Liberal “snowflakes.” How did politics come to be so full of insults?

Don’t Call Them “Snowflakes”—the Culture Gabfest on Political Name-Calling

Don’t Call Them “Snowflakes”—the Culture Gabfest on Political Name-Calling

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June 22 2017 4:00 PM

Snowflake, Loser, and Other Political Jabs

The Culture Gabfest on the insults and name-calling that have derailed our civic discourse.

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In the Slate Plus bonus segment of Wednesday’s edition of the Culture Gabfest, Christina, Stephen, and June discuss the political insult du jour, snowflake. The right loves to deride the left for being precious, overly sensitive, feathery ice crystals—but is there really something so wrong with having feelings?

The hosts also discuss the left’s go-to slurs for the right and reissue an important reminder for Trump’s America: Calling people names is wrong.

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