All of our S-Town questions, answered by Brian Reed.

Brian Reed Answers Our Questions About S-Town

Brian Reed Answers Our Questions About S-Town

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April 20 2017 7:13 PM

The Secrets of S-Town

Host and producer Brian Reed takes us inside his hit podcast.

S-Town host and producer Brian Reed.

Andrea Morales/Serial

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In 2012, a man named John B. McLemore wrote an email to This American Life asking the radio show to investigate a murder in his hometown. What resulted is S-Town, a podcast that explores McLemore and the people around him. Producer and host Brian Reed stops by to answer our burning questions about the show and how locals in Woodstock, Alabama, have responded since its release. (A warning: certain references in this interview will only make sense if you’ve heard S-Town. If you haven’t listened yet, it’s wise to save this episode for later.)

Plus, karma finally catches up with Bill O’Reilly.

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