Slate’s Culture Gabfest on Incredibles 2, 30 for 30’s “Bikram,” and astrology.

Incredibles 2 Is Just Fine

Incredibles 2 Is Just Fine

Slate's weekly roundtable.
June 27 2018 10:40 AM

The Culture Gabfest “Anthony Rising” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on Incredibles 2, 30 for 30’s “Bikram,” and astrology.


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This week the critics discuss the new animated movie Incredibles 2, why it’s so much fun, and Anthony Lane’s lusty review of the film. Then, they talk about the new 30 for 30 podcast series “Bikram,” how it works better than other cult series they’ve recently encountered like Wild Wild Country, and their relationship to yoga. Finally, production assistant Daniel Schroeder joins the gabbers to discuss astrology and read their charts.

Links to some of the things we discussed this week:



Julia: Birding Without Borders by Noah Strycker

Stephen: Wooden Overcoats podcast

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Stephen Metcalf is Slate’s critic at large. He is working on a book about the 1980s.

Dana Stevens is Slate’s movie critic.

Julia Turner is the editor in chief of Slate and a regular on Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast.