Decoder Ring
Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring: Sad Jennifer Aniston

Deconstructing the tabloid saga of Jennifer Aniston.

Dec. 3 2018 11:33 AMWhen Us Met JenThe history of the tabloid creation Sad Jennifer Aniston.
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June 25 2018 6:00 AMClown PanicDecoder Ring investigates the history of clowns, phantom-clown panics, and the rise of the horror clown.
April 30 2018 8:00 AMDecoder Ring: The Laff BoxWhat happened to the laugh track?
Oct. 29 2018 8:01 AMHow Do You Start a Conspiracy Theory?The wild and woolly tale of Ong’s Hat.
Oct. 1 2018 2:00 AMDecoder Ring: Hotel ArtHotel art has vastly improved—but can it ever be good?
July 30 2018 12:08 PMDecoder Ring: The Basement AffairMaking love and performance art on a VH1 dating show.
June 4 2018 5:49 AMDecoder Ring: The Johnlock ConspiracyThe BBC insisted that John Watson and Sherlock Holmes aren’t gay lovers. Fans disagreed.