Political Gabfest
Political Gabfest
Dec. 6 2013 1:22 PMThe Motor City Massacre GabfestListen to Slate's show about a federal lawsuit that could gut Obamacare, minimum wage strikes, and Detroit's bankruptcy.
Nov. 29 2013 3:16 PMThe Hobby Lobby Liberal Sobby GabfestListen to Slate's show about the Iranian nuclear deal, the religious rights of corporations, and the future of the filibuster.
Nov. 21 2013 7:09 PMGabfest Extra: The Nuclear OptionDavid Plotz and Emily Bazelon discuss the Senate Democrats’ vote to end filibusters of most presidential appointments.
Nov. 12 2013 12:07 PMThe “It's Not Plagiarism If You Say It in a Loud Voice” EditionA transcript of the Nov. 8 Political Gabfest.
Nov. 4 2013 12:10 PMMaybe the NSA Should Run Healthcare.govA transcript of the Nov. 1 Political Gabfest.
Oct. 30 2013 7:18 PMGabfest Extra: What Went Wrong With Healthcare.gov?John Dickerson and David Auerbach discuss how a real software company would deal with the Obamacare mess.
Oct. 25 2013 11:21 AMThe Healthcare.bomb GabfestSlate's popular weekly political podcast covers the healthcare.gov debacle, and the outing of @Natsecwonk.
Oct. 16 2013 7:04 PMGabfest Extra: Day 16—The End, for NowDavid Plotz, John Dickerson, and Ross Douthat on the likely end of the shutdown.
Oct. 14 2013 6:06 PMGabfest Extra: Day 14, Deal or No Deal?David Plotz and John Dickerson on the emerging Senate deal.
Oct. 11 2013 11:17 AMThe Political Gabfest: “Do You Believe in the Devil?” GabfestBazelon, Dickerson, and Plotz on the government shutdown, Justice Scalia's interview with New York, and more campaign finance at the Supreme Court.
Oct. 9 2013 6:40 PMGabfest Extra: Day 9, Glimmers of Hope?Plotz and Weigel on signs of movement in the budget/debt ceiling showdown.
Oct. 8 2013 11:55 AMColbert: "Everybody Should Listen to the Slate Political Gabfest"The Comedy Central host endorses our podcast.
Oct. 4 2013 6:07 PMGabfest Extra: The Government Shutdown, Day 4Dickerson and Plotz on the end of Week 1 and a look ahead to Week 2.
Oct. 2 2013 6:26 PMGabfest Extra: The Government Shutdown, Day 2Dickerson and Plotz on whether there are any signs of a thaw.
Sept. 27 2013 12:27 PMThe Ted Cruz Is One Angry Canadian GabfestListen to Slate's show about Congress' debtageddon negotiations, the thaw with Iran, and whether revenge porn should be illegal.
Dec. 5 2013 2:27 PMLive on Air! The Really-It’s-Happening-Right-Now Gabfest.Watch a live stream of the taping of this week’s Slate Political Gabfest.
Nov. 22 2013 3:04 PMLive From Brooklyn: The Ich Bin Ein Gabfester GabfestListen to Slate's show about the Kennedy assassination and how the U.S. would be different if he'd lived.
Nov. 15 2013 1:43 PMThe Don't You Dare Call It a Catfight GabfestListen to Slate's show about saving Obamacare, whether Elizabeth Warren could beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, and what driving laws cyclists should have to follow.
Nov. 8 2013 11:23 AMWhy Rand Paul's Plagiarism Won't Doom His Presidential Aspirations
Nov. 1 2013 10:59 AMThe Maybe the NSA Should Run Healthcare.gov GabfestBazelon, Dickerson, and Plotz on Obamacare's ongoing woes, NSA spying on allied leaders, and racial profiling by New York department stores.
Oct. 28 2013 5:36 PMAn Experiment: We’re Posting the Whole Transcript of This Week’s Political Gabfest
Oct. 18 2013 12:05 PMThe "Was That the Alamo or the Battle of the Bulge?" GabfestBazelon, Dickerson, and Plotz on the long-term implications of the shutdown and Facebook's privacy settings for teens.
Oct. 15 2013 8:15 PMGabfest Extra: Day 15, Veering Around MadlyDavid Plotz, John Dickerson, and Matt Yglesias on Capitol Hill confusion.
Oct. 11 2013 6:44 PMGabfest Extra: Day 11, Not So FastDavid Plotz and Ezra Klein on whether the emerging Obama/GOP deal is a cure or a band aid.
Oct. 10 2013 6:39 PMGabfest Extra: Day 10, Shutdown CornerMike Pesca and David Weigel on the GOP’s new plan.
Oct. 8 2013 6:49 PMGabfest Extra: Day 8 of the Government ShutdownBazelon and Plotz on the legal questions raised by the D.C. impasse.
Oct. 7 2013 6:19 PMGabfest Extra: Day 7 of the Government Shutdown
Oct. 4 2013 1:59 PMThe “How Clean Is Your CR?” GabfestListen to Slate's show about the government shutdown, the Obamacare rollout, and Jews leaving their faith behind.
Oct. 1 2013 6:32 PMGabfest Extra: The Government Shutdown, Day 1A quick, nightly podcast update on the mess in Washington.
Sept. 20 2013 12:25 PMThe Washington on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown GabfestListen to Slate's show about mass shootings and gun control, the looming government shutdown, and the pope's startling interview.