Chuck Klosterman on his new book, X.

Chuck Klosterman’s Advice for Interviewing the Super Famous

Chuck Klosterman’s Advice for Interviewing the Super Famous

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May 16 2017 6:21 PM

Encounters With the Very, Very Famous

Chuck Klosterman on his new book X, which includes profiles of everyone from Kobe Bryant to Taylor Swift.

Author Chuck Klosterman visits SiriusXM Studio on Oct. 27 in New York City.

Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

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One piece of interview advice from Chuck Klosterman: You can’t make a celebrity interview feel like a real conversation. “They know it’s not real. They wouldn’t be here, and I wouldn’t be asking these questions, if it wasn’t for the tape recorder,” says Klosterman. His new book, X, includes profiles and essays on some of the biggest names in pop culture from Klosterman’s storied career, including Kobe Bryant and Taylor Swift.

In the Spiel, breaking down the disparate, strange, nonsensical explanations for Donald Trump’s Russia leaks.

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