Conspiracy Thrillers
Conspiracy Thrillers

Conspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: Get Out

In his directorial debut, Jordan Peele pinpointed the specific anxieties of being black in America in 2017.

Aug. 15 2017 8:00 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Bourne TrilogyThe action-packed series showed that even if the hero gets out alive, the conspiracy never ends.
July 18 2017 9:01 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Parallax ViewWhy Alan Pakula’s conspiracy flick makes you feel like you’re being brainwashed, too.
June 20 2017 8:00 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Conversation and Enemy of the StateBefore 9/11, the idea of constant government surveillance seemed extreme. Now we take it for granted.
May 23 2017 4:57 PMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Manchurian CandidateIn this first episode, Sam Adams and writer Mark Harris on a story of war, politics, and brainwashing.
Aug. 1 2017 8:01 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: They LiveFilmmaker John Carpenter used simple visuals to make bold political statements in this 1988 sci-fi flick.
July 4 2017 9:10 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: Blow OutIn Brian de Palma’s unconventional thriller, John Travolta just wants to expose the truth. He doesn’t get a happy ending.
June 6 2017 8:10 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: All the President’s MenIn this second episode, Sam Adams and the Washington Post’s Alyssa Rosenberg discuss the film’s portrayal of journalists’ work.