The “Paleo” diet with Maria Konnikova and Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump.

Should Everyone Eat More Like Fred Flintstone?

Should Everyone Eat More Like Fred Flintstone?

A daily news and culture podcast with Mike Pesca.
Jan. 20 2016 6:43 PM

Eat More Pterodactyl?

Our host and Fred Flintstone both work for Slate, but who has the healthier habits? Maria Konnikova explains the “Paleo” diet.

Should Fred Flintstone cut the fruity pebbles out of his diet and go Paleo?

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Listen to Episode 418 of Slate’s The Gist:


On The Gist, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker examines the benefits of eating the “Paleo” diet for a game we call “Is That Bulls--t?” She’s the author of The Confidence Game. For the Spiel, can Sarah Palin see syntax from her speech?

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