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June 16 2017 12:29 PMThe “How Does a Schooner Captain Work?” TranscriptThis experienced sailor explains how you keep an old-school ship in condition.
Live at Politics and Prose
June 16 2017 10:34 AMAnatomy of TerrorFormer FBI agent Ali Soufan on the past, present, and future of Islamist terrorism.
The Gist
June 15 2017 6:45 PMThe Delicate Art of Political PersuasionRobb Willer on how to reframe debates in a way the “other side” will understand.
Culture Gabfest
June 15 2017 3:23 PMThe Unexpected Genius of Car BoysWhat makes two dudes simulating car crashes such compelling viewing?
I Have to Ask
June 15 2017 9:30 AMI Have to Ask: The Raúl Grijalva EditionThe Arizona congressman on the coming battle for the soul of the Democratic Party.
The Gist
June 14 2017 6:50 PMHe Ate Human Flesh for ScienceBill Schutt on his comprehensive new book, Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History.
June 14 2017 4:40 PMA Powerful PardonOn Sept. 8, 1974, President Gerald Ford Announced His Pardon of Richard Nixon.
Culture Gabfest
June 14 2017 10:40 AMThe Culture Gabfest “Thus Always to Tyrants” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Mommy Dead and Dearest, the Public Theater’s Julius Caesar controversy, and the new podcast Hi-Phi Nation.
The Gist
June 13 2017 6:46 PMAwk-ward!Why does awkwardness make us so uncomfortable?
Lexicon Valley
June 13 2017 1:36 PMIs There a Jewish Way of Talking?Interrupting the hosts of Unorthodox to discuss hallmarks and stereotypes of Jewish communication style.
The Gist
June 13 2017 11:21 AMWhy Can’t Al Franken Make More Jokes at the GOP’s Expense?Read what the Gist asked the Minnesota senator about humor in Washington.
The Gist
June 12 2017 7:35 PMAutocrats Can’t Take a JokeComedian Bassem Youssef satirized two Egyptian presidents. They were not amused.
June 12 2017 5:05 PMOur President’s Cognitive DeclineIs Donald Trump just getting old, or is something else going on?
Slate Money
June 10 2017 2:01 AMThe Mayday Mayday EditionSlate Money on the U.K. election, the Spanish banking crisis, and Qatar.
June 9 2017 6:36 PMThe Loneliness of Donald TrumpRebecca Solnit reads her story about a very particular man in a very particular set of circumstances.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
June 16 2017 12:03 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Teenage Invasion” EditionCarvell’s teenage son joins Slate’s parenting podcast to discuss growing up biracial.
June 16 2017 10:33 AMToo Close for ComfortHow could a pro-Confederate candidate come so close to winning Virginia’s GOP gubernatorial primary?
Political Gabfest
June 15 2017 6:40 PMThe “Mean” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the Virginia shooting, Senate health bill, Russia investigation, and Virginia gubernatorial primaries.
June 15 2017 9:44 AMThe Testimony of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions IIIWhat lies ahead for the attorney general? A grand jury?
DoubleX Gabfest
June 15 2017 7:45 AMThe DoubleX Gabfest “Attack of the Israeli-Accented Amazon” EditionListen to the DoubleX Gabfest on James Comey, Wonder Woman, and the U.K. election.
The Trumpcare Tracker
June 14 2017 5:15 PMHow Long Can Senate Republicans Keep Their Health Care Bill Secret?Is the GOP strategy smart—or just arrogant?
June 14 2017 3:27 PMThe Represent Rose: Part 1In our first Bachelorette recap, we discuss everything that’s happened so far on ABC’s “historic” new season, which follows Rachel Lindsay’s quest for love.
Dear Prudence
June 14 2017 7:00 AMDear Prudence: The “Call 311” EditionI bought my son’s girlfriend a pregnancy test and her mom found out. Help!
Political Gabfest
June 13 2017 1:50 PMThe America First Argument for a Global Climate PactRead what the Political Gabfest had to say about Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.
Slate Plus
June 13 2017 12:06 PMFox News, Filter Bubbles, and Fake NewsSlate’s Will Oremus on when the news is the news.
The Moment
June 13 2017 7:00 AMEl-P on Getting Kicked Out of School, Late-in-Life Success, and Run the JewelsThe producer and rapper talks about his music and growing up in New York.
Hang Up And Listen
June 12 2017 5:30 PMHang Up and Listen: The Superest of Superteams EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the Warriors’ NBA Finals win and Christian Pulisic. Plus, Ice Cube on the Lakers and Celtics.
June 10 2017 10:01 AMAmicus: Nice Little FBI You’ve Got Here. Pity if Something Happened to It.What counts as “obstruction of justice”? And should judges pay attention to Trump’s Twitter feed?
The Gist
June 9 2017 9:19 PMLarry Wilmore is Black on the AirThe comedian talks about his new podcast and why satire can’t change minds.
Best of Slate Podcasts
June 9 2017 4:13 PMThe Best of Slate PodcastsOnly have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.