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April 17 2017 7:38 PMAriel Levy Was HereIn her memoir, The Rules Do Not Apply, Levy ponders the price of her own plucky, third-wave feminism.
April 13 2017 8:38 PMThe Handmaid’s FailIs The Handmaid’s Tale really the most fitting dystopian novel we could be reading right now? Guest host Alexandra Petri talks to Slate’s Mallory Ortberg.
April 11 2017 7:05 PMWhy David Letterman Still MattersIn his book, The Last Giant of Late Night, reporter Jason Zinoman explains how The Late Show was like nothing else on TV.
April 7 2017 6:19 PMShots Fired. What Now?How does President Trump’s attack on a Syrian air base fit into U.S. policy toward the Assad regime?
April 5 2017 7:04 PMA More Human Kind of Sci-Fi Charlie McDowell imagines a world where the afterlife is scientifically proven in his film The Discovery
April 4 2017 7:16 PMAn Outsider’s Take on America’s GameFor 15 years, Tabitha Soren followed a group of baseball minor league draft picks with a camera. The results are stirring.
March 31 2017 7:00 PMThe Return of Mystery Science Theater 3000Creator Joel Hodgson and head writer Elliott Kalan on the return of the iconic movie-riffing show that changed comedy.
March 29 2017 6:41 PMWhat Is Homeopathy, Exactly?Resident myth-debunker Maria Konnikova returns to trace the spotty history of homeopathic remedies.
March 27 2017 7:07 PMStep Away From the ScreenShould your favorite video game or Netflix show come with a surgeon general’s warning?
March 23 2017 6:39 PMSlobs vs. SnobsThe Free Beacon’s film critic reviews the delightful romp that is our conservative vs. liberal political death match.
March 21 2017 7:36 PMJames Comey’s Slow DripThe president’s allies are being investigated for connections to Moscow. Are we making a big enough deal of this?
March 17 2017 5:24 PMWhat’s Next for Travel Ban 2.0Typically, judges aren’t supposed to use campaign-trail speech to evaluate official policy. Slate legal correspondent Dahlia Lithwick says the travel ban case isn’t typical.­
March 15 2017 4:04 PMStretching the Truth With Maria KonnikovaThe New Yorker writer returns to investigate whether stretching is really a warm up or a huge safety hazard.
March 13 2017 6:35 PMSee You in Court!Lawfare’s Ben Wittes on some lingering questions about President Trump’s new executive order on immigration.
March 9 2017 6:43 PMTrump’s Azerbaijan ProblemThe New Yorker’s Adam Davidson looked into one of the Trump Organization’s most questionable deals and found lots of red flags.
April 14 2017 5:02 PMThe Gist Presents the GriftA special presentation of Maria Konnikova’s new podcast, about long cons and the characters who perpetrate them.
April 12 2017 9:14 PMImprov Is Hard, Writing Is HarderJake Johnson and Joe Swanberg on the hectic process behind the new poker comedy Win It All.
April 10 2017 7:13 PMWhen Protesters Pull the Fire AlarmDoes your right to free speech entitle you to silence the speech of someone else? Mike Pesca debates Slate’s Osita Nwanevu.
April 6 2017 6:44 PMLovable Losers With Scott SimonThe NPR host on the changing nature of his fandom for the Chicago Cubs.
April 5 2017 3:14 PMTrump’s Victory Made a GOP Breakup More Likely, Not LessPhilip Wallach talks to The Gist about partisan realignment and the demise of the Whig Party.
April 3 2017 6:42 PMWhere Is the Republican Resistance?GOP strategist Mike Murphy on why Democrats won’t get an “Aaron Sorkin moment” where the whole party righteously turns on Trump.
March 30 2017 6:50 PMRussia Doesn’t Have Any FriendsWhat are we missing in all the coverage of the Kremlin’s election skullduggery?
March 28 2017 7:05 PMHow Political Parties CollapseThe Whigs were destroyed in the 1850s by divisions over nativism, free trade, and government spending. Sound familiar?
March 24 2017 7:51 PMFeet off the Couch, PleaseAlyssa Mastromonaco, who served as deputy chief of staff in Obama’s White House, on why mess ups like the Kellyanne Conway couch photo actually matter.
March 22 2017 7:11 PMHealth Care! It’s Trump’s Problem Now.Slate’s Jordan Weissmann and Jim Newell look at Trump’s no-win situation, a day before the AHCA gets a House vote.
March 20 2017 7:10 PMCold, Hard Facts With Wendy ZukermanThe Science Vs. host takes on everything from climate change to ghosts on her weekly podcast.
March 16 2017 6:46 PMDangerous Times With Kelly McEversThe host of All Things Considered and Embedded reflects on her career as a war reporter and the roots of her new podcast.
March 14 2017 5:19 PMTodd Barry Would Rather Be DrummingWhy stand-up is better than substitute teaching but not as cool as playing the bongos.
March 10 2017 7:18 PMSurvey Says …Toggling between red and blue Facebook to take the nation’s political temperature? There’s a better way.
March 8 2017 6:39 PMA Beautiful Health Care Plan, Just TerrificVox writer Sarah Kliff returns to break down the new health care bill.