Dear Prudence podcast: The “Schrodinger’s Stolen Cat” edition.

Help! I Think I Stole a Cat.

Help! I Think I Stole a Cat.

Advice on manners and morals.
Dec. 13 2017 7:45 AM

Dear Prudence: The “Schrödinger’s Stolen Cat” Edition

I took in an uncollared, unchipped cat as my own, but then I saw a “missing cat” poster that looked like my pet. Help!

Photo illustration by Slate. Image by Thinkstock.

Photo illustration by Slate. Image by Thinkstock.

First up: An enthusiastic endorsement from Prudence for walking out of movies you don’t like! Then, academic and pop culture writer Anthony Oliveira joins to tackle your letters: How do I get my husband to stop using a body spray that makes me ill? I told my “social justice warrior” kids I’m questioning my gender, and they’re threatening to skip the holidays. My husband and I married young—should we open up our marriage to try new things? I adopted a lost cat as my own, but now I think I might’ve stolen it. I had a fling with someone who I later realized was in a long-term committed relationship—should I tell the other woman? And finally: My friends created a dumb nickname for my boyfriend, and it stuck—how do I let it go so I don’t accidentally call him by it?

Listen now:

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