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Jeff Ross Got Bored, So He Got Political

The comedian’s latest roast takes the conversation around immigration down to the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Nov. 20 2017 8:15 PMWhat’s Next for Zimbabwe?Robert Mugabe can still slow down the coup against him.
Nov. 16 2017 9:34 PMThe Nazi-Busting Woman Erased by HistoryElizebeth Smith’s code-breaking genius helped America win two world wars, but the FBI took all the credit.  
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Nov. 10 2017 7:34 PMThe Family ManLoudon Wainwright III reflects on his uneasy relationship with his father, now that he can “appreciate the difficulty of the job.”
Nov. 8 2017 8:04 PMAbout Last NightIf Tuesday’s election results were a canary in a coal mine, it’s a really expansive mine and a somewhat unreliable canary.
Nov. 6 2017 8:26 PMLynn Novick on Making The Vietnam WarHow do you curate a quagmire?
Nov. 2 2017 7:23 PMGet Inside the Brain of Michael RapaportHis views on New York sports teams, the sexual prowess of various athletes, and the basketball skills of Justin Bieber.
Dec. 13 2017 8:47 PMThe Underdog and the BullyThe Alabama election, as much of an upset as it was, restored a sense of normalcy in politics.
Dec. 11 2017 8:53 PMThe Abortion Fight Led Us HereThe downside of progress is that someone has to lose. Where does all that energy go? In Alabama, a lot of it is going to Roy Moore.
Dec. 7 2017 8:18 PMCan You Win as the Party of Purity?Dahlia Lithwick says Democrats are stuck in a downward spiral of doing the honorable thing and hoping Republicans will meet them halfway.
Dec. 5 2017 9:13 PMThe Boys Club on the BusThey couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. But did they really put a thumb on the scales of the election?
Dec. 1 2017 8:11 PMBob Saget Doesn’t Think He’s That RaunchyAnd he doesn’t like guardrails on comedy. 
Nov. 29 2017 5:50 PMA Founding Fathers BromanceThe on-again, off-again friendship between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
Nov. 27 2017 10:16 PMIs Neocon Nation-Building Done For?Elliott Abrams wants U.S. support for democracy in the Arab world.
Nov. 21 2017 8:32 PMThe Anti-War Candidate Was Invented in 1968How a Minnesota senator’s campaign for president set the precedent for Bernie Sanders’ run.
Nov. 17 2017 7:08 PMAt Home With Gilbert GottfriedComedian, voice actor, and lifelong hoarder of tiny soaps.
Nov. 15 2017 8:05 PMPeople Power Beats the CourtsThere have been three big constitutional changes in our lifetime. How did they happen?
Nov. 13 2017 7:43 PMPrisons of ProfitPrivate prisons were billed as a way to bring innovation to incarceration, housing more prisoners for less money. They’ve failed.
Nov. 9 2017 6:55 PMWhy Bush 41 Was the Anti-TrumpAs president, George H.W. Bush was tight-lipped, decorous, and self-abnegating—loath even to use the word I.
Nov. 7 2017 7:39 PMThe Paradox of Black PatriotismA black former Navy commander considers peaceful protest in the age of Trump.
Nov. 3 2017 9:08 PMFree to Be You and #MeTooWhat’s around the corner from this moment of reckoning?
Nov. 1 2017 10:45 PMTalk Like a Pirate (Party) DayBirgitta Jónsdóttir explains what Iceland’s Pirate Party is all about.