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You Can’t Handle the Spoof

Grounded absurdity in Filthy Preppy Teen$.

May 26 2016 9:32 PMSuing the SaudisSen. Chuck Schumer says victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks should be able to take the Saudi Arabian government to court.
May 24 2016 7:25 PMGov. John Hickenlooper Gets His Rear in GearColorado’s highest-ranking brewmaster says government should consider measuring joy as well as unemployment. 
May 20 2016 6:51 PMIf the Dog Turns Left, Think NovelHow storyteller Matthew Dicks maximizes every second of his day—from meals to showers to dog walking.
May 18 2016 9:25 PMWhen a Joke Almost Works Too WellTrying not to let a quality bit become a crutch.
May 16 2016 7:50 PMSaving Paul RyanHe went in for the handshake. Tianna Gaines-Turner gave him a hug.
May 12 2016 6:14 PMDid the Media Create Trump?Or were they just manipulated by him? NPR’s David Folkenflik debates our host.
May 10 2016 7:32 PMNeither Frightened Nor RabbitScottish frontman Scott Hutchison explains how songwriting helps him sort his messiest, darkest thoughts.
May 6 2016 7:21 PMA Rob Reiner­–mentary if You WillWe discuss father-son relationships in Being Charlie and the birth of the mockumentary genre in This Is Spinal Tap.
May 4 2016 10:24 PMWelcome to the AbyssWe’re reconvening this much-requested Trump Anxiety Hotline. Trust us, you’ll feel better.
May 2 2016 9:33 PMThe End of Conventional Wisdom in PoliticsNo one thought the individual donor–funded campaign for a democratic socialist would get this far… especially Bernie Sanders.
April 28 2016 7:29 PMBehind the Scenes at Wait WaitHear what happens when you put two public radio nerds in a room—a lot of insightful shoptalk.
April 26 2016 5:19 PMThe So-Called “So-Called Acela” PrimaryIn the Spiel, the two men who mangled their already impossible chances of pulling off a victory.
April 22 2016 7:03 PMPurplenessHow Prince defined the sound of the ’80s, even when his name wasn’t on the records.
April 20 2016 7:39 PMDid Bernie Pull Hillary to the Left?Slate’s Jamelle Bouie explains what the Democratic primary tells us about how the party as a whole has shifted.
April 18 2016 6:35 PMBill Clinton’s Advance Man Tells AllWhen you look at a presidential campaign as theater, every hat and private plane becomes part of the set.
May 25 2016 7:10 PMTrump Anxiety Hotline ReconvenesOur trained experts can help you turn down the Trumpeting.
May 23 2016 9:28 PMKevin Spacey Is a CatBreaking down the film cliché of workaholic dads who reconnect with their children.
May 19 2016 6:07 PMThe Whigs Were RightThe hosts of the BackStory podcast join us to discuss the #NeverLincoln movement and other historical parallels.
May 17 2016 7:45 PMEnlightened Titans of IndustryBig business is taking up the LGBTQ vanguard. Is that a problem?
May 13 2016 6:11 PMVote JabbaIn the Spiel, Mike focus-groups Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia.
May 11 2016 7:15 PMI’ll Know Porn Addiction When I See ItMaria Konnikova explains what all of those pizza delivery guys and naughty nurses are doing to our brains.
May 9 2016 9:06 PMHe’s Not PivotingWhen you give opposing answers to the same questions, that’s called contradicting yourself.
May 5 2016 7:49 PMTrump as NapalmWhy some conservative thinkers are excited for the scorched Earth that will be left in the wake of the presumptive nominee.
May 4 2016 9:16 AMTrumpeting Mike Tyson’s EndorsementWhy do we call it progress when convicted felons get the right to vote, but not when this specific felon expresses his particular vote?
April 29 2016 7:40 PMHe Walked on the Moon!“I want to hear a destination, an objective, a time period, and a plan,” Buzz Aldrin tells The Gist.
April 27 2016 6:51 PMThe National Emergency We Call Donald TrumpSlate’s Jacob Weisberg joins us to share favorite moments from the first month of Trumpcast. 
April 25 2016 6:59 PMBathroom President Ted CruzToday’s the day for making accords with the Texas senator, and we’re prepared to offer him his own kingdom.
April 21 2016 7:17 PMThe Energy Crisis and the End of American LiberalismWhat the energy crisis in the ’70s taught Americans about government.
April 19 2016 7:19 PMGet a Life ... CoachThese days even life coaches have life coaches, but are they effective?
April 15 2016 6:35 PMBillboard Hits From 1986Back when our host was 14 years old, the hit songs were all big hair diva pop, big hair metal, and some guy named Falco.