War Stories
Aug. 22 2011 6:14 PMApplying the Lessons of Iraq to LibyaFive concrete steps the West (and other allies) should take today.
Aug. 3 2011 4:19 PMWould Cutting the Military Budget Threaten Our Security?It depends how we define our priorities.
July 5 2011 5:02 PMThe Army's Next Big FightProtecting its own budget from Panetta and the pols.
June 8 2011 5:15 PMThe White House Debates Afghanistan—AgainShould Obama withdraw a lot of troops or just a few; change the war strategy or stay the course?
May 24 2011 7:03 PMExit Gates With a WarningRobert Gates begs Americans to have an honest debate about defense spending.
April 28 2011 11:04 AMSame Guys, New JobsWhy Obama's reshuffling of his national security team makes sense.
April 14 2011 5:59 PMNATO's Last Mission?The military crisis in Libya highlights an existential crisis for NATO.
March 29 2011 8:24 AMObama Makes His CaseThe president's Libya speech was shrewd and sensible.
March 18 2011 4:55 PMIt's OnThe U.N. Security Council passed a resolution on Libya. What happens next?
March 9 2011 6:01 PMNo-Rush ZoneWhy Obama is taking his time deciding what to do about Libya.
Feb. 22 2011 6:07 PMWhat To Do About QaddafiHow Obama could turn the crisis in Libya to America's advantage.
Feb. 11 2011 1:46 PMNow What?No one, perhaps not even officers of the Egyptian armed forces, knows what the Egyptian armed forces will do next.
Feb. 8 2011 4:30 PMKnow-It-AllDonald Rumsfeld may be even worse at writing a memoir than he was at being secretary of defense.
Jan. 25 2011 11:02 PMObama's "Sputnik Moment"The lesson from the 1950s is that it takes more than private enterprise to revive American innovation. It takes lots of government spending.
Jan. 6 2011 7:25 PMTrimming the Pentagon's SailsSecretary Robert Gates' dramatic (but limited) plan to cut defense spending.
Aug. 19 2011 1:25 PMIt's Not What We Ought To Do, But What We Can DoRory Stewart says humanitarian intervention is like mountain rescue—protecting lives doesn't require destructive adventures.
July 18 2011 4:11 PMHearts, Minds, and MurdersThe killing of Hamid Karzai's brother means the war in Afghanistan is going worse than we thought.
June 22 2011 10:13 PMA Brand-New Plan for AfghanistanObama's troop withdrawal marks a dramatic—and risky—shift in strategy.
June 3 2011 6:54 PMArab SummerHow unstable will the Middle East's new democracies be?
May 2 2011 3:49 PMNot Just a FigureheadWhat Osama Bin Laden's death means for al-Qaida and for U.S. relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan.
April 26 2011 5:03 PMFile Under: FailureHow did Obama's effort to make government more transparent go so wrong?
April 7 2011 10:50 AMSuperpowerlessWhy the United States can't do as much as you think in Afghanistan and the Middle East.
March 23 2011 6:28 PMIs Libya Like Kosovo?Let's hope so.
March 15 2011 6:29 PMDon't Talk About the WarWhy didn't the Senate ask Gen. Petraeus a single hard question about Afghanistan?
March 4 2011 6:14 PMNot Mincing WordsOn his way out the door, Robert Gates gives the military some refreshingly frank advice.
Feb. 14 2011 7:57 PMDo We Really Need More Submarines and Aircraft Carriers?The brewing battle over the defense budget.
Feb. 10 2011 6:01 PMMubarak's BombshellThe president refuses to step down. What's next for Egypt? A coup? A revolution? A crackdown?
Feb. 3 2011 6:46 PMDoes Egypt Prove Bush Right?No, his "freedom agenda" failed long before he left office.
Jan. 11 2011 6:52 PMUnder the RadarDon't worry about China's new stealth fighter jet.
Dec. 21 2010 7:10 PMPolitical BrinksmanshipRepublicans picked a silly fight over START, and they lost badly.