War Stories
War Stories
March 11 2013 6:35 PMThe Coming Collapse of the Middle East?The regions’s borders have long been artificial. The war in Iraq accelerated their demise.
Feb. 20 2013 7:38 PMThe Art of CyberwarIf Beijing was going to threaten the United States with a cyberattack, how would it do it?
Feb. 13 2013 12:36 AMObama’s Foreign EntanglementsThe president didn’t offer a foreign-policy blueprint. It was more of a sketch.
Feb. 1 2013 10:40 AMInquisitor McCainThe senator asked Chuck Hagel many questions about the surge in Iraq. Too bad he wasn’t interested in a real answer.
Jan. 11 2013 5:59 PMWe Are So Out of ThereObama has called it quits in Afghanistan—while redefining why we ever went.
Dec. 21 2012 2:51 PMAmerica’s Next DiplomatKerry could be a great secretary of state—if Obama lets him.
Dec. 7 2012 5:50 PMWhere Is the Red Line on Assad’s Chemical Weapons?Actually, there are many red lines.
Nov. 15 2012 4:53 PMThe Wrong Man for the JobPresident Obama may ask John Kerry to lead the Pentagon. If he does, the senator should politely decline.
Oct. 10 2012 3:17 PMWhat the Cuban Missile Crisis Should Teach UsFifty years later, this famous moment of Cold War history remains strangely misunderstood.
Sept. 21 2012 4:44 PMDiminishing ReturnsOur efforts in Afghanistan were probably doomed from the start. But now it’s over.
Sept. 7 2012 1:27 AMA Changing of the GuardThe Democratic Party is now the dominant foreign-policy party.
Aug. 14 2012 4:56 PMWhat Does Paul Ryan Know About Foreign Policy?The same as Mitt Romney: nothing.
Aug. 1 2012 5:29 PMReckless RomneyMitt’s world tour revealed more than his gaffes. His foreign-policy ideas are actually quite scary.
July 20 2012 5:56 PMThe Syrian EndgameThere are no guarantees. But in almost every scenario, the violence will persist.
June 20 2012 11:00 AMOur Man in BaghdadBrett McGurk was the perfect choice to be U.S. ambassador to Iraq: smart, experienced, and plugged in. So who was behind the campaign to smear his name?
Feb. 28 2013 12:50 PMSequester InsanityWhy the Pentagon budget cuts are far worse than you think.
Feb. 13 2013 6:22 PMWhy Republicans Can No Longer Be Trusted on National SecurityBecause their leaders have become shallow, ignorant, and totally unserious on the issue that matters most.
Feb. 7 2013 6:43 PMMissing the MarkThe Senate Intelligence Committee blew its chance for an important debate on drone strikes in the Brennan hearing.
Jan. 16 2013 7:20 PMDon’t Overreact to Mali (or the Hostages)Let the Obama doctrine lead the way.
Jan. 6 2013 8:37 PMThe Real Reason Republicans Hate HagelIt has more to do with President Obama than the former senator from Nebraska.
Dec. 13 2012 6:34 PMSusan Rice SurrendersBut it may be Obama’s foreign policy—not Sen. John McCain—that wins in the end.
Nov. 28 2012 5:54 PMThe Ridiculous Attack on Susan RiceMcCain and his allies are only going to hurt themselves by ganging up against her.
Nov. 13 2012 5:33 PMWhy Generals CheatThe job requires extreme self-confidence. And it helps to be a bit of a rogue.
Sept. 26 2012 5:50 PMA Tale of Two SpeechesObama sounded like a president. Romney sounded confused.
Sept. 12 2012 3:19 PMThe Right Response to the Libya and Egypt AttacksWhich politicians responded forcefully and eloquently, and which ones smirked?
Aug. 30 2012 1:59 AMCondoleezza Rice Has a Lot of NerveThe former secretary of state presided over a failure. She has no business lecturing Obama on international politics.  
Aug. 8 2012 1:31 PMNo, Gen. David Petraeus Will Not Be Mitt Romney’s Running MateHere are seven reasons why.
July 27 2012 4:21 PMRomney’s WorldMitt’s insults, mistakes, and blunders abroad aren’t gaffes. They actually represent his true worldview.
June 29 2012 2:14 PMWhy Romney Is a Foreign Policy LightweightHis ideas range from vague to ill-informed to downright dangerous.
June 15 2012 8:32 PMWho’s Afraid of the Kill List?Some may find it morally iffy. But at least Obama is taking responsibility for making the toughest decisions.