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Agree to Disagree

The Political Gabfest on what makes for great podcast chemistry.

Aug. 4 2017 1:31 PMWas the President Involved in Peddling the Seth Rich Conspiracy?The Political Gabfest on a new lawsuit about a retracted Fox News story.
July 21 2017 2:46 PMThe End of NormsThe Political Gabfest on how Trump has challenged the traditions and customs that have constrained past presidents.
July 5 2017 10:24 AMWhat Is Not a Crime That Should Be a Crime?The Political Gabfest on the things we should outlaw.
June 16 2017 1:34 PMShould Megyn Kelly Have Interviewed Alex Jones?The Political Gabfest on giving a platform to the far-right Infowars host.
June 9 2017 1:49 PMKansas, Pence, and VenezuelaAn audience Q&A with the Political Gabfest at their live taping in Denver.
April 13 2017 1:20 PMGoing NuclearRead what the Political Gabfest had to say about the end of the filibuster, human rights under Trump, and more.
Oct. 21 2016 1:17 PMIs it Sneaky or Smart to Avoid the Moderator’s Questions?What John Dickerson thought of the third presidential debate.
Oct. 7 2016 12:23 PMThese Are Our Favorite Political SongsAnd why music in politics matter, according to the Political Gabfest.
Sept. 26 2016 3:22 PMWhy Are Millennials Casting Their Votes for Third-Party Candidates?Slate’s Political Gabfest explains why younger voters are so frustrated by Hillary Clinton.
Sept. 9 2016 1:25 PMBack-to-School Season Is the Most Reflective Time of Year. Why?The Political Gabfest discusses why back-to-school season always feels so nostalgic.
Aug. 26 2016 1:24 PMDid the Makers of Weiner Betray Huma Abedin’s Trust?Join Slate Plus to listen to this week’s Political Gabfest bonus segment.
Aug. 12 2016 5:33 PMWhat Donald Trump Said About Sexual Harassment to MeThe Political Gabfest talks to journalist Kirsten Powers about her recent interview with Donald Trump.
July 22 2016 4:52 PMWhy Are Tweets So Much Nastier Than Facebook Comments?And what can Twitter do to control hateful messages?
July 12 2016 3:40 PMHow Does This Keep Happening?After a week of grim news related to gun violence and police brutality, many of us are wondering the same thing.
June 24 2016 1:36 PMBringing Down the HouseThe Political Gabfest takes a look at the House Democrats’ sit-in over gun control.
July 28 2017 12:38 PMDo the Boy Scouts Deserve Blame for Trump’s Bizarre Speech?The Political Gabfest on what to make of the president’s invitation to speak at the jamboree.
July 7 2017 2:00 PMChris Christie’s Day at the BeachThe Political Gabfest on the hubristic bookend to Christie’s gubernatorial term.
June 23 2017 3:48 PMFree Speech for All?The Political Gabfest on two First Amendment rulings by the Supreme Court.
June 13 2017 1:50 PMThe America First Argument for a Global Climate PactRead what the Political Gabfest had to say about Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.
May 31 2017 10:01 PMPresidential Prerequisites?The Political Gabfest on what presidential candidates should be required to see and do before they are allowed to run.
Nov. 11 2016 3:54 PMWhat Do We Do Now?The Political Gabfest wonders how to move forward.
Oct. 14 2016 1:47 PMHow Should I Talk About Trump to My Kids?And what else you should say about this election, according to the Political Gabfest.
Sept. 30 2016 1:42 PMWhy Are We Still Doing the Political Gabfest?The show’s hosts talk about 10 years of highs, lows, and lessons.
Sept. 16 2016 12:29 PMWhat’s Changed in the 15 Years Since 9/11?Slate’s Political Gabfest reflects on the attack and how it’s affected their lives.
Sept. 2 2016 1:46 PMWhen Is It OK to Shame a Whole Company?The Political Gabfest asks why the EpiPen costs so much.
Aug. 19 2016 3:30 PMMoney Shouldn’t Bring Down the MediaHow Peter Thiel’s war against Gawker proves money’s power over media.
July 29 2016 4:49 PMWhat’s It Like to Interview President Obama One-on-One?John Dickerson walks us through an hour with the president.
July 15 2016 6:14 PMGot Questions?The Political Gabfest hosts answer your questions live from their Washington show.
July 1 2016 1:46 PMStephen Colbert Has One Big Question About the 2016 Presidential CampaignAnd it’s: “What the hell is going on?”
June 20 2016 2:48 PMAre You Stuck Wearing Suit Jackets in the Summer Heat?Slate staffers share how they dress professionally on the campaign trail.