What's really happening in Washington this week.

What's really happening in Washington this week.

What's really happening in Washington this week.

A political calendar.
March 13 2006 6:38 AM

Bush: Mission Still Accomplished

What's really happening in politics this week.

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Will they serve beer? The Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, hosts Harvey C. Mansfield, who, "Drawing from science, literature, and philosophy … examines the layers of manliness, from vulgar aggression, to assertive manliness, to manliness as virtue, and to philosophical manliness. He shows that manliness seeks and welcomes drama, prefers times of war, conflict, and risk, and brings change or restores order at crucial moments. Manly men in their assertiveness raise issues, bring them to the fore, and make them public and political—as for example, the manliness of the women's movement." 4 p.m., 1015 15th Street NW, Sixth Floor.



Defiance, Act II: Fresh from its rare triumph over Bush on the Dubai Ports fight, Congress chops up the president's 2007 budget. Last week, the Senate budget committee passed a 2007 plan that rejected Bush's cuts to Medicare and ignored his demand to make the tax cuts permanent. The package will be debated all week on the Senate floor and is tentatively scheduled for a late-Thursday vote. Thrown in for good measure: one more attempt at opening Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.


The one week we can use the word "taoiseach": For St. Patrick's Day, Bush will host Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern for the traditional Shamrock Ceremony. The president and the taoiseach—yes!—will meet in the Oval Office, then join the U.K. secretary of state for Northern Ireland for a moment of peace and civility.