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March 5 2015 8:34 PMRepublicans: Report to Spring TrainingBaseball players can be ranked by their earning potential, popularity, and toughness. Why not do the same for likely primary candidates?
March 3 2015 9:21 PMOne Condiment to Rule Them AllThe Gist travels to New York’s Maille boutique to meet the city’s first mustard sommelier.
Feb. 27 2015 6:07 PMWorld Saved by Jet-Skiing ComedianOn behalf of chickens and goats, Kurt Braunohler roared down the Mississippi on the dumbest form of transportation.
Feb. 25 2015 5:58 PMGet HappierAfter earning notoriety with The Happiness Project, author Gretchen Rubin talks about her new foray into podcasting with Slate’s new Panoply network.
Feb. 23 2015 5:49 PMISIS’s Self-Destruct Button While denouncing ISIS, Western leaders are dismissing core principles that could help defeat the group.
Feb. 19 2015 7:12 PMTargeted by PutinOne investment fund manager tangled with the Russian leader and lived to tell the tale. His associates were not so lucky.
Feb. 17 2015 6:35 PMWhat Cubans and Mormons Have in CommonSome cultural groups seem to have a knack for success. Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld have narrowed it down to three core traits.
Feb. 12 2015 6:56 PMBeyond Death Cults and NihilismIs terrorism ever death for death’s sake? Should we understand terror groups like Boko Haram as death cults or rational actors?
Feb. 10 2015 6:23 PMKiller Commando WeathermenThe warrior culture of special operations is learning to count meteorologists among its ranks.
Feb. 6 2015 8:00 PMLetter-Perfect SolutionDear Prudence’s advice to a woman struggling with the psychological burden that her mother imparted from her deathbed.
Feb. 4 2015 10:50 PMIf It Looks Like Sam Smith, but Sounds Like Tom Petty, It’s Probably Tom Petty In the investigation of similarities between songs like “Won’t Back Down” and “Stay With Me," melody is the smoking gun. 
Feb. 2 2015 8:37 PMThe Detox DetoxAs of last year, there were no controlled and randomized trials of any commercially available detox diets. Are they bulls--t?
Jan. 29 2015 7:32 PMCaffeine: Shot by ShotCaffeine is powerful and effective, but it’s still a drug. Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
Jan. 27 2015 5:41 PMThe Passion of the ChristieWhile preparing to run for the highest office, Chris Christie hasn’t tamped down his personality in any way. Will that help or hurt?
Jan. 23 2015 8:45 PMThe Five-Second StoryYour greatest story probably comes from a tiny sliver of your life. Tell us about it for The Gist’s new storytelling project.
March 4 2015 8:39 PMHe Stared Down the SovietsA veteran of the Pentagon and State Department on the possibility of a deal on Iran’s nuclear program and the impact of Bibi Netanyahu’s speech before Congress.
March 2 2015 7:38 PMSmell The Roses  Maria Konnikova sniffs out the truth about aromatherapy. Is that a whiff of bulls--t?
Feb. 26 2015 7:31 PMThe Quiet Dignity of BearsDo bears enter human communities because they’re being pushed out of their natural habitats, or because our garbage is tasty?
Feb. 24 2015 6:05 PMIs Illegal Immigrant Offensive, Accurate, or Both?Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas says that illegal immigrant is a hurtful term, but Mike Pesca isn’t convinced that undocumented is more accurate.
Feb. 20 2015 7:41 PMThe Cuddle CureCan more snuggling really help me keep the flu away?
Feb. 18 2015 7:07 PMHow Many LBJs Did You Skew Today?Alvin B. Tillery, Jr., explains what it’s like to watch the film Selma as a black American history scholar.
Feb. 13 2015 5:54 PMThe Read Meets the SpielThe podcast world is filled with white hosts and white audiences. Kid Fury and Crissle from The Read are changing that. 
Feb. 11 2015 6:13 PMHe Wanted to Be a MillionaireAfter losing big on the TV game show, Slate’s Justin Peters fell into a funk, only to find that his life had changed for the better. 
Feb. 9 2015 5:59 PMHit the Road, Union JackThere are only four nations left with the Union Jack in their flags, and two are dropping the old commonwealth brand.
Feb. 5 2015 7:18 PMThe Most Interesting Man We KnowStorytelling coach Matt Dicks demonstrates why he’s a regular on The Moth and offers some tips for your bid to receive our storytelling makeover.
Feb. 3 2015 7:48 PMNorth Korea’s Former Poet LaureateWhen he first met Kim Jong-il, Jang Jin-sung was surprised to see the godlike figure crying to folk songs, stroking a Maltese puppy, and wearing high heels.
Jan. 30 2015 6:45 PMThe One-Man Beautification PlanA security guard from Queens explains why he’s repainting New York’s forgotten emergency call boxes.
Jan. 28 2015 11:12 PMCongressionalizationThomas Schaller explains why Congress is well-suited to the Republican agenda, for now.
Jan. 26 2015 9:05 PMMicrosoft’s Imperfect 10We can mock the decision to skip Windows 9, but the software giant still has a serious share of the market.
Jan. 22 2015 7:52 PMFraunces Tavern BombingForty years ago a banker named Frank Connor died in a terrorist bombing in lower Manhattan. We speak with his son Joe Connor.