War Stories
March 4 2011 6:14 PMNot Mincing WordsOn his way out the door, Robert Gates gives the military some refreshingly frank advice.
Feb. 14 2011 7:57 PMDo We Really Need More Submarines and Aircraft Carriers?The brewing battle over the defense budget.
Feb. 10 2011 6:01 PMMubarak's BombshellThe president refuses to step down. What's next for Egypt? A coup? A revolution? A crackdown?
Feb. 3 2011 6:46 PMDoes Egypt Prove Bush Right?No, his "freedom agenda" failed long before he left office.
Jan. 11 2011 6:52 PMUnder the RadarDon't worry about China's new stealth fighter jet.
Dec. 21 2010 7:10 PMPolitical BrinksmanshipRepublicans picked a silly fight over START, and they lost badly.
Dec. 7 2010 10:20 PMThe Tape Loop of HistoryA new play explains why wars in Afghanistan always end badly.
Nov. 29 2010 4:37 PMDiplomacy in ActionWhat the WikiLeaks documents tell us about the practice of foreign policy.
Nov. 17 2010 5:33 PMGoing to War Over a TreatyPresident Obama can get the Senate to ratify the New START treaty. But it won't be easy.
Nov. 1 2010 3:12 PMSpecial DeliveryHow shipping companies should respond to the failed airplane bombing.
Oct. 21 2010 5:32 PMAre We Starting To Win?New weapon systems—and, even more, improved intelligence—may be giving Americans an edge in Afghanistan.
Oct. 6 2010 4:51 PMThe Marines Go GreenHow the military's shift to renewable fuel could lower the entire nation's energy costs.
Aug. 31 2010 11:14 PMLost in a MuddleObama's frustrating, unfocused speech on Iraq.
Aug. 11 2010 7:13 PMWill Israel Bomb Iran?A close reading of Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic article.
Aug. 4 2010 7:11 PMOver the TopCharging the WikiLeaks leaker with treason would be absurd.
Feb. 22 2011 6:07 PMWhat To Do About QaddafiHow Obama could turn the crisis in Libya to America's advantage.
Feb. 11 2011 1:46 PMNow What?No one, perhaps not even officers of the Egyptian armed forces, knows what the Egyptian armed forces will do next.
Feb. 8 2011 4:30 PMKnow-It-AllDonald Rumsfeld may be even worse at writing a memoir than he was at being secretary of defense.
Jan. 25 2011 11:02 PMObama's "Sputnik Moment"The lesson from the 1950s is that it takes more than private enterprise to revive American innovation. It takes lots of government spending.
Jan. 6 2011 7:25 PMTrimming the Pentagon's SailsSecretary Robert Gates' dramatic (but limited) plan to cut defense spending.
Dec. 16 2010 6:57 PMGlass Almost EmptyThe White House report on Afghanistan is very bleak indeed.
Dec. 1 2010 6:26 PMNo More ExcusesJohn McCain has run out of reasons to block the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
Nov. 18 2010 6:18 PMCrazy Like a FoxWhat exactly is Hamid Karzai trying to accomplish with his latest comments?
Nov. 10 2010 5:16 PMDishonest, Devious, and DangerousA close reading of John Bolton and John Yoo's ridiculous op-ed about the New START nukes treaty.
Oct. 22 2010 7:53 PMWikiLeaks' Iraq War ScoopsSome of these Pentagon papers are new, interesting—and make Iraqis and Iranians look worse than Americans.
Oct. 8 2010 5:19 PMGood Man, Wrong JobWhy no one will miss Jim Jones, the departing national security adviser.
Sept. 28 2010 6:52 PMA Way Out of Afghanistan?The possible exit strategy hidden among the endless details in Bob Woodward's new book.
Aug. 24 2010 5:51 PMThe Afghanistan War Is Mainly About Pakistan and IndiaActually, it's about the whole region.
Aug. 9 2010 7:02 PMA Good StartRobert Gates' crafty but inadequate plan to cut the Pentagon budget.
July 30 2010 3:40 PMReading the IntelligenceWhy spies, counterspies, and counter-counterspies are so popular right now.