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I Have to Ask

I Have to Ask: The Orhan Pamuk Edition

The author of The Red-Haired Woman on writing and living through Turkish history.

The Gist
Aug. 16 2017 8:01 PMThe Overreaction DoctrineMoshe Maor on how Trump’s over-the-top policy ideas are actually good politics.
Culture Gabfest
Aug. 16 2017 12:39 PMThe Culture Gabfest “Hella Doomed” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Insecure, Dr. Strangelove, and a major controversy rocking the world of YA Twitter.
Dear Prudence
Aug. 16 2017 7:15 AMDear Prudence: The “Feelings Roulette” EditionI’m not sad my husband died. Am I heartless? Help!
Aug. 15 2017 1:39 PMThe Last Newspaper War, Part 2In the concluding part of this episode, Josh King and Jim Warren discuss what print media must do to thrive during “this difficult transition.”
Conspiracy Thrillers
Aug. 15 2017 8:00 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Bourne TrilogyThe action-packed series showed that even if the hero gets out alive, the conspiracy never ends.
Hang Up And Listen
Aug. 14 2017 5:41 PMHang Up and Listen: The Moneyball for Rich People EditionSlate’s sports podcast on Ezekiel Elliott, Sascha Zverev, and the unstoppable Dodgers.
Slate Money
Aug. 12 2017 2:01 AMThe Disney World EditionSlate Money on pink slime, Disney’s Netflix deal, and open seating plans.
Culture Gabfest
Aug. 11 2017 4:05 PMSocial or Shameful?The Culture Gabfest on playing word games online.
Aug. 11 2017 12:46 PMWhose Streets? and Anika Noni RoseWe unpack the powerful Ferguson documentary with Slate’s chief political correspondent and talk to Rose about Power and princesses.
The Gist
Aug. 10 2017 7:40 PMAbout the Google MemoEven if Google was right to fire James Damore, why does it insist that employees can still expect freedom of expression at work? 
Political Gabfest
Aug. 10 2017 5:15 PMThe “Like the World Has Never Seen” EditionListen to Slate’s show about North Korea, sanctuary cities, and the fired Google engineer.
Aug. 10 2017 10:46 AMSeparate NarrativeTrump is making conservative media more of what it already was.
Aug. 10 2017 10:16 AMRiding the Oratory TrainIn September 1919, Woodrow Wilson took himself to the brink of death, speaking out for a future of peace.
The Gist
Aug. 9 2017 8:24 PMMuhammad Ali’s Biggest FightHow the greatest knocked out the U.S. Justice Department.
Aug. 9 2017 12:20 PMThe Represent Rose: Part 4As Rachel Lindsay’s search for love comes to an end, we recap the Bachelorette finale and look back at how the season handled race and representation.
Aug. 16 2017 6:55 PMThe Press Conference That Did Him In?Will Trump become a lame-duck president?
The Good Fight Podcast
Aug. 16 2017 9:00 AMWhy Populists WinVoters know that populists won’t deliver on their promises. They just don’t care.
The Gist
Aug. 15 2017 6:56 PMWhy Are Police Unions So Aggressive?Former Boston cop Tom Nolan on why many police unions are angry at the public.
Aug. 15 2017 1:30 PMThere’s Nothing New Under the SunAfter Charlottesville, there should be no mistaking whose side the president is on.
The Gist
Aug. 14 2017 6:50 PMThere Is No Order in CongressEverything in Congress is behind closed doors.
Aug. 12 2017 7:00 AMThe Last Newspaper War, Part 1How are the New York Times and the Washington Post faring in their coverage of the biggest story of our time?
The Gist
Aug. 11 2017 4:41 PMBrandt Tobler Has a Problem With AuthorityTales from the guy who once threw a roulette ball at a pit boss.
Best of Slate Podcasts
Aug. 11 2017 2:37 PMThe Best of Slate PodcastsOnly have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Live at Politics and Prose
Aug. 11 2017 10:26 AMMilitary HerstoryTracy Crow and Jerri Bell share the words of women in the military from the Revolutionary War to now.
Studio 360
Aug. 10 2017 6:00 PMWhen Music Punches You in the FaceOur favorite recent segments about when music hits hard—sometimes a bit too hard.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
Aug. 10 2017 2:00 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: Teenage Fashion Plate EditionSlate’s parenting podcast on segregated school districts and encouraging a kid’s sense of style.
DoubleX Gabfest
Aug. 10 2017 10:35 AMThe DoubleX Gabfest “Mr. Clean Is Totally Sexy” EditionListen to our show on Google’s anti-diversity memo, The Bold Type, and the music video for Charli XCX’s “Boys.”
I Have to Ask
Aug. 10 2017 7:30 AMI Have to Ask: The Glenn Greenwald EditionThe Intercept writer on the hypocrisy behind the media’s Trump hatred.
Aug. 9 2017 12:38 PMThe “How Does a Manufacturing Executive Work?” TranscriptRead what a Shinola’s Jen Guarino had to say about making watches, bags, and other consumer products in Detroit.
Culture Gabfest
Aug. 9 2017 11:53 AMThe Culture Gabfest “To Keegan-Michael Key or Not to Key” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Hamlet at the Public Theater, Friends From College, and prog rock.