War Stories
War Stories
Feb. 24 2017 6:21 PMTrump Is the GovernmentHis flap with the FBI—and his disregard for agencies in his own administration—reveals a presidency of dangerous self-centeredness and isolation.
Feb. 16 2017 11:21 PMTrump’s Public HumiliationBy rejecting the national security adviser job, Robert Harward gave cover to every professional who wants to turn the president down.
Feb. 14 2017 3:46 PMMichael Flynn’s MessThe disgraced national security adviser has left Trump’s White House in turmoil.
Feb. 9 2017 6:20 PMIt’s Bad Enough Trump Has No Foreign PolicyIt’s worse that he has appointed no one to help his Cabinet secretaries clean up after him.
Feb. 1 2017 2:35 PMSteve Bannon’s Presence on the National Security Council Is Not Just Terrible. It’s Illegal.The good news is that Congress can stop him.
Jan. 26 2017 4:47 PMMass Confusion at the State DepartmentEven before Rex Tillerson is confirmed, veteran management officials have resigned.
Jan. 20 2017 2:18 PMDonald Trump Really Believes All Those Things He Said During the CampaignWe must hope that his Cabinet and Congress stand up to his terrible ideas.
Jan. 17 2017 2:48 PMQuestion Time for Rex TillersonSenators on the Foreign Relations Committee are wondering whether they can trust Trump’s secretary of state nominee.
Jan. 11 2017 8:22 PMIs Rex Tillerson—Friend of Putin, Uninformed on the Issues—the Best We’ve Got?Alas, quite possibly.
Jan. 6 2017 6:27 PMSurprise! It Was Putin.The unclassified report on Russia’s meddling blames the man himself, not just “Russian officials.”
Dec. 30 2016 4:23 PMWill Obama’s Russia Retaliation Work?Or is it too little, too late?
Dec. 23 2016 9:20 AMMr. Unpredictable and FriendsTrump’s lack of policy experience makes it unlikely he’ll be able to settle policy disputes with his Cabinet secretaries.
Dec. 12 2016 7:07 PMHow the U.S. Could Respond to Russia’s HackingEach strategy has its problems, but the future of democracy is at stake.
Dec. 8 2016 5:17 PMJust in Time for the Trump Administration, the FBI Has Expanded Surveillance PowersBe afraid. Be very afraid.
Dec. 6 2016 7:40 PMThe Real Subject of Obama’s Final National Security Speech Was the Man He Wouldn’t NameThe president returns to old themes to send a message to Donald Trump.
Feb. 20 2017 7:10 PMTrump Just Hired the Army’s Smartest OfficerBut will Lt. Gen. McMaster be permitted to do his job?
Feb. 15 2017 6:27 PMNetanyahu Came to Washington to Hear One ThingAnd Trump, in his profound ignorance of Middle East politics, gave it to him.
Feb. 10 2017 4:59 PMTrump’s China Cave-in Sends a Terrible Message The president learns that global politics are harder than a business deal.
Feb. 2 2017 6:06 PMWhat Happened Behind the Scenes Before the Yemen Raid?We can’t be sure, but it was not a normal vetting process.
Jan. 29 2017 4:51 PMThe Commander StumblesTrump’s first executive orders will make it harder to vanquish ISIS.
Jan. 21 2017 5:22 PMTrump Ramps Up the Narcissism in an Appalling SpeechHis visit to the CIA was supposed to reassure the intelligence community. Boy did that backfire.
Jan. 18 2017 10:41 AMObama Was Right to Commute Chelsea Manning’s SentenceEdward Snowden should not expect similar treatment.
Jan. 12 2017 4:48 PMThe Right Man for This Particular MomentGen. James Mattis is our last defense against a crazy, dangerous Trumpian foreign policy.
Jan. 10 2017 9:18 PMJohn Kelly Is a Trump Appointee Who Sounds Very Little Like Donald TrumpThe Department of Homeland Security nominee speaks out against torture and a border wall and in support of working with allies.
Jan. 6 2017 4:49 PMIs Mike Flynn Behind Trump’s Scornful Treatment of the Intelligence Community?Quite possibly. Or maybe they are egging on each other.
Dec. 23 2016 1:48 PMWhat, Exactly, Is Trump Getting at With His Comments About Nukes and an Arms Race?And is there a reason—or at least half a reason—to be hopeful?
Dec. 13 2016 1:10 PMWhat’s Good for Exxon Is Bad for the CountryDoes Rex Tillerson know the difference between corporate imperatives and national interests?
Dec. 10 2016 2:56 PMHow Will Trump React to the CIA’s Claim That Russia Was Trying to Help Him Win?  By lying about the CIA and his margin of victory, for starters.
Dec. 7 2016 1:41 PMDoes Trump Want to Put Generals in Charge of Everything?And does John Kelly have what it takes to run a bloated bureaucracy like the Department of Homeland Security?
Dec. 2 2016 11:26 AMMad Dog or Warrior Monk? Trump’s Pick for Secretary of Defense Doesn’t Fit Any Stereotypes.The good and bad of Gen. James Mattis.