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Studio 360
June 7 2018 5:00 PMFahrenheit 451 RekindledThe Ray Bradbury novel’s new relevance, the making of a Bowie mashup, and American Animals director Bart Layton.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
June 7 2018 2:00 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Make Day Care Great Again” EditionSlate’s parenting podcast asks whether you should let a Trump supporter take care of your kid.
El Gabfest en Español
June 7 2018 7:05 AMDe Hispanos Ausentes y Damas de CompañíaEl Presidente Trump empieza una guerra comercial con los aliados de Estados Unidos.
If Then
June 6 2018 4:01 PMPeople Want Power, Not Just ElectricityIf Then interviews Naomi Klein about the plans of tech execs and private utilities for post-Maria Puerto Rico.
Dear Prudence
June 6 2018 8:00 AMDear Prudence: The “Crush On My Job Interviewer” EditionIs it inappropriate to ask out someone who could be my future boss? Help!
The Gist
June 5 2018 8:24 PMSo You Think You Know About RaceMichael Eric Dyson on the civil rights era, his would-be woke students, and President Obama’s shortcomings.
Upon Further Review
June 5 2018 8:00 AMWhat if the Greatest Women’s Sports Victory Never Happened?In 1999, the U.S. scored a stunning win over China in the Women’s World Cup. Nearly 20 years later, female athletes are still fighting for recognition and equality.
Hang Up And Listen
June 4 2018 5:12 PMHang Up and Listen: The As Excited As Pat Sajak EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the NBA finals, NBA burner accounts, and the NHL finals.
June 3 2018 2:00 PMHow Does an Urban Winemaker Work?In this episode of Working, we learn what a winemaker (who happens to work part of the year as a commercial salmon fisherman) does all day.
The Gist
June 1 2018 7:39 PMIt’s Not Just YouWe have grown weary of the uncertain tariffs, maybe-summits, and possible pardons.
June 1 2018 12:13 PMTrumpcast Live From BrooklynMichael Avenatti joins the panel to discuss his day in court and the future of the Trump presidency.
Slate Extra
June 1 2018 8:00 AMWhat Kanye Might Learn From HistorySlate’s Rebecca Onion on the musician’s slavery comments and the politics of anti-immigration views.
The Gist
May 31 2018 9:07 PMFolks, We’re Talking About the C-WordOn Samantha Bee’s use of one of the English language’s very worst nouns.
Political Gabfest
May 31 2018 5:04 PMThe “Ambien and Racism” EditionListen to Slate’s show about missing child migrants, Puerto Rico, and Roseanne’s racism.
El Gabfest en Español
May 31 2018 11:19 AMDe Trump Ganador y Cobra KaiNuestro panel de periodistas latinos analiza el estado de la democracia en el mundo libre.
June 7 2018 2:34 PMThe Black Widow, the Giant, and the Tallest Tower in EuropeWhat does an Olympic weightlifter have to do with the Russia scandal?
DoubleX Gabfest
June 7 2018 9:48 AMThe “Feckless C-Word” EditionThe Waves on the C-word, Down syndrome, and Ali Wong.
The Gist
June 6 2018 7:23 PMJames Clapper: Yeah, Russia Swung the ElectionNow that the former director of national intelligence is a private citizen, he’s making his opinion known.
Culture Gabfest
June 6 2018 12:03 PMThe Culture Gabfest “Super Secret Getaway” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Samantha Bee using the c-word, Book Club, and Philip Roth
The Good Fight Podcast
June 6 2018 7:00 AMThe Market ManifestoCapitalism has failed. Only the markets can fix it.
June 5 2018 11:25 AMGearing Up for a Subpoena ShowdownWhy would the president’s lawyers all but admit guilt in the obstruction case in their letter to Mueller?
The Gist
June 4 2018 10:03 PMShots Fired, but Not ReallyYes, an “unindictable” president could commit whatever crimes he wants. But let’s not get carried away.
Decoder Ring
June 4 2018 5:49 AMDecoder Ring: The Johnlock ConspiracyThe BBC insisted that John Watson and Sherlock Holmes aren’t gay lovers. Fans disagreed.
Slate Money
June 2 2018 2:02 AMThe Five-Star Sandwich EditionSlate Money on Italy, the Volcker rule, and sandwiches.
June 1 2018 7:01 PMFilmmakers Leslie Harris and Nikyatu JusuTwo directors at different stages of their careers explain the importance of telling black girls’ stories.
I Have to Ask
June 1 2018 9:00 AMI Have to Ask: The Harry Enten EditionThe CNN political expert on the state of play in the lead-up to November.
Live at Politics and Prose
June 1 2018 7:30 AMAdults in the RoomYanis Varoufakis thinks each citizen has a duty to understand how the economy works.
Studio 360
May 31 2018 5:06 PMAmerican Icons: The Vietnam MemorialHow do you memorialize a war that was more tragic than triumphant?
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
May 31 2018 2:00 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Circumcision Conundrum” EditionSlate’s parenting podcast on the unkindest cut of all.
DoubleX Gabfest
May 31 2018 10:25 AMThe “Manic Pixie Murderer” EditionThe Double X Gabfest on My Favorite Murder, Ireland, and Killing Eve.