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Awkward Silence Is Our Polio

When Alexandra Petri decided to become a writer, she worried that she wasn’t interesting enough. Her solution? Craigslist.

July 1 2015 7:40 PMPoking Holes in AcupunctureAs Mike needles Maria Konnikova’s chi with questions, will her analysis remain on point?
June 29 2015 7:34 PMThe Following Story Is Based on Real PresidentsTo write about the leader of the free world, novelist Brad Meltzer says it helps to know a few commanders-in-chief (and their Secret Service agents).
June 25 2015 4:48 PMIs the “Five-Second Rule” Baloney?Scientists have actually studied the commonly held belief that food on the floor is still edible as long as it is rescued quickly. 
June 24 2015 8:17 AMThe Gist ListAn interview with Mike Pesca about the long, detailed, occasionally baffling iPhone note where he keeps all his ideas.
June 22 2015 5:38 PMFour Essential LiesListen in as the Moth champ Matthew Dicks shares strategic lies commonly used by professional storytellers.
June 18 2015 7:43 PMWhy Dylann Roof Picked Those Two FlagsVexillologist Ted Kaye reminds us that flags inspire emotions, both positive and negative.
June 16 2015 7:05 PMDeep Dive Into a Defining InstitutionThere’s a lot more to the history of slavery than cotton fields in the South between 1840 and 1860.
June 12 2015 4:20 PMMy Friend Became a Staunch Anti-Vaxxer. Now What?Dear Prudence reminds us that ending a friendship can be hard, but getting the measles is worse.
June 9 2015 7:14 PMSleeping: You’re Doing It WrongHigh-achievers love to boast about how little sleep they need. Is that BS?
June 5 2015 7:30 PMSharon Van Etten, Banter MentorWe assign the acclaimed singer-songwriter to help an up-and-coming artist who’s concerned about his awkward stage banter.
June 4 2015 6:49 PMHis Dunkological Clock Was TickingMike Pesca and Asher Price head to New York’s West 4th Street Courts to discuss slam-dunking in your 30s.
June 2 2015 9:17 PMNothing Up Their Sleeves?A look at the benefits offered, if any, from compression sleeves worn by LeBron James, alpine skiers, and ailing senior citizens. 
May 29 2015 5:58 PMRoss Ulbricht and the Silk Road StoryWith the so-called Dread Pirate Roberts sentenced to life in prison for operating a shadowy marketplace in the “dark net,” The Gist hears about a new documentary directed by actor Alex Winter.
May 27 2015 8:37 PMLiving in the Post-Material WorldWhat happens when we get everything we’ve ever wanted? 
May 22 2015 8:35 PMWhy Karaoke Carries a Torch for 1984Mike Pesca slips on his parachute pants to explore immortal hits and memorable oddities from an exceptional year in Billboard chart history.
June 30 2015 8:13 PMWill Gay Marriage Upend Gay Culture?A historic decision from the Supreme Court means big changes for what it means to belong to the gay community.
June 26 2015 7:55 PM1990: The Year Before Music Changed ForeverMike Pesca strikes a pose as we explore the many highs and unforgettable lows of the 1990 Billboard chart.
June 24 2015 6:25 PMWhy Humankind Needs KardashiansLike it or not, the influence of celebrity culture on our lives is profound, and possibly hardwired.
June 23 2015 7:03 PMWhat’s Fair for FatherhoodCNN’s Josh Levs makes the case for paid paternity leave.
June 19 2015 7:36 PMThe Creator of Doc McStuffinsThe executive producer of the Peabody Award–winning children’s show shares a career arc that includes Israeli Sesame Street and Alaskan bar fights. 
June 17 2015 7:05 PMGo-Go Wearable GadgetsIs the quantified-self movement destined for the mainstream?
June 15 2015 6:43 PMLoony Trial BalloonsGoogle’s experiment in balloon-powered Internet is a moonshot among moonshots, but somehow it’s staying afloat.
June 10 2015 7:23 PMTour Guide for The Memory PalaceNate DiMeo left NPR to create a podcast fueled by deep history, captivating stories, and hypnotic music beds.
June 8 2015 8:26 PMGrasping for the Ferguson EffectMike Pesca debates guest Heather Mac Donald about drawing a link between a spike in inner-city crime to civil unrest in Missouri.
June 5 2015 12:50 PMThe Best Defense Is a Good ... KidMike Pesca examines how athletes position their own children to deflect the press.
June 3 2015 6:21 PMMac McCaughan: SolochunkThe Superchunk frontman and Merge Records co-founder performs live in Slate studios under his own name.
June 1 2015 9:18 PMWhat a Cherokee Chief Can Tell Us About Andrew JacksonNPR host Steve Inskeep examines the complicated story of America’s seventh president through a new lens.
May 28 2015 7:02 PMTalking About Talking About RaceHow can we have better conversations about race? Author Baratunde Thurston offers some rules of thumb.
May 26 2015 7:07 PMHoist Up the Liberland FlagWe think the self-declared micronation’s thin black stripe looks nice, but did they have to put a bird on it?
May 21 2015 7:22 PMThe Present Tense (and Other Storytelling Secrets)Listen in as The Moth champ Matthew Dicks coaches a dad on how to talk about life with his autistic son.