The Gist discusses parenting with Daisy Waugh, and Dahlia Lithwick on the court’s fall term.

Some Parenting Advice: Chill Out

Some Parenting Advice: Chill Out

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Oct. 3 2014 6:21 PM

Stop Freaking Out About Your Kids

How evangelical-parenting Nazis are sucking all the fun out of raising children.  

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Is it time to give free-range parenting a try?

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Today on The Gist, Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick previews the Supreme Court cases worth watching closely this term, even if they don’t inspire Hobby Lobby–level outrage. Plus, Daisy Waugh explains how modern attitudes toward child-rearing are setting parents up to feel like failures. She’s the author of The Kids Will Be Fine. For the Spiel, damn, dams, we wish you were built better.

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