The Gist: Maria Konnikova on probiotics, and how the FDA regulates new ingredients.

Why All the Greek Yogurt? Maria Konnikova Explains Probiotics.

Why All the Greek Yogurt? Maria Konnikova Explains Probiotics.

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April 22 2015 5:29 PM

Are Probiotics Bunk?

Maria Konnikova has the scoop on yogurt that promises clearer skin and slimmer waists. 

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Should we be pro probiotics?

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Ryan Snyder/Flickr Creative Commons

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Today on The Gist, it’s an episode that comes from the gut. First, reporters Erin Quinn and Chris Young of the Center for Public Integrity explain how companies have exploited a decades-old loophole in FDA approval of new food additives. Their article is called “Why the FDA Doesn’t Really Know What’s in Your Food.” And, in another installment of “Is That Bulls--t?” Mike asks Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker if the science backs up the hype around healthy bacteria. For the Spiel, Mike quacks a joke.


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