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Slate Money

The Success Theater Edition

Slate Money on guns, GE, and Alibaba.

The Gist
Feb. 23 2018 6:24 PMDon’t Fall for ItArming educators is a recipe for disaster. It’s also an utterly unserious proposal.
Feb. 23 2018 2:24 PMBlack Panther Production Designer Hannah BeachlerOn bringing Wakanda to life and what it’s like working with Ryan Coogler and Beyoncé.
I Have to Ask
Feb. 23 2018 7:30 AMI Have to Ask: The Chuck Klosterman EditionThe writer and critic on whether the politicization of popular culture has gone too far.
Feb. 22 2018 9:00 PMHigh School Revolutionaries Are Changing the Gun DebateThe students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are showing that neither Trump nor the NRA are politically untouchable.
Political Gabfest
Feb. 22 2018 7:02 PMThe “Enough Thoughts and Prayers” EditionListen to Slate’s show about students protesting gun violence, the indictments of 13 Russian nationals, and Mitt Romney’s Senate run.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
Feb. 22 2018 2:00 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Professionalized Childhood” EditionSlate’s parenting podcast on what to do when your kid doesn’t like to do anything.
DoubleX Gabfest
Feb. 22 2018 11:20 AMThe “Will Porn Be Banned in the Matriarchy?” EditionThe DoubleX Gabfest on domestic abuse in the White House, teens watching porn, and Lena Dunham’s hysterectomy.
The Gist
Feb. 21 2018 8:29 PMThe World Is Coming Up RosesWar, murder, poverty, and disease: They're all trending downward here on planet Earth.
If Then
Feb. 21 2018 4:00 PMHow Russian Trolls Went LocalA deep dive into how Russia gamed Facebook.
Dear Prudence
Feb. 21 2018 12:00 PMDear Prudence: The “Relentlessly Friendly Neighbor” EditionMy neighbor is loud, pushy, and opinionated—how do I get her to leave me alone? Help!
Hang Up And Listen
Feb. 20 2018 7:43 PMHang Up and Listen: The Trickless Hungarian EditionSlate’s sports podcast on Tongans and snowboarders skiing at the Winter Olympics. Plus, the strange tale of Markelle Fultz.
Feb. 19 2018 8:00 AMProject Lakhta and Russia’s Plan to Screw With AmericaA new set of indictments from the special counsel’s office lay out how Russia meddled in the 2016 election.
Feb. 17 2018 5:10 PMWakanda ForeverThree critics hold a spoiler-filled discussion of Black Panther.
Feb. 17 2018 10:00 AMA Preview of a Union-Busting Case, and RBG’s Greatest Hits TourDetails on the case that could gut public sector unions, and Justice Ginsburg speaks to #MeToo and due process.
The Gist
Feb. 16 2018 8:33 PMBan the AR-15It’s a no-brainer: Taking the mass killer’s weapon of choice off store shelves would save lives.
Hit Parade
Feb. 23 2018 6:21 PMHit Parade: The Def Jams EditionToday, rap is ubiquitous on pop radio. But the genre’s first crossover hit required a little help from some out-of-favor rock stars.
Live at Politics and Prose
Feb. 23 2018 10:47 AMThe World Only Spins ForwardIsaac Butler and Dan Kois relate the history of the groundbreaking play Angels in America.
The Gist
Feb. 22 2018 9:15 PMWho Can Check Big Tech?­­­Can the companies who build our smartphones and run our social networks be regulated? Or will they have to regulate themselves?
Feb. 22 2018 8:00 PMThe “How Does a Presbyterian LGBTQ Advocate Work?” TranscriptRead what Alex McNeill had to say about the intersection of faith, policy, and education in changing times.
Studio 360
Feb. 22 2018 4:00 PMAmerican Icons: The Lincoln MemorialIt’s now one of the most treasured landmarks of Washington, but people fought over every aspect of it for decades.
El Gabfest en Español
Feb. 22 2018 11:51 AMDe Jóvenes en Lucha y la Pantera NegraEl debate sobre las armas en Estados Unidos continua con más voces desesperadas.
Feb. 22 2018 7:19 AMRetiring for PeaceOn Jan. 17, 1968, Lyndon Johnson delivered his State of the Union and surprised his closest advisers when he didn’t step down.
Slate Extra
Feb. 21 2018 5:18 PMWhat It’s Like Watching All of the OlympicsSlate’s Justin Peters on the must-watch events and athletes this year.
Culture Gabfest
Feb. 21 2018 12:01 PMThe Culture Gabfest “Redneck Margarita” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Black Panther, Queer Eye, and the New York Times op-ed page.
The Gist
Feb. 20 2018 9:12 PMFree Money CityOnce bankrupt, Stockton, California, will soon test the effects of universal basic income.
Lexicon Valley
Feb. 20 2018 2:22 PMThe Inner Workings of OutOn the rich complexities of a humble preposition.
Feb. 18 2018 2:00 PMHow Does a Guide Dog Work?This loyal canine helps guide his human through the world.
Slow Burn
Feb. 17 2018 10:46 AMWhat Can Nixon Teach Us About Trump?A bonus episode of Slow Burn, recorded live at the Watergate Hotel.
Slate Money
Feb. 17 2018 2:02 AMThe Fertile Nigerian Blockchain EditionSlate Money on cryptocurrencies, fertility in the U.S., and Nigerian corruption.
The Gist
Feb. 16 2018 8:42 AMWhich Side Are You On?What the Quinn Norton fracas and the latest Twix bar marketing campaign have in common.