War Stories
War Stories
July 17 2018 6:20 PMTrump Digs the Hole DeeperHis excuses and justifications for his performance in Helsinki were almost as bad as the debacle itself.
July 13 2018 3:44 PMRosenstein’s New Indictment Can’t Be Brushed AsideBut Trump will try, anyway.
July 11 2018 3:09 PMThe 2 Percent DoctrineTrump’s misleading and dangerous attack on NATO.
June 26 2018 3:18 PM“Mad Dog” in the DoghouseJames Mattis is being pushed out of Trump’s inner circle. That should worry all of us.
June 21 2018 11:37 AMSpace FarceSpace defense will be a major concern for the U.S., but Trump’s “Space Force” is not the answer.
June 12 2018 11:07 AMA Win for KimThis was a very good day for the leader of North Korea.
June 5 2018 5:23 PMIs the Singapore Summit Already Doomed to Fail?Two of America’s top North Korea experts paint a bleak picture of the Trump–Kim meeting’s prospects.
May 24 2018 1:02 PMArt of the FailIn calling off his summit with Kim Jong-un, Trump has again shown his lack of skill as a negotiator.
May 21 2018 1:34 PMArms Control, Trump-StyleThe president’s last foray into international negotiations doesn’t bode well for his Kim meeting.
May 15 2018 10:33 AMThe ConsequencesIn China, North Korea, and Israel, we’re seeing the results of Trump’s rash decision-making.
May 8 2018 3:12 PMTrump Has Wrecked One of the Most Successful Arms-Control Deals in Modern HistoryThe president withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal because of spite, ignorance, or both.
April 30 2018 3:15 PMBibi’s Iran Speech Was a BustThe Israeli prime minister’s much-hyped revelations make the case for keeping the Iran deal.
April 25 2018 2:31 PML’Etat of the UnionA day after cozying up to Trump on the Iran deal, Macron picked him apart in a rousing speech to Congress.
April 13 2018 11:30 PMWill Assad “Get the Message” This Time?The U.S. once again opts for a limited response to Syria’s chemical weapons use.
April 11 2018 2:54 PMThe Missiles May Be “Smart,” but the President’s Plan Is NotBefore he risks an escalation in Syria and a conflict with Russia, Trump needs to figure out what he’s actually trying to accomplish.
July 16 2018 2:36 PMIt’s Resignation TimeTrump’s performance in Helsinki was a disgrace. Any member of his national security team who sticks with him now is doing a disservice to America.
July 12 2018 2:35 PMEscape From BrusselsTo save their summit, NATO leaders had to let Trump think he’d won something.
June 29 2018 10:16 AMKim Plays the Long GameDon’t look now, but it’s just possible that North Korea isn’t actually denuclearizing.
June 22 2018 5:55 PMThe Putin Summit AwaitsIs there any way this won’t be a disaster?
June 14 2018 4:21 PMDemolition DonaldIt’s undeniable that the president is wrecking the U.S.-led international order. The only question left is whether he’s doing it on purpose.
June 8 2018 12:23 PMShowdown in SingaporeThe best, and worst, we can expect when Trump sits down with Kim.
May 29 2018 4:33 PMThe North Korea Summit Might Actually WorkDespite John Bolton. And despite Donald Trump.
May 22 2018 4:54 PMWe Will Bury YouThe Trump administration is threatening to destroy the regimes of two different countries unless they bend to America’s will.
May 17 2018 10:39 AMKim in ControlNorth Korea’s threat to abandon the Trump summit isn’t an about-face. It’s a demonstration of who’s in the driver’s seat.
May 9 2018 4:33 PMThe Many Secrets of Gina HaspelTrump’s nominee to run the CIA probably did enough to get the job at her confirmation hearing, but not enough to address concerns about her views on torture.
May 1 2018 4:21 PMA Nobel for Trump?Trump may deserve some credit for the Korea talks, but not as much as he thinks.
April 27 2018 1:41 PMMore Than Just a Handshake?The genuinely inspiring Korea summit sets Trump up for a major diplomatic breakthrough—if he can ignore his own instincts.
April 23 2018 4:36 PMWhat Is Denuclearization Anyway?Trump and North Korea are using very different definitions—and that has ramifications.
April 12 2018 7:12 PMEnabler in ChiefMike Pompeo offered few assurances that he’s willing to stand up to Trump’s worst instincts.
April 5 2018 4:19 PMLost in SyriaIt’s been a year since Trump launched missiles at Assad’s military, and it’s now clear he had no strategy to back it up.