How Slate Plus members can attend the Nov. 13 taping of the Political Gabfest, live from a Chicago hotel room.

How to Crash a “Very Intimate, Very Private Taping of the Gabfest”

How to Crash a “Very Intimate, Very Private Taping of the Gabfest”

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Oct. 31 2014 1:29 PM

You, The Gabfest, and a Hotel Room

Win tickets to attend a taping of the Political Gabfest, live from David’s Chicago hotel room. 

The Political Gabfest has moved! Find new episodes here.

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The Gabfest is coming to Chicago! Hopefully you’ve already purchased tickets to the Political Gabfest’s annual conundrum show on Nov. 12 at Park West. But we’re excited to offer Slate Plus members one more chance to catch the Gabfest gang before they depart Chicago.

Here’s the deal: John, Emily, and David are taping an additional show on Thursday morning, Nov. 13. They’re recording the show from their hotel room, and they want eight listeners to join them. We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to Slate Plus members.

To register for the giveaway, fill out the form below. Sign up before noon ET on Wednesday, Nov 5. We’ll announce the winners on next week’s show.

There’s one other way you can get tickets to this special taping. We’re auctioning off two additional pairs of tickets to the Gabfest listeners who make the largest charitable contribution to one of two (as yet undetermined) Chicago area charities. Email for more information, or stay tuned to the Gabfest Facebook page.

To learn more about the Chicago Live Conundrum Gabfest on Nov. 12, click here. Listen to David’s announcements about our Chicago shows at around the 2:35 mark in this week’s show.