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Jan. 11 2017 3:12 PMWould the Onion’s “Diamond” Joe Biden Support Trump?Head writer Chad Nackers on the veep’s alter ego and how to satirize the Trump administration.
Jan. 9 2017 7:11 PMThe Secret to Meaningful WorkBehavioral economist Dan Ariely mines his research for lessons on happiness, employment, and the folly of common sense.
Jan. 5 2017 6:42 PMThe Paradox of ShavingMaria Konnikova returns to take on one of life’s great mysteries: When you shave a lot, does your hair grow back faster?
Jan. 3 2017 6:24 PMRalph Nader’s Animal InstinctsThe author and advocate on his new book, Animal Envy, and predictions for the Trump presidency. 
Dec. 29 2016 6:22 PMGood GriefComedian Laurie Kilmartin has tips to help you boost your Twitter following and mourn your dying parent at the same time.
Dec. 22 2016 6:06 PMWhen There Was No Ducking DiscoListening back to Billboard hits of 1976, the year that gave us “Disco Duck.”
Dec. 20 2016 6:39 PMWe’re Going Into LaborJournalist Steven Greenhouse says union membership has plummeted in the past 50 years, and Democrats haven’t done enough to fight Republican-backed anti-labor measures.
Dec. 19 2016 6:46 PMThank God for HedonistsWork hard, play harder, build a global economy? Author Steven Johnson says frivolity, not necessity, is the mother of invention.
Dec. 15 2016 6:47 PMDo Strict Voter Laws Make a Difference?  Voting law expert Rick Hasen on the many ways Republican states try to suppress turnout.
Dec. 13 2016 6:42 PMVladimir Putin Plays the Long GameObama’s second ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, on the Rex Tillerson nomination and how the U.S. should approach Russia post-hacking.
Dec. 9 2016 4:45 PMDon’t Tell Kyle Kinane What to DoThe comedian from Netflix’s Love is still fuming about all those “I voted” stickers.  
Dec. 7 2016 6:07 PMBoeing, Get Off My Plane!Is $4 billion a lot for Air Force One? Or is Trump looking for savings in all the wrong places?
Dec. 5 2016 5:57 PMThe Blueprint for TrumpcareVox writer Sarah Kliff has read seven possible Republican health care plans. Here’s what she learned.
Dec. 2 2016 6:44 PMThe Chaos DoctrineNot so fast, neat freaks: The Undercover Economist explains how a cluttered space makes you work smarter.
Nov. 30 2016 4:54 PMWhat’s Bunk About BrainstormingMaria Konnikova wonders, “How about we touch base later and piggyback on a few of these ideas?”
Jan. 10 2017 8:38 PMHow the Onion Remade Joe BidenHead writer Chad Nackers on how his satirical site turned the veep into a Trans Am–loving metal head.
Jan. 6 2017 8:12 PMUnpacking PeanutsGuidelines out this week say toddlers should be exposed to peanuts early. Marion Nestle on the new science of kids and allergies.
Jan. 4 2017 5:15 PMMara Wilson’s Post–Child Star LifeBetween Mrs. Doubtfire, Matilda, and Miracle on 34th Street, Wilson is a defining part of many childhoods. Her new book looks at life after early fame.
Dec. 30 2016 7:41 PMBob Boilen: Tiny Desk, Big EffectThe man who brought us NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts asked a bunch of musicians about their influences. Guess which artists picked their own songs?
Dec. 28 2016 4:52 PMThe Home Movie That Changed AmericaAbraham Zapruder captured a presidential assassination by accident. Now his granddaughter wrestles with his legacy.
Dec. 22 2016 11:58 AMThe Year of Bill CampThe actor who brought us the “subtle beast” in HBO’s The Night Of imagines the Salem witch trials with a Long Island accent.
Dec. 20 2016 12:55 PMWho in History Came Closest to Winning the Heisman and a Nobel?The Gist’s Mike Pesca has got a few ideas.
Dec. 16 2016 6:58 PMOur Inflamer in ChiefSparks of international conflict are snuffed out around the world before we ever hear about it. How could that change under the Trump administration?  
Dec. 14 2016 5:49 PMWe Could Use Jon Stewart Right NowChris Smith is the compiler of new oral history The Daily Show (The Book), which focuses on Stewart’s cultural legacy.
Dec. 12 2016 5:55 PMLet’s Talk About RexHouston Chronicle energy reporter James Osborne on Trump’s prospective left-field pick for secretary of state.
Dec. 8 2016 6:24 PMGetting Held Back in Racial Justice ClassWhat did the Black Lives Matter movement accomplish? Writer Jeff Chang reflects on a complicated year.  
Dec. 6 2016 7:27 PMIt’s Much Bigger Than O.J.Ezra Edelman, director of the ESPN doc O.J.: Made in America, on how his film addresses race, class, the Los Angeles Police Department and celebrity culture.
Dec. 5 2016 12:28 PMNew President, New Twitter Followers?Is there a case for resetting the count to zero on Inauguration Day?
Dec. 1 2016 6:58 PMDissecting the Carrier DealAaron Renn of the Manhattan Institute on Trump’s first deal as president-elect.
Nov. 29 2016 4:48 PMWhy Working People Left the DemocratsAuthor Thomas Frank says the Democratic Party deserted labor years ago, and he sees little sign of a course correction.