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June 29 2018 9:39 PMIn 12,000 WordsJesse Singal wrote about children who detransition. But did he do his subjects justice?
June 27 2018 9:24 PMThe Self-Sufficiency CourtWith Justice Kennedy on his way out, conservatives like Clarence Thomas are free to burn society’s safety nets.
June 25 2018 9:20 PMThe New Rules of CivilityAre the Democrats ever able to take cheap shots?
June 21 2018 7:51 PMA Song You Can Graduate ToIt will probably be about war. Because life is a war. Here’s your diploma.
June 19 2018 8:02 PMPolarization NationIt’s not just about the issues: Fear, competitiveness, and tribalism all make it harder for Democrats and Republicans to get along.
June 15 2018 7:24 PMThe Heisenberg PresidencyPresident Trump’s uncertainty principle is his only principle.
June 13 2018 7:50 PMCup of CorruptionThe World Cup starts this week, despite FIFA’s rampant graft.
June 11 2018 10:44 PMG-7 HangoverTeam Trump’s damage control is as embarrassing as the presidential antics that occasioned it.
June 7 2018 8:47 PM#MeToo and McYogaThe yoga world is rotten with sexual assault and harassment, and Bikram Choudhury is the darkest example of that.
June 5 2018 8:24 PMSo You Think You Know About RaceMichael Eric Dyson on the civil rights era, his would-be woke students, and President Obama’s shortcomings.
June 1 2018 7:39 PMIt’s Not Just YouWe have grown weary of the uncertain tariffs, maybe-summits, and possible pardons.
May 30 2018 8:03 PMOur Trade Snore With ChinaThe Trump administration’s on-again, off-again tariffs.
May 25 2018 8:24 PMRatatouille Got It WrongThe nostalgia we feel around food is overrated. It’s not about the meal; it’s about what went with it.
May 23 2018 7:19 PMThanks for Protesting … Now StopIf the NFL has a good explanation for its intent to punish players who kneel during the anthem, it has yet to give it.
May 22 2018 9:03 AMTwo-Party ProblemsRepublicans and Democrats dominate political life in the U.S., and that bipartisan division didn’t evolve naturally. It was engineered.
June 28 2018 8:02 PMDoes Authenticity Matter?We shouldn’t judge political candidates on such ambiguous criteria.
June 26 2018 9:11 PMThe Unpopular Vote and a Few JusticesThat’s all you need to make a joke of our country’s checks and balances.
June 22 2018 6:48 PMWho Needs Subtext, AnywayMelania Trump ditched subtlety and became a human billboard.
June 20 2018 7:11 PMQuitters Can’t Be LeadersThe U.S. shouldn’t leave the U.N. Human Rights Council. It should work to make it better.
June 18 2018 8:39 PMOh, StephenIt’s hard to make the face of forced separation at the border look good.
June 14 2018 9:17 PMWhen Border Policy Crosses the LineMore than 11,000 children are in U.S. detention facilities since being taken from their migrant parents. Are tent cities next?
June 12 2018 8:09 PMSummit SkepticalDo lasting peace agreements hinge on warm & fuzzy friendships?
June 8 2018 7:51 PMComedians Can Be Well-Adjusted, Too         Very few comics have never been to therapy. Tom Papa is one of them.
June 6 2018 7:23 PMJames Clapper: Yeah, Russia Swung the ElectionNow that the former director of national intelligence is a private citizen, he’s making his opinion known.
June 4 2018 10:03 PMShots Fired, but Not ReallyYes, an “unindictable” president could commit whatever crimes he wants. But let’s not get carried away.
May 31 2018 9:07 PMFolks, We’re Talking About the C-WordOn Samantha Bee’s use of one of the English language’s very worst nouns.
May 29 2018 8:00 PMChris Gethard Can’t Fake ItThe impresario of The Chris Gethard Show explains his philosophy of entertainment: Be a little more real.
May 24 2018 7:19 PMDeal With Fake News Yourself, FacebookWe put the social media giant’s 10 tips on avoiding bogus stories to the test.
May 22 2018 8:33 PMGirls Rule, and Boys Think They Rule MoreIt’s science.
May 18 2018 7:55 PMBreaking Up Comedy’s Boys ClubNell Scovell, the co-author of Lean In, has a simple solution for getting more women into writers’ rooms, and it rhymes with “conclusion glider.”