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Dear Prudence
Oct. 4 2017 8:00 AMDear Prudence: The “Good Grief” EditionA stranger got mad at me for not letting her child use my iPad. Help!
Lexicon Valley
Oct. 3 2017 12:55 PMEste No Es Parqueo: A Brief Ode to SpanishAn infelicitous parking job inspires musings on the Spanish language.
Oct. 3 2017 12:30 AMThe “How Does a Comic Book Letterer Work?” TranscriptRead what Deron Bennett had to say about the art and craft behind placing word balloons and sound effects in a Batman story.
Hang Up And Listen
Oct. 2 2017 6:34 PMHang Up and Listen: The Watch Out for the Pious Ones EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the NFL and politics, the FBI and college basketball, and the baseball playoffs.
Oct. 2 2017 1:01 PMTrumpcast Live From IAB’s Leadership DialoguesHow the line between fantasy and reality is affecting our politics.
Oct. 1 2017 2:01 PMHow Does a Comic Book Colorist Work?Dean White talks about bringing vibrant hues to Batman’s world.
Slate Money
Sept. 30 2017 2:04 AMThe Krautrock EditionSlate Money on music royalties, Puerto Rican bondholders, and Wolfgang Schäuble.
The Gist
Sept. 29 2017 7:39 PMKurt Andersen’s History of American WackadoodlesHave we always been this disconnected from reality? Very possibly, yes.
Dear Prudence
Sept. 29 2017 1:00 PMThe “Sunk Costs” TranscriptRead what Prudie and Lindy West had to say about period shaming, defining rape, and an interminable engagement.
Live at Politics and Prose
Sept. 29 2017 7:09 AMThe Burning GirlIn her latest novel, Claire Messud navigates the complexities of female adolescent friendship.
Political Gabfest
Sept. 28 2017 6:36 PMThe “Everyone Listens to Women When They Speak Around Here” EditionListen to Slate’s show about Trump’s tax plan, shifting Republican power, and pro athletes using their influence to inspire social change.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
Sept. 28 2017 2:00 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Parenting Obsolescence” EditionListen to Slate’s parenting podcast about why pre-K matters and how to make it work.
The Gist
Sept. 27 2017 7:44 PMIt’s Time to Rethink Puerto RicoBeing a territory helped Puerto Rico. Just not enough.
Culture Gabfest
Sept. 27 2017 10:40 AMThe Culture Gabfest “Allegory!” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Mother!, Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War, and the art of drawing caricatures.
The Good Fight Podcast
Sept. 27 2017 7:30 AMSlouching Toward BrazilWhy the future of American politics may resemble Latin America.
The Gist
Oct. 3 2017 6:22 PMThe Presidency is ImpossibleHow the world changed the presidency and doomed the office to failure.
Slate Plus
Oct. 3 2017 9:01 AMTrump, Hef, and the Co-Opting of FeminismSlate’s Christina Cauterucci on reporting on women and gender in Trump’s America.
The Gist
Oct. 2 2017 7:33 PMThe Rage Was Already ThereAuthor Masha Gessen on what we get wrong when we try to explain the psychology of mass shooters.
Oct. 2 2017 1:17 PMConcern-Trolling JaredKushner’s use of private email for White House business has us concerned.
Oct. 2 2017 11:24 AMThe “How Does a Batman Comic Book Inker Work?” Transcript Read what artist Seth Mann had to say about adding detail and texture to superhero illustrations.
Sept. 30 2017 10:00 AMThe Supreme Court Term RBG Is Calling “Momentous”The ACLU’s national legal director, David Cole, on the start of the high court’s next term.
Best of Slate Podcasts
Sept. 29 2017 10:47 PMThe Best of Slate PodcastsOnly have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Hit Parade
Sept. 29 2017 5:01 PMHit Parade: The Great War Against the Single EditionThe story of how the recording industry made you shell out $18 for one good song in the ’90s.
Sept. 29 2017 11:15 AMStrong Island Director Yance FordThe filmmaker describes the journey to making his new, deeply personal documentary about the murder of his brother, William Ford Jr.
The Gist
Sept. 28 2017 8:48 PMRecentering American PoliticsCan the left and right ever agree?
Studio 360
Sept. 28 2017 4:02 PMDoes Laughter Yoga Work?Sure, laughing makes us feel good in the moment. But could it have enduring health effects?
I Have to Ask
Sept. 28 2017 7:15 AMI Have to Ask: The David Remnick Edition (Part 2)The editor of the New Yorker on what ails the NFL and whether the magazine could go web-only.
Sept. 27 2017 7:31 PMThe Fine Points of ImpeachmentDiscussing the complexity of impeachment with Harvard Law School’s Cass Sunstein.
Dear Prudence
Sept. 27 2017 8:00 AMDear Prudence: The “Hot Mess” EditionMy wife came out after four years of marriage. How do I let go of the life I imagined for us?
The Gist
Sept. 26 2017 7:22 PMMark Lilla’s Advice for LiberalsThe author of one of the most polarizing columns of the past year thinks you may have misunderstood his argument.