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May 20 2015 10:27 PMDylan’s 14-Month MiracleFifty years ago, Dylan began creating three of rock’s most influential albums: Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde on Blonde.
May 18 2015 7:42 PMWhy We Lost It Over Beanie BabiesHow understuffed plush toys helped launch e-commerce and win our hearts.
May 14 2015 8:23 PMEating Chinese Food Out of the CartonMike Pesca loves The Americans, so when the drama fell victim to the ultimate cliché, he had to challenge the creators.
May 12 2015 7:10 PMOn Twitter, TV Follows YouHow social media has become a new credible research medium and programming tool for television.
May 8 2015 5:46 PMRestaurants These Days!Guest host David Plotz debates the state of American fine dining with Grantland staffer, Pulitzer Prize–winner, and aggrieved diner Wesley Morris.
May 6 2015 9:35 PMThe Podcast Fight Takes Its Troll Guest host Zoe Chace of This American Life on the battle for podcasting’s origin story.
May 4 2015 7:03 PMThe Bottom Line on Carly FiorinaShe’s promising to do for the presidency what she did for Hewlett-Packard, which is the problem.
April 30 2015 4:51 PMBeing Barney FrankThe former Democratic congressman from Massachusetts discusses the relationship between ideals and compromise for an elected official.
April 28 2015 7:02 PMLet’s Talk About Duck VaginasThese biologically unrivaled lady bits are the product of a genital arms race across evolution.
April 24 2015 8:02 PMSon, Your Grandpa Is a Little SketchyEmily Yoffe of Slate’s Dear Prudence column advises a father considering introducing his toddler to a skeevy, narcissistic grandpa.
April 22 2015 5:29 PMAre Probiotics Bunk?Maria Konnikova has the scoop on yogurt that promises clearer skin and slimmer waists. 
April 20 2015 7:20 PMBefore Bombs Fell Out of FavorAuthor Bryan Burrough on why the explosive tactics of the 1970s political underground are rarely used today.
April 16 2015 7:27 PM50-Year-Old HitsIn 1965 there were a ton of deserving No. 1 songs on the Billboard charts, and two silly novelty ones.
April 14 2015 8:36 PMAr U for Spelling Reform?Spelling in English is so difficult that it might be hindering literacy rates. Maybe it’s time for a change.
April 10 2015 8:48 PMVincent D’Onofrio on Introversion and ActingMike asks the accomplished character actor a question no one has ever asked him before.
May 19 2015 8:18 PMNine out of 10 Germs AgreeWe dig through Maria Konnikova’s purse for hand sanitizer. Will she come clean about its effectiveness?
May 15 2015 7:31 PMIt’s Letterman’s World. We Just Critique It.What will it mean for Dave to sign off for good after a 33-year run?
May 13 2015 5:59 PMAnother Blow to Bipartisan SpiritA new Senate bill unites Republicans behind an Obama agenda item. Um, what?
May 11 2015 7:17 PMSweetly Ruining Your MetabolismWhile sipping iced coffees outside, Mike reaches for a NutraSweet packet. Will Maria Konnikova approve?
May 7 2015 7:09 PMHe’s Not God, but He Plays Him on TwitterThe man upstairs takes time out from his busy online life to dish about his Broadway show, Jon Stewart, and his day job as a comedy writer.
May 5 2015 7:22 PM100 Jokes a DayAfter 22 years writing jokes for late night TV, would Jon Macks take any back?
May 1 2015 7:26 PMArtie Lange Is a Stand Up GuyThe Howard Stern Show alumnus explains why the best comedians always own up to their mistakes.
April 30 2015 2:22 AMThe Bald Truth About Presidential CandidatesWhy having a high forehead might disqualify you for the nation’s highest office. 
April 27 2015 8:56 PMSpooning With Dan PashmanA serious investigation into utensil design with the host of The Sporkful podcast.
April 23 2015 6:31 PMWhat Makes a Story UnforgettableWe asked our listeners to help us find the greatest story ever told, so Matt Dicks can coach it into an even greater story.
April 21 2015 6:03 PMWe Dish on the KnishThe traditional Jewish soul food is filled with potatoes, onions, and for one author, family history.
April 17 2015 7:05 PMFrom The Daily Show to the PastBrian Unger explains how his career led him to a job as a park ranger, slash historian, slash tour guide, slash Travel Channel TV host.
April 15 2015 7:38 PMPutin Programs, You DecideHow the Russian leader maintains his popularity by keeping a finger on the balance of media.
April 13 2015 7:16 PMThomas Jefferson as TouchstoneAs democracy’s hero celebrates his 272nd birthday, a look at how the late president’s words continue to inspire, despite being misconstrued.
April 9 2015 6:22 PMRisk Lives Up to Its NameKevin Allison on the dark, kinky, and filthy storytelling podcast that’s too hot for public radio.