win millions of dollars from casinos across the world. Now the casinos are saying what they did is cheating, and they’re trying to get their money back in court. Reporter Rose Eveleth tells Sun and Ivey’s story in a new audio documentary, A Queen of Sorts, part of the ESPN podcast series 30 for 30.

In the Spiel, yeah, no, #NoConfederate.

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