War Stories
War Stories
Sept. 28 2015 5:18 PMDesperate MeasuresAn alliance with Russia and Iran was unthinkable just months ago. Now it’s only logical.
Sept. 17 2015 12:00 AMThe GOP’s Make-Believe Foreign Policy WorldThe Republican Party’s presidential contenders offered fictions and fantasies at the second primary debate.
Aug. 18 2015 5:00 PMLosing Control of the VehicleYou should be at least a little scared of car hacking.
Aug. 7 2015 1:17 AMWorld WearyWhen it comes to foreign policy, the Republican Party’s presidential candidates are shockingly ill-informed.
July 29 2015 11:06 AMJust PunishmentJonathan Pollard was one of the worst traitors of the 20th century. He deserved to languish as long as he did.
July 14 2015 5:49 PMWhy Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Neocons Hate the Iran DealHint: It has nothing to do with the deal.
June 26 2015 4:59 PMOnly Two Issues Can Derail the Iran DealHere’s what to watch for as the deadline looms. 
June 8 2015 6:11 PMThe NSA Debate We Should Be HavingThe spy agency is neither reformed nor toothless. But there is something that we should be talking about.
May 19 2015 7:35 PMIraq’s Least Worst OptionsIf we want to defeat ISIS, we are going to have to accept some outcomes we don’t like.
May 1 2015 1:32 PMDeath From AboveAnne Hathaway’s new one-woman play explores the frightening future of the drone wars.
April 15 2015 12:01 PMPutin’s Hard SellWhy the Russian leader’s offer to sell missiles to Iran just made the nuclear deal more attractive.
March 31 2015 7:23 PMGetting to MaybeWhat are the differences that have Western and Iranian nuclear negotiators staying up all night?
March 18 2015 4:42 PMIsrael Just LostBenjamin Netanyahu has won at his own country’s expense.
March 10 2015 2:18 PMAmateur HourThe letter 47 Republican senators sent to Iran is one of the most plainly stupid things a group of senators has ever done.
Feb. 12 2015 5:28 PMHow to Defeat Putin in UkraineArming the Ukrainians is a losing game. Instead, help Kiev succeed.
Sept. 22 2015 12:37 PMDesperate in DamascusVladimir Putin is intervening in Syria out of weakness, not strength.
Aug. 27 2015 1:24 PMHow the Iran Deal Will Pass—and Why It ShouldLawmakers decided to read the actual agreement.
Aug. 12 2015 10:01 AMShallow JebThe former Florida governor was supposed to be the GOP’s next foreign policy statesman. He just proved he’s not.
Aug. 6 2015 11:53 AMObama UnboundThe president has complete confidence in the Iran deal. His swagger is justified.
July 23 2015 7:20 PMBad PostureRepublican opponents of the Iran deal come off looking like they want war.
July 14 2015 12:58 PMThe Art of the DealCongress has a clear choice: Approve this deal or watch Iran grow stronger. 
June 19 2015 4:21 PMThe New World DisorderInternational terrorism is booming, but Americans seldom pay the price.
June 1 2015 3:50 PMThe State of the Surveillance StateAmerica isn’t defenseless without the Patriot Act, and the revised law won’t hurt national security, either.
May 8 2015 1:06 PMMend It, Don’t End ItCongress will limit the NSA’s ability to track our phone calls, not put a stop to it.   
April 22 2015 5:42 PMThe Yemen TrapThe civil war in Yemen is a messy power struggle that will likely get worse before it gets better.
April 2 2015 6:40 PMThe Deal of a LifetimeThere are still questions to be answered, but the nuclear agreement with Iran is very good news.
March 26 2015 5:29 PMObama’s Middle East GambleThe president is trying to engage the troubled region on his own terms. Is that even possible?
March 16 2015 3:55 PMThe Real Scandal Behind Hillary Clinton’s EmailWe are losing a generation of historical records because the National Archives has failed to do its job.
March 3 2015 4:20 PMNetanyahu’s Deadly GambitThe Israeli prime minister is insincere. The only outcomes that would please him are Iranian regime change or outright war.
Feb. 11 2015 4:39 PMEmpty ThreatsWhy even a Republican-controlled Congress will give President Obama the authority to wage war.