Political Gabfest
Political Gabfest
March 14 2016 3:47 PMWhat We Like About These Despicable PrimariesThe Political Gabfest finds the good in the 2016 presidential race. 
March 4 2016 12:30 PMClarence Thomas Finds His VoiceWhat made the justice finally speak up, and why now? 
March 3 2016 11:47 AMWhat the Hell Happened on Super Tuesday?Slate’s Political Gabfest comes to the rescue with a special Super Tuesday recap of the primaries. 
Feb. 26 2016 12:09 PMThe “Is Trump’s Nomination Inevitable?” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the Nevada caucus, the Supreme Court’s first case without Scalia, and the continued Apple versus FBI phone-unlocking feud.
Feb. 22 2016 12:37 PMBehind the Scenes at the Republican DebateJohn Dickerson takes the Political Gabfest behind the curtain.
Feb. 18 2016 5:18 PMScalia Makes Big Waves, Even After His DeathSlate’s Amicus and Political Gabfest podcasts team up to cover the Supreme Court justice’s death. 
Feb. 12 2016 4:06 PMDoes Samantha Bee’s New Talk Show Deliver?The Political Gabfest discusses the buzz around Full Frontal.
Feb. 5 2016 1:37 PMAre Grown-Ups Too Old to Get Grades?Think you’re more than just a number? Not if you work at Yahoo!
Jan. 29 2016 3:19 PMHow Can We Explain This Crazy Campaign Season? David Axelrod Tells All.Obama’s chief strategist offers expert insight on this political season in an interview with the Political Gabfest. 
Jan. 25 2016 10:03 AMIs the Supreme Court’s United States v. Texas Too Big to Swallow?Here’s what you need to know about Obama’s new immigration battle at the Supreme Court.
Jan. 19 2016 11:04 AMWhat Does Chris Hughes’ Murder of the New Republic Mean for Journalism?The Political Gabfest mourns the death of a revered publication and wonders what it means for the future. 
Jan. 11 2016 3:48 PMWhat the Oregon Standoff Is Really AboutIs thinking about this protest in racial terms missing the point? The Political Gabfest discusses Oregon in an extra bonus segment.
Jan. 6 2016 4:13 PMThe “Peeing in the Shower” Bonus SegmentListen to the final conundrum on Slate’s special year-end show about life’s most confounding questions, according to listeners.
Dec. 28 2015 3:39 PMThe “Command-A Changed My Life” Bonus SegmentPolitical Gabfest host David Plotz chats with John Dickerson about his favorite life hacks for work and travel.
Dec. 21 2015 4:35 PMThe “Galactic Senate Makes No Sense” Bonus SegmentThe Political Gabfest hosts analyze the symbolic role of Star Wars in American politics.
March 10 2016 5:10 PMThe “Maybe It’s Hillary Who Should Drop Out” EditionListen to Slate’s show about Donald Trump’s latest victories, the implications of Bernie Sanders’ Michigan upset, and the life and death of Nancy Reagan.
March 4 2016 10:20 AMThe “Hate and Castrate” EditionListen to Slate’s show about Donald Trump’s seemingly inevitable nomination, what Hillary Clinton can do about it, and oral arguments in Whole Women’s Health v. Cole.
Feb. 26 2016 4:07 PMThe Sleepless Lives of Presidential Candidates What do the candidates do in their down time? (What down time?)  
Feb. 23 2016 2:26 PMWhat It Takes to Moderate the CBS Republican DebateJohn Dickerson fills us in on what it’s like to run the show in Greenville, South Carolina.
Feb. 19 2016 11:35 AMThe “I Have a Gun, and Her Name Is America” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the vicious fight to replace Scalia, new GOP shenanigans, and Apple’s standoff with the FBI over unlocking the iPhone.
Feb. 14 2016 8:00 PMA Special Joint Political Gabfest and Amicus on Antonin Scalia’s DeathThe podcasts’ hosts discuss the seismic events set in motion by the sudden Supreme Court vacancy.
Feb. 12 2016 11:43 AMThe “Happy Valentine’s Day, Rubio Robot” EditionListen to Slate's show about the the New Hampshire primary, the future of the presidential race, and the blow to President Obama’s climate change action.
Feb. 5 2016 10:33 AMThe “Coin Toss” EditionListen to Slate’s show on the results of the Iowa caucus, our predictions for the upcoming primaries, and what the Big Short says about big banks, regulation, and politics.
Jan. 29 2016 10:10 AMThe “Dark, Dark, Dark Money” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the upcoming Iowa caucus, Bloomberg’s flirtation with running for president, and Jane Mayer’s new book on the Koch brothers’ empire.
Jan. 22 2016 11:32 AMThe “Squirmishes” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the GOP reaction to Trump and Cruz, Iran-U.S. relations, and the tragedy of the Flint water crisis.
Jan. 15 2016 10:55 AM“There Once Was a Union Maid but Not Anymore” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the tightening race between Hillary and Bernie, the Supreme Court’s upcoming blow to unions, and Sean Penn’s controversial interview with Mexican drug lord El Chapo.
Jan. 8 2016 10:44 AMThe “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the upcoming Iowa caucus, Obama’s executive action on gun control, and Ronald Reagan’s legacy.
Jan. 1 2016 7:47 AMThe “2015 Conundrum” EditionListen to Slate’s special year-end show about life’s most confounding questions, as submitted by listeners.
Dec. 25 2015 10:48 AMThe “Year’s Best Gabfest” EditionListen to Slate's show featuring listeners’ and the hosts’ favorite segments from 2015, including Ta Nehisi-Coates on the death of Freddie Gray, gender on the Upper East Side, and the assassination of Lincoln.
Dec. 18 2015 10:44 AMThe “Chaos Candidate” EditionListen to Slate's show about the fifth GOP debate, the court martial and possible life sentence of Bowe Bergdahl, and the year in politics.