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Culture Gabfest
Nov. 15 2017 10:05 AMThe Culture Gabfest “Tell Me About a Complicated Man” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Murder on the Orient Express, Louis C.K., and Emily Wilson’s new translation of Homer’s Odyssey.
The Gist
Nov. 14 2017 8:40 PMPutting the Con in EconomicsAdam Davidson sizes up Trump’s top economic adviser.
Nov. 14 2017 10:08 AMThe Fox News Survivor (and Alec Baldwin)Why watching Fox News is like being at a party where the people are nice, but two or three of them kick you in the shins and spit in your face.
Slate Plus
Nov. 14 2017 8:01 AMFollowing the Paper Trails of Mueller’s First ChargesLegal reporter Jeremy Stahl on covering Robert Mueller’s indictments and Colin Kaepernick’s collusion charge.
Hang Up And Listen
Nov. 13 2017 4:28 PMHang Up and Listen: The Cavalcade of Whimsy EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the battle to become U.S. Soccer president, NFL celebrations, and the Miami turnover chain.
Slate Money
Nov. 11 2017 2:01 AMThe Well-Endowed EditionSlate Money on Saudi Arabia, Wilbur Ross, and endowments.
Nov. 10 2017 3:47 PMThe People vs. Trump: Year One, Live With Tom PerrielloThe Democrats finally had a good election night. What does that mean for the party’s future?
Nov. 10 2017 1:21 PMThe Mindy Project and Dawn-Lyen Gardner of Queen SugarWe discuss the finale of Mindy Kaling’s once-groundbreaking rom-com series. Then, Gardner talks to us about Queen Sugar’s second season.
The Gist
Nov. 9 2017 6:55 PMWhy Bush 41 Was the Anti-TrumpAs president, George H.W. Bush was tight-lipped, decorous, and self-abnegating—loath even to use the word I.
Studio 360
Nov. 9 2017 5:09 PMThe Agonies of Small TalkAnnie Baker on why so many of the characters in her plays talk past each other.
El Gabfest en Español
Nov. 9 2017 11:06 AMDe Demócratas Triunfalistas y Filósofos ChinosNuestro panel de periodistas trata de averiguar hasta a dónde llega el susodicho “Trumpismo.”
The Gist
Nov. 8 2017 8:04 PMAbout Last NightIf Tuesday’s election results were a canary in a coal mine, it’s a really expansive mine and a somewhat unreliable canary.
Culture Gabfest
Nov. 8 2017 11:34 AMThe Culture Gabfest “Two Steves and a Metcalf” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Lady Bird, Alias Grace, and the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone.
If Then
Nov. 8 2017 11:25 AMWhat if Social Media’s Ugliest Problems Can’t Be Solved?An expert on trolls and hate speech says there’s no easy fix for online harassment.
Dear Prudence
Nov. 8 2017 8:00 AMDear Prudence: The “Wishin’ Boot” EditionMy current company is considering hiring my old boss from hell. Help!
Dear Prudence
Nov. 15 2017 8:02 AMDear Prudence: The “Drama Tornado” EditionI shared some confidential information with my therapist, and then she told my dad. Help!
Lexicon Valley
Nov. 14 2017 1:15 PMSometimes Just BecauseLanguage is often at the mercy of pure chance.
Nov. 14 2017 9:53 AMThe Last Republican PresidentWill the GOP of the future look anything like the GOP of old?
The Gist
Nov. 13 2017 7:43 PMPrisons of ProfitPrivate prisons were billed as a way to bring innovation to incarceration, housing more prisoners for less money. They’ve failed.
Nov. 11 2017 10:00 AMGuns in America and the Travel Ban That Went UnnoticedA close look at the Second Amendment.
The Gist
Nov. 10 2017 7:34 PMThe Family ManLoudon Wainwright III reflects on his uneasy relationship with his father, now that he can “appreciate the difficulty of the job.”
Best of Slate Podcasts
Nov. 10 2017 2:24 PMThe Best of Slate PodcastsOnly have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Live at Politics and Prose
Nov. 10 2017 7:19 AMThe Man Behind the SpeechHow Khizr Khan fell in love with the American dream.
Political Gabfest
Nov. 9 2017 6:22 PMThe “One Year and One Day” EditionListen to Slate’s show about Tuesday’s Democratic victories, Trump’s first year, and tech companies’ role in Russian meddling.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
Nov. 9 2017 2:00 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The “If You Give a Mouse a Handout” EditionListen to Slate’s parenting podcast about going back to work after having a baby.
I Have to Ask
Nov. 9 2017 7:40 AMI Have to Ask: The Ta-Nehisi Coates EditionThe author tries to make sense of Trump’s America, and his place in it.
Nov. 8 2017 7:00 PMThe “How Does a Comic Book Librarian Work?” TranscriptRead what Caitlin McGurk had to say about collection development and exhibition curation at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library.
Nov. 8 2017 11:29 AMA Year Spent in Panic-Inducing BubblesHow push notifications changed and shaped our lives one year after Trump’s election.
The Good Fight Podcast
Nov. 8 2017 9:30 AMGood Identity, Bad IdentityThe question isn’t whether we should talk about identity. It’s how we should talk about it.
Nov. 8 2017 7:00 AMIf Trump Is UnfitRead what Rep. Jamie Raskin told Slate’s Amicus podcast about his proposal to examine the president’s physical and mental aptitude.