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Hang Up And Listen
June 5 2017 5:12 PMHang Up and Listen: The Mr. Met Has No Middle Finger EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup Final, and the Mets’ mascot imbroglio.
June 5 2017 9:23 AMNo Consequences?Are there any immediate ramifications to Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accords?
The Gist
June 2 2017 8:32 PMYou Can’t Say That, Mr. SenatorGuest host Zoe Chace talks to Al Franken about jokes you can’t say out loud in Washington.
Political Gabfest
June 2 2017 12:28 PMJust How Scandalous Was the Kathy Griffin Photo Scandal?The Political Gabfest takes on a comedic faux pas.
June 2 2017 10:49 AMCriminal, or Stupid, or Criminally Stupid?Where do Jared Kushner’s devious acts fall on the stupid-to-criminal scale?
June 2 2017 10:24 AMThe Rise of Fake News on the LeftRead a Trumpcast discussion about Louise Mensch and the erosion of journalistic standards.
Political Gabfest
June 1 2017 5:54 PMThe “Jared Went to Him” EditionListen to Slate’s show about Jared Kushner, the Paris climate accord, and President Trump’s European trip.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
June 1 2017 2:15 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Bureaucratic Nightmare” EditionSlate’s parenting podcast talks to a mother who saw her teen through a mental breakdown, and more.
DoubleX Gabfest
June 1 2017 10:37 AMThe DoubleX Gabfest “Walk of Shame” EditionListen to the DoubleX Gabfest on Heritage Academy’s refusal to let a pregnant student walk at graduation, and Girls.
I Have to Ask
June 1 2017 7:00 AMI Have to Ask: The Delia Ephron EditionThe best-selling humorist on writing comedy in the age of Trump and why dating apps are ruining romance.
The Gist
May 31 2017 7:25 PMA Playwright in the Rust BeltLynn Nottage on her Pulitzer Prize–winning Broadway show Sweat.
Culture Gabfest
May 31 2017 10:54 AMThe Culture Gabfest “Live From Sydney” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Baywatch, The Handmaid’s Tale, and the current state of criticism.
May 31 2017 10:10 AMKeeping Up With the JudiciarySlate’s Dahlia Lithwick says she’s had to quicken her pace to cover the courts under Trump.
The Gist
May 30 2017 5:36 PMDonald Trump, Body SnatcherWhy is it so hard to talk about Trump without sounding like warmed-over commentary on CNN?
Lexicon Valley
May 30 2017 4:18 PMMining Graffiti for SlangJohn McWhorter talks to Ben Zimmer about the Vietnam Graffiti Project and other slangy topics.
June 5 2017 10:40 AMHow Does a Schooner Captain Work?This experienced sailor explains how you keep an old-school ship in peak condition.
Slate Money
June 3 2017 2:00 AMThe Dinosaur EditionSlate Money on the Paris Agreement, credit scores, and Venezuelan bonds.
Best of Slate Podcasts
June 2 2017 7:07 PMThe Best of Slate PodcastsOnly have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Live at Politics and Prose
June 2 2017 10:55 AMRace in America 2017April Ryan returns to moderate our fifth Race in America Today panel.
June 2 2017 10:37 AMBand Aid Director and Star Zoe Lister-JonesOn her new indie comedy, music as couple’s therapy, and why she employed an all-female production crew.
The Gist
June 1 2017 6:07 PMThe Path of Most ResistanceNew Republic editor Jeet Heer on how the election of Donald Trump has remade the Democratic Party.
June 1 2017 3:53 PMOliver North, Master Crafter of the Political LieIn 1986, an American plane loaded with weapons for Contra guerrillas fighting communists in Nicaragua crashed, fueling the Iran–Contra affair.
June 1 2017 10:43 AMClarence Thomas’ Out-of-Left-Field Blow to GerrymanderingRead what Slate’s Amicus podcast had to say about Cooper v. Harris.
June 1 2017 9:54 AMWill the Real “Covfefe” Please Stand Up!It’s definitely COV-FEY-FEY right?
Political Gabfest
May 31 2017 10:01 PMPresidential Prerequisites?The Political Gabfest on what presidential candidates should be required to see and do before they are allowed to run.
Dear Prudence
May 31 2017 2:00 PMDear Prudence: The “Resignation” EditionMy parents expect me to be their free marriage counselor. Help!
May 31 2017 10:25 AMThe “How Does an Aquarium Veterinarian Work?” TranscriptThe director of animal health at Baltimore’s National Aquarium talks about looking after hundreds of distinct species.
Hang Up And Listen
May 30 2017 6:00 PMHang Up and Listen: The Not a Victory Cigar EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the NBA Finals, Frank Deford, and our favorite nonfamous athletes.
The Moment
May 30 2017 5:33 PMSlaid Cleaves on Bruce Springsteen, Busking in Ireland, and His New AlbumThe singer-songwriter performs two songs and reflects on his career in music.
May 30 2017 10:51 AMRep. Ted Lieu Talks Trump AbroadTrump was relatively quiet abroad, but he still has a mess waiting for him back in the states.