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Now Announcing Thanksgiving

The annual celebration of big balloons requires an even bigger voice. Meet Les Marshak.

Nov. 25 2014 7:50 PMDemons and SpiritsBetween family and Ferguson we’ll all need a strong drink. Here are two to get you started.
Nov. 21 2014 8:01 PMThe Buck Starts HereChuck Todd wonders if we’ll finally see Obama roll the dice after the past six years of risk-aversion.
Nov. 19 2014 6:39 PMAfghanistan: 13 Years and CountingWhen the war started going badly, Hamid Karzai’s stock plummeted from Gandhi-like to radioactive.
Nov. 17 2014 7:25 PMPumpkin Spice in July? That’s Too Soon.Mission creep and year-round-peeps: where artificial seasonality and artificial flavors collide.
Nov. 13 2014 7:47 PMThe Sweet Smell of SurvivalInside an Iranian prison, Maziar Bahari knew he would live to tell of his 118-day ordeal. He didn’t realize Jon Stewart would help him do it.
Nov. 11 2014 8:01 PMHeroes Need Not ApplyHow U.S. policy is discouraging medical professionals from joining the fight against Ebola in West Africa.
Nov. 7 2014 2:47 PMWe Know Less Than We ThinkThink you know enough about the Dunning-Kruger effect or vexillology? Think again.
Nov. 5 2014 6:04 PMVeteran SNL Writer Asks “Who Tooted?”Andy Breckman is coming up with games that are fun for almost the entire family.
Nov. 3 2014 6:46 PMThe Circadian Clock DietThere’s a lot of folk wisdom about eating late. Is it all bulls--t?
Oct. 31 2014 7:35 PMTwo Families, One MortgageTwo sisters are considering merging households. That sounds like hell to Dear Prudence’s Emily Yoffe.
Oct. 29 2014 6:21 PMIf Washington Hips to Indie RockIndependents could thaw the two-party freeze in Washington.
Oct. 27 2014 6:48 PMDon’t Get Ebola in MissouriWhat’s the difference between how New York City and Dallas officials handled Ebola? It’s all about the money.
Oct. 23 2014 7:36 PMTastes Like James JoyceA whiskey sommelier calls out Mike Pesca as a barley-based used-cask kinda guy.
Oct. 21 2014 6:46 PMSoup Was Once HilariousAnd so were deliverymen, husbands doing the dishes, and corned beef hash.
Oct. 17 2014 6:45 PMNorman Lear, Thanks for TVHe pioneered TV escapism that’s more about family than nice apartments.
Nov. 24 2014 8:04 PMThe Moist Birdie DebateDan Pashman from The Sporkful compares Thanksgiving turkey secrets from a celebrity chef and a certain Grandma Phyllis.
Nov. 20 2014 8:42 PMThe Kitsch of DeathOver the last 50 years, we’ve turned to horror and fantasy instead of facing the frank reality of death. 
Nov. 18 2014 7:00 PMDon’t Call It a ComebackTainted writer Jonah Lehrer has returned with a new book. Time for another installment of “Is This Bull?”
Nov. 14 2014 6:39 PMTo Catch a ProfessorHis student confided that she had sex with faculty members for money. Did he take Dear Prudence’s advice to do the right thing?
Nov. 12 2014 8:49 PMHow Small Wonder Stirred “Too Many Cooks” The creator of the viral Adult Swim video explains what it’s all about—and whether Smarf really had to die.
Nov. 10 2014 7:38 PMWhy WKRP Was Called WKRPSecrets from the creator of Cincinnati’s most famous fictional radio station.
Nov. 6 2014 2:56 PMFriends With (Slate Plus) BenefitsThe Gist compiles our favorite Slate Plus bonus material from the Culture Gabfest, Political Gabfest, and Hang Up and Listen.
Nov. 4 2014 6:41 PMJFK’s Brain Is MissingAfter he was killed, the president’s gray matter was kept in a jar. Then it went on a tour of Washington, D.C. Then it disappeared.
Nov. 3 2014 11:45 AM“Please Say Something Nice About Your Opponent”How politicians deflect an enduring debate trick. 
Oct. 30 2014 7:16 PMStarving Jake GyllenhaalDirector Dan Gilroy on the actor’s unblinking, crash-dieting performance in Nightcrawler.
Oct. 28 2014 6:48 PMWhy Political Consultants Prescribe BumpkinSince when did attending hoedowns and getting whacked in the gnards help you get elected?
Oct. 24 2014 7:09 PMHigh Times Rolls OnThe longtime editor of the marijuana bible talks about legal weed, the fight ahead, and exercising while high.
Oct. 22 2014 6:41 PMWe Work Hard for Less MoneyIn terms of “real wages,” we make less than our grandparents did. At least we have air conditioning.
Oct. 20 2014 6:47 PMThe Serial Podcast Ending Is TBDPlease don’t let this investigative series turn out to be contemplation about the nature of truth. 
Oct. 16 2014 7:51 PMThanks Bro, Now Get the Hell Out of FeminismSlate’s Amanda Hess explains why male allies are sometimes important, and sometimes the worst.