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Deal With Fake News Yourself, Facebook

We put the social media giant’s 10 tips on avoiding bogus stories to the test.

May 23 2018 7:19 PMThanks for Protesting … Now StopIf the NFL has a good explanation for its intent to punish players who kneel during the anthem, it has yet to give it.
May 22 2018 9:03 AMTwo-Party ProblemsRepublicans and Democrats dominate political life in the U.S., and that bipartisan division didn’t evolve naturally. It was engineered.
May 18 2018 9:57 AMBecky Hammon’s Next Big ShotA woman almost became president, but a woman hasn’t yet become a head coach in the NBA.
May 15 2018 2:19 PMIntroducing Upon Further ReviewEpisode 1 of Mike Pesca’s new podcast on the great sports what ifs.
May 11 2018 9:55 PMWhy Putin MattersWhoever says history is bigger than any one person hasn’t considered Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.  
May 9 2018 8:09 PMSome InterrogationHere are the questions Gina Haspel didn’t answer at her confirmation hearing to lead the CIA.
May 8 2018 7:19 AMWho Hurt You, Jake Tapper?He talks about Trump six days a week on TV. To relax, he wrote a book about McCarthyism.
May 4 2018 9:57 AMCall of Rudy 2Rudy Giuliani got his message out perfectly. And he probably doomed his client.
May 1 2018 8:50 PMHow We Screwed Over Puerto RicoFEMA chaos plus reckless tax policy plus shady debt deals plus no vote in Congress.
April 27 2018 7:15 PMISIS Isn’t Done WithAnd once it is, terrorism itself won’t be solved.
April 25 2018 8:43 PMKorematsu, Revisited?As the Supreme Court weighs Trump’s travel ban on Muslim-majority countries, one of its most notorious decisions still stands.
April 23 2018 9:18 PMThe State of StateRonan Farrow on the slow demise of American diplomacy.
April 19 2018 7:40 PMComey Can’t ConfessOn his book tour, the fired FBI director still can’t square his pre-election blunders.
April 17 2018 7:45 PMThe Taint Team ComethThe cover-up is worse than the crime when you put Michael Cohen in charge of the cover-up.
April 13 2018 9:16 PMChemistry No MoreRussia’s denialism over Syrian war crimes is unscientific nonsense.
May 22 2018 8:33 PMGirls Rule, and Boys Think They Rule MoreIt’s science.
May 18 2018 7:55 PMBreaking Up Comedy’s Boys ClubNell Scovell, the co-author of Lean In, has a simple solution for getting more women into writers’ rooms, and it rhymes with “conclusion glider.”
May 16 2018 9:00 PMDisconnecting the Dots in IsraelThe deaths in Gaza this week are linked, however indirectly, to the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Try telling that to Fox News.
May 14 2018 8:05 PMDoes Your Face Need a Workout?I’m not raising my eyebrows maniacally, I’m *exercising.*
May 10 2018 6:13 PMThe Long, Long Road of Tiger WoodsPro golf’s biggest star is past his prime as an athlete. But as an individual, his best could be to come.
May 8 2018 8:18 PMDonald and the DonWatching the rise of Don Blankenship is like witnessing the 2016 Republican presidential primaries all over again.
May 4 2018 8:03 PMThe Dangerous Hits of 1991Prepare the fainting couch. It was a big year for racy music videos.
May 2 2018 9:42 PMWe Could Have Weaponized Twitter, Too, You KnowHow did the U.S. intelligence community find itself outpaced by Russian bots? Gen. Michael Hayden explains.
April 30 2018 8:14 PMA Wolf in Wolf’s ClothingMichelle Wolf scandalized the White House Correspondents’ Dinner by doing her job.
April 26 2018 9:40 PMOld Man Donald… had a rant.
April 24 2018 7:25 PMThe Plain PrinceThe duke of Cambridge isn’t quite as good-looking as his spouse. Here’s what science has to say about that.
April 20 2018 8:41 PMThe Zen of CohenThe raid of Michael Cohen’s office marks the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency, says Adam Davidson.
April 18 2018 9:36 PMA Fuller Obituary for Barbara BushShe was fierce and loyal but also kind of mean.
April 16 2018 9:31 PMJames Comey’s Ego TripIn defense of the former FBI director.
April 12 2018 7:39 PM“I Never Said That”Except you did, Mr. President.