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Aug. 4 2017 10:04 PMMaria Bamford Wants to See EmotionA stand-up comic graciously shares her show notes for sports program producers.
Aug. 2 2017 8:27 PMA Video Game Thoreau Might PlayIn Walden, a game, players can pick berries, walk in the woods, or spend the rest of their virtual lives in jail for tax evasion.
July 31 2017 8:02 PMHow to Beat a CasinoIn the new ESPN podcast documentary A Queen of Sorts, the story of a woman who turned the tables on casinos around the world.
July 27 2017 7:29 PMThey Called Him Son of SamA Smithsonian Channel documentary revisits the media hysteria surrounding the 1970s serial killer known as the Son of Sam.
July 25 2017 7:01 PMWhy Did Trump and Putin Meet in Secret?Ian Bremmer broke the story of the second Trump-Putin meeting. But are we blowing it out of proportion?
July 21 2017 5:19 PMAl Gore, Ever HopefulThe former vice president returns with a sequel to his climate change documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.
July 19 2017 7:03 PMThe Garbage Art of Handwriting AnalysisThe Gist’s resident guff detector Maria Konnikova returns to look at the (appropriately) lost art of graphology.
July 17 2017 7:02 PMDan Pashman on the Psychology of Taste This is your brain on food.
July 13 2017 7:25 PMAt Sea With James StavridisThe retired admiral answers all of our questions about ISIS, H.R. McMaster, and life on a submarine.
July 11 2017 6:56 PMBen Wittes on the Latest News BombHow bad are Don Jr.’s emails?
July 7 2017 6:29 PMIn Defense of OmbudsmenDaniel Okrent, the first public editor for the New York Times, sticks up for the journalists everyone loves to hate.
July 5 2017 5:59 PMChris Christie’s Biggest MistakeNo, it wasn’t Bridgegate. Or Beachgate.
June 30 2017 5:46 PMInvisibilia Questions Your EmotionsThe hosts of NPR’s hit podcast say there’s been a quiet revolution in the way we understand our feelings.
June 28 2017 7:13 PMI Hate This, Don’t Quote Me In one paragraph, Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher held the line against anonymous sources and “outright awfulness.”
June 26 2017 7:14 PMThe Rise and Reign of Unruly WomenIn her new book, author Anne Helen Petersen on how our culture treats women defying norms.
Aug. 3 2017 7:46 PMThe Scaramucci TapesThis American Life producer Zoe Chace digs up her 2016 interview with the former White House communications director. His past suggests he’ll bounce right back.
Aug. 1 2017 8:48 PMNo Hard FeelingsScientist Lisa Feldman Barrett says the results are in: Your feelings are a construct.
July 28 2017 6:51 PMAlan Alda Seeks ClarityIn his new book, the MASH star shares his hope for better communication between scientists and curious amateurs.
July 26 2017 7:53 PMHow Democrats Condescend to the White Working ClassJoan C. Williams says a third of the country is feeling talked down to. Here’s how to stop it.
July 24 2017 6:38 PMA Kid in the Hall Tells AllKevin McDonald on the special alchemy that made Kids in the Hall a truly groundbreaking comedy troupe.
July 20 2017 7:11 PMUnearthing a Cult ClassicComedy writer Mike Sacks on the 40th anniversary of the Dixie-fried action caper Stinker Lets Loose.
July 18 2017 6:46 PMTyler Cowen Fears for Our FutureAn economist’s diagnosis of our societal torpor.
July 14 2017 6:09 PMHaunted by A Ghost StoryHow a classic Halloween costume inspired one of the most profound films of the year.
July 12 2017 6:18 PMLook at All the Struggling DemocraciesFinancial Times columnist Edward Luce introduces us to a new word: oikophobia, fear of fellow countrymen.
July 10 2017 6:35 PMTwitter Should Drop Trump AlreadyPolitical scientist Seth Masket argues the harassment, the trolling, and the misinformation need to stop now.
July 6 2017 7:02 PMCentrists Won’t Save Health Care  Conservative writer Philip Klein says compromise won’t lead to better health policy. It has to be all or nothing.
July 5 2017 2:14 PMThe Incredible Eddie Izzard  A conversation with the famed comedian, author, runner, and one-day-only concert pianist.
June 29 2017 7:35 PMWriting Cop Fiction in the Age of Black Lives MatterDon Winslow on the deep research that goes into writing modern crime fiction.
June 27 2017 7:21 PMBig Turmoil in Big Sky CountryAnne Helen Petersen returns to discuss her new posting—covering politics in Montana for BuzzFeed.
June 23 2017 7:39 PMDo Radicals Change the World?Author Jeremy McCarter on the five people who changed the course of America in 1917.