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The Gist
May 14 2018 8:05 PMDoes Your Face Need a Workout?I’m not raising my eyebrows maniacally, I’m *exercising.*
May 14 2018 12:30 PMThe Psychic Tyranny of Shakespeare’s TyrantsHow the work of the playwright is useful to understanding our modern politics.
Slate Money
May 12 2018 2:00 AMThe Give Your Mother a Century Bond EditionSlate Money on Mother’s Day, Michael Cohen, and Argentina.
May 11 2018 5:07 PMPrince Harry and Meghan Markle’s WeddingShould we care that a member of the royal family is marrying a biracial, divorced actress? Kristen Meinzer thinks so.
Hit Parade
May 11 2018 8:30 AMMusic Trivia: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame EditionSlate’s music history podcast is here to quiz you with some trivia.
The Gist
May 10 2018 6:13 PMThe Long, Long Road of Tiger WoodsPro golf’s biggest star is past his prime as an athlete. But as an individual, his best could be to come.
Political Gabfest
May 10 2018 5:00 PMThe “Is Every Attorney in New York a Crook?” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the Iran nuclear deal, Michael Cohen, and Eric Schneiderman’s misdeeds.
El Gabfest en Español
May 10 2018 10:53 AMDe Caminos que Llevan a Trump y Tensiones MaritalesTrump pone en peligro alianzas internacionales por cumplir una promesa electoral sobre Iran.
May 9 2018 7:11 PMA Slush Fund for Playmates, an Oligarch, and the President?Michael Cohen’s Delaware LLC has paid out hush money, but is it taking bribes too?
Culture Gabfest
May 9 2018 11:36 AMThe Culture Gabfest “[Laugh Track]” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Tully, Decoder Ring, and brands.
Dear Prudence
May 9 2018 8:00 AMDear Prudence: The “Women Are Too Distracting” EditionA man ended his close friendship with me because I’m a woman. I’m upset, but is there anything I can do? Help!
May 8 2018 7:29 PMTrump Withdraws From Iran Deal in Spiteful FashionWith no sound reasoning or backup plan, Trump just spiked another one of Barack Obama’s accomplishments.
The Gist
May 8 2018 7:19 AMWho Hurt You, Jake Tapper?He talks about Trump six days a week on TV. To relax, he wrote a book about McCarthyism.
Slate Money
May 5 2018 2:01 AMThe Leapfrogging EditionSlate Money on the Sprint–T-Mobile merger, remittances, and Apple buybacks.
May 4 2018 6:13 PMMichael Avenatti Is Beating Trump at His Own GameStormy Daniels’ lawyer has the Trump syndicate tangling themselves in all sorts of lies.
Hang Up And Listen
May 14 2018 5:53 PMHang Up and Listen: The Seven Dwarves Versus Four Giants EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the NBA playoffs, Wayne Rooney, and tug of war.
May 12 2018 10:00 AMThe State of the State Attorneys GeneralMassachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey on gun safety wins, the resistance, and Eric Schneiderman.
The Gist
May 11 2018 9:55 PMWhy Putin MattersWhoever says history is bigger than any one person hasn’t considered Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.  
Live at Politics and Prose
May 11 2018 11:46 AMHead OnJohn Scalzi shares his thoughts on aliens, star wars, and most importantly, burritos.
I Have to Ask
May 11 2018 7:30 AMI Have to Ask: The Maggie Haberman EditionHow the White House—and the White House beat—have changed since the inauguration.
Studio 360
May 10 2018 5:30 PMOne Mom at a TimeWomen who create stories about what it means to be a mother right now.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
May 10 2018 2:00 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: “Make Your Own Dang Breakfast!” EditionSlate’s parenting podcast on morning routines and parenting while depressed.
The Gist
May 9 2018 8:09 PMSome InterrogationHere are the questions Gina Haspel didn’t answer at her confirmation hearing to lead the CIA.
If Then
May 9 2018 5:40 PMAre Self-Driving Cars Really Safer Than Human Drivers?Not yet, says a professor who builds them.
The Good Fight Podcast
May 9 2018 10:30 AMShould We Compromise on Immigration?The case for—and against—striking a less-than-perfect deal that takes immigration off the table.
The Gist
May 8 2018 8:18 PMDonald and the DonWatching the rise of Don Blankenship is like witnessing the 2016 Republican presidential primaries all over again.
Lend Me Your Ears
May 8 2018 12:14 PMLend Me Your Ears: Julius CaesarWhy was Shakespeare so fascinated by the fall of the Roman Republic?
Hang Up And Listen
May 7 2018 5:06 PMHang Up and Listen: The Little Tikes Hoop With a Saggy Pamper EditionSlate’s sports podcast on LeBron James’ epic shot, the NHL playoffs, NFL cheerleaders, and baseball’s strikeout boom.
The Gist
May 4 2018 8:03 PMThe Dangerous Hits of 1991Prepare the fainting couch. It was a big year for racy music videos.
May 4 2018 12:14 PMDear White People Creator Justin Simien“This is the best way I can contribute to the culture.”