War Stories
War Stories
Jan. 6 2017 4:49 PMIs Mike Flynn Behind Trump’s Scornful Treatment of the Intelligence Community?Quite possibly. Or maybe they are egging on each other.
Dec. 23 2016 1:48 PMWhat, Exactly, Is Trump Getting at With His Comments About Nukes and an Arms Race?And is there a reason—or at least half a reason—to be hopeful?
Dec. 13 2016 1:10 PMWhat’s Good for Exxon Is Bad for the CountryDoes Rex Tillerson know the difference between corporate imperatives and national interests?
Dec. 10 2016 2:56 PMHow Will Trump React to the CIA’s Claim That Russia Was Trying to Help Him Win?  By lying about the CIA and his margin of victory, for starters.
Dec. 7 2016 1:41 PMDoes Trump Want to Put Generals in Charge of Everything?And does John Kelly have what it takes to run a bloated bureaucracy like the Department of Homeland Security?
Dec. 2 2016 11:26 AMMad Dog or Warrior Monk? Trump’s Pick for Secretary of Defense Doesn’t Fit Any Stereotypes.The good and bad of Gen. James Mattis.
Nov. 18 2016 1:19 PMWhat Can We Expect From National Security Adviser Michael Flynn?Nothing good, unfortunately.
Nov. 14 2016 4:30 PMDid the WikiLeaks Email Dumps Cost Hillary the White House?Maybe not. But in such a close race, every negative is a big deal.
Nov. 2 2016 2:08 PMA Victory for Transparency, FinallySomeday, we might just find out why Comey wrote to Congress right before the election.
Oct. 19 2016 11:22 PMDonald Trump Is Wrong About Mosul. Wrong.It’s absurd to think we could launch a surprise attack on ISIS there.
Oct. 17 2016 5:30 PMISIS Will Lose in Mosul. But Who Actually Wins?Can the U.S. foster an arrangement involving Shiites and Sunnis and Kurds and Turks?
Oct. 5 2016 5:50 PMThe Syrian Peace Talks Were a Waste of TimeThe U.S. and Russia have completely different interests.
Sept. 27 2016 12:23 AMDonald Trump Defended Putin, Had No ISIS Plan, and Was Stunningly Ignorant on IranHow can anyone possibly vote for him?
Sept. 16 2016 4:40 PMThe Leaky Myths of SnowdenOliver Stone’s new movie about Edward Snowden is a fairy tale and a bore.
Sept. 7 2016 11:46 PMWell, That Was a Waste of TimeTrump told lies while Clinton delivered a mixed performance at the military forum.
Dec. 30 2016 4:23 PMWill Obama’s Russia Retaliation Work?Or is it too little, too late?
Dec. 23 2016 9:20 AMMr. Unpredictable and FriendsTrump’s lack of policy experience makes it unlikely he’ll be able to settle policy disputes with his Cabinet secretaries.
Dec. 12 2016 7:07 PMHow the U.S. Could Respond to Russia’s HackingEach strategy has its problems, but the future of democracy is at stake.
Dec. 8 2016 5:17 PMJust in Time for the Trump Administration, the FBI Has Expanded Surveillance PowersBe afraid. Be very afraid.
Dec. 6 2016 7:40 PMThe Real Subject of Obama’s Final National Security Speech Was the Man He Wouldn’t NameThe president returns to old themes to send a message to Donald Trump.
Nov. 23 2016 2:32 PMTrump Has Not Changed His Mind About TortureThe transcript of the New York Times interview contradicts the paper’s own story.
Nov. 15 2016 4:48 PMThe GOP Civil War Is Just BeginningFormerly conciliatory Trump skeptics are backing away from the president-elect.
Nov. 9 2016 5:54 PMWe’re in Uncharted Territory With President-Elect TrumpThere could be major shifts in the global balance of power.
Oct. 25 2016 4:37 PMVulnerability Is the Internet’s Original SinThe founders considered security provisions too much of a burden.
Oct. 19 2016 3:51 PMIs WikiLeaks Just a Stooge of the Kremlin?If it is, maybe the media should stop publishing its revelations.
Oct. 11 2016 5:07 PMHow Does Obama Respond to Russia’s Cyberattacks?The wrong choice will make things only worse for Americans.
Oct. 5 2016 12:27 AMThat Was Definitely the JV DebateNeither Tim Kaine nor Mike Pence came across as presidential on Tuesday night.
Sept. 20 2016 5:17 PMObama’s Last U.N. Address Was One of His Best SpeechesThe president asks world leaders to reject fundamentalism and racism and promote a civil society.
Sept. 13 2016 3:04 PMChina Won’t Stop Kim Jong-un. The U.S. Must Stand Up to Both of Them.Sanctions won’t work. We can’t destroy his nukes. We can rattle a few sabers, however.
Sept. 2 2016 12:40 PMTurkey’s Incursion Into Syria Is the Last Thing We NeededThe civil war is already an intractable mess, and there are no easy ways out.