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He Watched Every Super Bowl

Our host owes Slate’s Justin Peters an apology (or possibly workman’s comp) after suggesting he watch all 49 Super Bowls in two months.

Feb. 4 2016 7:43 PMWhat’s a Vote Worth?In 2016, we’re estimated to spend $5 billion on the election. That’s about $15 per American.
Feb. 2 2016 7:21 PMToodle-oo IowaYour host shares his one wish for Iowa—that we learn to talk about it differently.
Jan. 29 2016 2:08 PMSeeing Yourself in SpotlightHow Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Mark Ruffalo closely studied our guests for the film Spotlight, now nominated for Best Picture.
Jan. 26 2016 6:26 PMJesse Eisenberg, Part 2Turns out the playwright and author has the same name has that famous actor guy.
Jan. 22 2016 6:57 PMDid Track Palin Get Off Easy?When a man strikes a woman with a fist in most jurisdictions, would this typically lead to a misdemeanor?
Jan. 20 2016 6:43 PMEat More Pterodactyl?Our host and Fred Flintstone both work for Slate, but who has the healthier habits? Maria Konnikova explains the “Paleo” diet.
Jan. 15 2016 2:07 PMThe Former Poet Laureate to Kim Jong-ilWhen he first met the dear leader, our guest was surprised to see him crying to folk songs, stroking a Maltese puppy, and wearing high heels.
Jan. 12 2016 5:36 PMHere Are Your Winning Powerball NumbersThe Gist identifies the best numbers for your Powerball ticket. You’re welcome.
Jan. 8 2016 7:10 PMWhere Genius Is BornEric Weiner explains why you never hear about great geniuses coming out of Las Vegas.
Jan. 6 2016 6:19 PMExercise Fad B.S.The Gist throws a couple kettle bells around to determine the ultimate perfect exercises for 2016.
Jan. 4 2016 7:48 PMTerrorists or Nudniks?In the Spiel, The Gist ponders how we should describe the armed anti-government protesters in Oregon.
Dec. 29 2015 6:28 PMCocktails, Stories, and Science! Come to our preshow happy hour with Mike Pesca and the rest of the Story Collider storytellers.
Dec. 28 2015 5:09 PMBloody MerryDan Pashman from The Sporkful explains why you might want to hold off on serving eggnog this New Year’s Day.
Dec. 22 2015 5:53 PMPresidential Candidates on Half-SpeedWhat can we learn about the true inner selves of Trump, Sanders, Christie, and Carson by slowing down their speech?
Dec. 18 2015 7:16 PMWhat Is It About Her Voice?I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to … talk with Chris Molanphy about what makes Adele’s voice so powerful.
Feb. 3 2016 5:52 PMAre Lots of Little Babies Synesthetes?About 4 to 5 percent of the population experiences unique sensory connections. Where does that come from? Is it BS? 
Feb. 1 2016 6:09 PMFinally Forgetting IowaOur host throws another futile bucket of cold water on the Iowa caucuses. 
Jan. 27 2016 8:39 PMObama Did What?The president has accomplished more domestically than Cash for Clunkers and gay marriage, but who will tell America?
Jan. 25 2016 6:58 PMJesse Eisenberg, Part 1Your host does his best Marv Albert impression for actor Jesse Eisenberg.
Jan. 21 2016 7:02 PMThe Creative Duo Behind BillionsWhy Brian Koppelman and David Levien have left feature films to make a new Showtime series about power and money.
Jan. 19 2016 6:00 PMChanging More Than a MayorRahm Emanuel isn’t going anywhere, so how do we make things better for the city of Chicago?
Jan. 13 2016 5:03 PMHow to Spot a Con ArtistThe story behind history’s greatest con artists, including Ferdinand Waldo Demara, who pretended to be monks, surgeons, and prison wardens.
Jan. 11 2016 8:25 PMSea Lion, Smell LionThe noisome byproduct of the large marine mammal in San Diego wafts into The Spiel.
Jan. 7 2016 6:31 PMThe Heavily Guarded Facebook AlgorithmThe messy business of trying to anticipate what you’ll find interesting online.
Jan. 5 2016 5:36 PMNear-Death Winter Tales With Matthew Dicks The 20-time Moth StorySlam champion explains how to craft small moments inside of larger stories to captivate listeners.
Dec. 30 2015 5:40 PMEight New Billboard HitsChris Molanphy explains the puzzling Canadian pop chart dominance, and other pop music trends of 2015.
Dec. 29 2015 6:03 PMThe QuestionerGretchen Rubin explains our different core tendencies, including what makes this show’s host question everything. 
Dec. 23 2015 5:33 PMThe 12 Days of TrumpmasA new holiday anthem celebrates the many gifts Donald Trump gave us in 2015.  
Dec. 21 2015 6:40 PMThe Ultimate Star Wars Spoiler Is Star WarsOur host saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens this weekend, and will now sing its praises.
Dec. 17 2015 6:14 PMPanel DiscussionA new film explores how the New Yorker became the only game in town if you’re a cartoonist.