War Stories
War Stories
June 1 2016 3:58 PMTrump the ChumpOf course Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un support the presumptive GOP nominee. He serves their interests.
May 19 2016 10:43 AMWhy the Middle East Is Still a Mess a Century After the Sykes-Picot AgreementIt’s just the delayed but inevitable result of the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
May 9 2016 8:20 PMBen Rhodes Needs Some Fresh AirWhy Obama’s foreign-policy adviser comes across as insular and self-centered in a New York Times Magazine profile.
April 25 2016 12:04 PMWhat Cyberwar Against ISIS Should Look LikeThe strategy worked to great effect against Iraq insurgents.
April 15 2016 10:48 AMObama’s Secrecy ProblemWhile he complains that too much information is classified, his own administration has been hostile to openness and transparency.
April 1 2016 2:22 PMWhose Foreign Policy Is Scarier: Cruz’s or Trump’s?One guy listens to a wild-eyed paranoiac. The other guy listens only to himself.
March 23 2016 10:36 AMIt’s No Mystery Why ISIS Picked Brussels as a BaseBelgium’s government is a hodgepodge with dueling, uncooperative intelligence agencies.
March 15 2016 4:51 PMWhat Does Russia’s Withdrawal From Syria Mean?Just that Bashar al-Assad is proving to be more trouble than he was worth.
Feb. 23 2016 4:32 PMIt’s Long Past Time to Close GuantánamoAnd the arguments against doing so are silly.
Feb. 12 2016 2:01 AMBernie Sanders Is Trying to Distract YouHis strange Henry Kissinger detour in the PBS debate was just another diversion from his lack of a plan to confront today’s foreign policy challenges.
Feb. 4 2016 4:33 PMHillary Clinton Told the Truth About Her Iraq War VoteHer foreign policy judgment can’t be understood without that context.
Jan. 17 2016 4:05 PMObama’s Republican Foreign Policy Critics Don’t Understand How the World WorksThey seem to think that “hitting them hard” is the only way to get people to do things.
Jan. 4 2016 6:27 PMWhy Saudi Arabia and Iran May Be Seeking a New CrisisThe Saudi royal family and Iranian hard-liners both could benefit from the tensions.    
Dec. 16 2015 9:35 AMAmerica’s New Know-NothingsThe Republican Party’s top presidential candidates proved that they know nothing about foreign policy.
Dec. 3 2015 6:30 PMThe Air Power IllusionWhy bombing ISIS won’t be enough.
May 23 2016 4:49 PMThis Just In: The Vietnam War Is Still OverAnd now is the perfect time for Obama to lift the arms embargo.
May 13 2016 4:29 PMCold War TheaterThe U.S. and Russia are fighting about missile defense when they should be settling differences.
April 27 2016 4:10 PMA Mess of ContradictionsDonald Trump’s foreign policy speech was even worse than his usual incoherent rambling.
April 22 2016 11:48 AMWe Are Going to War in Iraq Against ISISIt’s a small-scale conflict, but big questions about a political solution linger.
April 5 2016 5:20 PMRussia’s Long History of CorruptionThe Panama Papers merely confirm what we’ve long suspected about Putin.
March 29 2016 10:34 AMNobody Won the Apple-FBI StandoffThe feds finally cracked the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. Now Apple looks vulnerable—and the legal fight the FBI wants will have to wait.
March 21 2016 5:40 PMWhen Castro Met NixonFidel charmed Americans in a 1959 visit, but U.S.­–Cuba relations were always doomed.
March 2 2016 11:30 AMThe Battle Between Apple and the FBI Is So Heated Because It’s So UnprecedentedTelecom companies have been cooperating with the government for almost a century.
Feb. 12 2016 3:19 PMWhy the Syria Deal Isn’t Really Much of a DealSadly, it may only lock in the gains made by Russia and Bashar al-Assad.
Feb. 9 2016 6:54 PMObama’s Whopping New Military BudgetForget what Republicans tell you. The president still likes big military budgets. 
Jan. 29 2016 12:56 AMThe GOP Candidates Are Shockingly Uninformed About Foreign PolicyEven without Trump, the Republican field seems clueless on the basics.
Jan. 14 2016 5:31 PMObama’s Hard Diplomatic Work Was Quietly Vindicated This Week The quick release of the U.S. sailors by Iran shows the value of the president’s calm, even-keeled approach to foreign policy. 
Dec. 22 2015 6:09 PMThe State of Obama’s WorldWhy the president’s foreign policy legacy is hanging in the balance.
Dec. 6 2015 11:09 PMObama Offers Honest Words About Hard TruthsThe president doesn’t have any magic solutions for defeating ISIS. And neither does anyone else.
Nov. 24 2015 4:26 PMTurkey ShootWhy the downing of the Russian warplane will make peace in Syria a more distant prospect.