The Gist: Jacob Weisberg and Adam Davidson on Mario Cuomo’s policy legacy.

What Mario Cuomo and Elizabeth Warren Have in Common

What Mario Cuomo and Elizabeth Warren Have in Common

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Jan. 5 2015 6:38 PM

Mario Cuomo’s Missed Career in Stand-Up

Did the late New York governor’s policy prescriptions from a 1992 speech hold up? We review the tape with Jacob Weisberg and Adam Davidson.

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The late New York Gov. Mario Cuomo speaks at Cornell University in 1987.

Photo Illustration by Slate. Photo by Kenneth C. Zirkel/Wikimedia.

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What did Mario Cuomo accomplish and set in motion during his three terms as New York governor? On The Gist, we examine a fascinating figure in American politics through the lens of a single Time magazine luncheon from 1992Slate’s Jacob Weisberg and NPR’s Adam Davidson explain how Cuomo's policies hold up all these years later. Weisberg profiled the liberal icon in a 1994 article for New York magazine, “Remembering Mario Cuomo’s First 4,000 Days in Office.” For the Spiel, the price of a barrel of oil.

At the very end of this show, we debut a new They Might Be Giants song, as part of their Dial-a-Song reboot, as we will be doing every Monday this year. You can find videos for the song on the band’s website.

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