The Gist: Maria Konnikova on salt and the Mets first game of the world series.

From What Food Do Most Americans Get Their Salt? It’s Not Bacon.

From What Food Do Most Americans Get Their Salt? It’s Not Bacon.

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Oct. 28 2015 9:05 PM

Is Salt Still Bad for You?

A secret killer or the Western diet's scapegoat? Maria Konnikova assaults us with wisdom.

How concerned should we be about our salt intake?

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For many Americans, the salt you sprinkle on your steak has less of an impact on daily sodium intake than what you pour into your … cereal bowl? On The Gist, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker to examine the research into the impact of salt on your long-term health, and the common foods that drive up daily intake. For the Spiel, no one likes Joe Buck.

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