Culture Gabfest
Dec. 26 2012 10:57 AMThe Culture Gabfest: First Time, Long Time EditionA special call-in edition of Slate’s culture podcast.
Dec. 12 2012 1:15 PMThe Culture Gabfest: “I Normally Have To Be Drunk Off My Ass To Do This” EditionSlate's podcast about Beasts of the Southern Wild, why the art world is so despicable, and Beck’s Song Reader.
Nov. 28 2012 1:36 PMThe Culture Gabfest: “Slut on a Hot Tin Roof” EditionSlate's podcast about Liz & Dick, the Web-video montages known as supercuts, and the possibly dubious app Snapchat.
Nov. 14 2012 5:50 PMThe Culture Gabfest: What Is Stuffed Inside of What Is Stuffed Inside of What EditionSlate's podcast about the Bond movie Skyfall, Publishers Weekly’s Top 10 Essays Since 1950, and the vegetarian’s Thanksgiving centerpiece, the Veggieducken.
Nov. 1 2012 11:29 AMThe Culture Gabfest: Frankenfest EditionSlate's podcast about Hurricane Sandy and social media, the music of Nashville, and intellectualism in the Mormon Church.
Oct. 17 2012 11:12 AMThe Culture Gabfest: I Did It for the Lulz EditionSlate's podcast about the movie Argo, the Reddit Violentacrez controversy, and Cook’s Illustrated.
Oct. 3 2012 12:59 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Stow Your Blunderbuss EditionSlate's podcast about the movie Looper, the 30th anniversary of the sitcom Cheers, and the indie rock band Grizzly Bear.
Sept. 19 2012 11:51 AMThe Culture Gabfest: Get Thee Behind Me, Satan EditionSlate's podcast about The Master, The End of Men, and the NYC soda ban.
Sept. 5 2012 11:52 AMThe Culture Gabfest: Bengal Tiger Giving Birth EditionSlate's podcast on the fall TV lineup, Hollywood’s liberal bias, and the Norton Anthology of English Literature.
Aug. 22 2012 11:43 AMThe Culture Gabfest: Tasty Medieval Cockentrice EditionSlate's podcast about the 60th anniversary of Singin’ in the Rain, ABC’s Time Machine Chefs, and the niceness of literary criticism.
Aug. 8 2012 11:14 AMThe Culture Gabfest: Don’t Look Down EditionSlate's podcast about Sight & Sound’s list of top films, the ABC Family series Bunheads, and Seinfeld’s Web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.
July 25 2012 1:19 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Batman and Robins EditionSlate's podcast about The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Marclay’s 24-hour film The Clock, and the HBO documentary Birders: The Central Park Effect.
July 11 2012 4:26 PMThe Culture Gabfest, “Summer Strut” EditionListen to Slate's show about Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom Anger Management, the recent New York Times op-ed about the “ ‘Busy’ Trap,” and the Summer Strut 2012 playlist.
June 27 2012 11:54 AMThe Culture Gabfest, “Vamp” EditionListen to Slate's show about the new Pixar movie Brave, Aaron Sorkin’s latest offering The Newsroom, and the legacy of film critic Andrew Sarris.
June 13 2012 2:33 PMThe Culture Gabfest, “Don’t Drive Like My Brother” EditionListen to Slate's show about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the story of sexual abuse at the Horace Mann School, and the end of NPR’s Car Talk.
Dec. 19 2012 11:48 AMThe Culture Gabfest: Trapped in a Glass Box With Dwarves EditionSlate's podcast about The Hobbit, the A&E series Duck Dynasty, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at 50.
Dec. 5 2012 12:36 PMThe Culture Gabfest: UniBall Vision Elite EditionSlate's podcast about gay people who don’t want to get married, the lost art of handwriting, and Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s take on “neomania.”
Nov. 21 2012 1:31 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Drooping and Slumping Toward Insanity EditionSlate's podcast about the New York Times’ review of Guy Fieri’s restaurant, Philip Roth’s retirement, and Amtrak’s Quiet Car.
Nov. 7 2012 12:08 PMThe Culture Gabfest: On Tenterhooks EditionSlate's podcast about the movie Flight, Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, and the poetry of the hashtag.
Oct. 24 2012 12:09 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Why Did You Give Me That Bag of Skittles? EditionSlate's podcast about the 40th anniversary of Free To Be … You and Me, Saturday Night Live debate spoofs, and
Oct. 10 2012 12:13 PMThe Culture Gabfest: You Big MOOC EditionSlate's podcast about the movie Pitch Perfect, the comedy writer Seth MacFarlane, and higher education online.
Sept. 26 2012 2:36 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Long Shoots of Goldenrod EditionSlate's podcast about the documentary Queen of Versailles, the NBC drama Revolution, and the flap over unsophisticated audiences.
Sept. 12 2012 12:51 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Bringing a Gun to a Puppy Fight EditionSlate's podcast about Bob Dylan’s new album Tempest, the 20th anniversary of the movie Sneakers, and the Harvard cheating scandal.
Aug. 29 2012 12:01 PMThe Culture Gabfest: There Are Some Broke Down People Out There EditionSlate's podcast about the TLC series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, the indie comedy Sleepwalk With Me, and public marriage proposals.
Aug. 15 2012 11:25 AMThe Culture Gabfest: 25 Sex Moves He Secretly Wishes You’d Try EditionSlate's podcast about the legacy of Helen Gurley Brown, the new comedy The Campaign, and summer swimming.
Aug. 1 2012 5:47 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Scary Mascot EditionSlate's podcast about Jonah Lehrer’s fabrication and resignation, the London Olympics, and the documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry.
July 18 2012 12:21 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Utter Tosh EditionListen to Slate's show about the USA miniseries Political Animals, the Daniel Tosh rape-joke controversy, and Dana’s lifelong indifference to games.
July 4 2012 8:15 AMThe Culture Gabfest, ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ EditionListen to Slate's show about the new Steven Soderbergh movie Magic Mike, the legacy of writer and director Nora Ephron, and Anderson Cooper coming out as gay.
June 20 2012 12:54 PMThe Culture Gabfest, “Curb Appeal” EditionListen to Slate's show about fakery on HGTV’s House Hunters, human-animal zoobiquity, and Carly Rae Jepsen’s irresistible hit song “Call Me Maybe.”
June 6 2012 12:36 PMThe Culture Gabfest, “Movies on the Radio Live” EditionListen to Slate's show about Moonrise Kingdom and Wes Anderson, film scoring 101, and film composer Howard Shore.