War Stories
War Stories
March 22 2018 4:18 PM“Getting Along” Is Not a Foreign PolicyTrump’s defense of congratulating Putin shows again how clueless he is.
March 16 2018 5:14 PMWhere H.R. McMaster Went WrongHe built a storied military career by speaking truth to power—until that power was President Trump.
March 9 2018 11:44 AMSummit SurpriseA meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un could be a major opportunity—if Trump actually prepares for it.
March 5 2018 4:00 PMNo ReplyWhy is America letting Russia get away with meddling in our democracy?
Feb. 28 2018 12:12 PMKushner Has No Business in the White HouseHis security downgrade proves it.
Feb. 23 2018 4:13 PMNot Every U.S.–Russia Meeting Is SuspiciousPutin wants us to be paranoid. Don’t help him.
Feb. 15 2018 4:35 PMThe New Graveyard of Empires?Vladimir Putin’s grand ambitions for Syria aren’t working out quite as planned.
Feb. 9 2018 3:47 PMNo Time to TalkTrump’s foreign policy is all military, no diplomacy. We’re starting to see the consequences.
Jan. 30 2018 11:36 PMNo “Fire and Fury”There was less chest-thumping than usual in this State of the Union. But Trump’s foreign policy is still incoherent and dangerous.
Jan. 25 2018 9:06 AMBack Into the QuagmireThe good news is that Trump is listening to his military commanders. The bad news is that they’re leading him into disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Syria.
Jan. 19 2018 5:55 AMDon’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s GoneAmerica’s retreat from the world under Trump has shown why we’re still the indispensable nation.
Dec. 18 2017 6:06 PMStrategic ConfusionDonald Trump’s new National Security Strategy will baffle allies and delight foes.
Dec. 12 2017 6:08 PMThe Free World’s LandlordTrump’s persistent attacks on NATO can only undermine America’s economy and security.
Nov. 28 2017 5:37 PMWorst Secretary of State Ever?Rex Tillerson’s nonsensical explanations for hamstringing his own department only made things worse.
Nov. 13 2017 5:04 PMThe Finger on the ButtonThis week, Congress is asking the long overdue question of just how easy it would be for the president to blow up the world on his own.
March 20 2018 5:33 PMInfrastructure WeakThe time to do something about protecting our power plants and waterworks from Russian hackers was 20 years ago.
March 13 2018 12:07 PMRex, We Hardly Knew You. No, Really.An ignominious end for the most passive secretary of state in a century.
March 6 2018 3:15 PMLet’s Talk About NukesIt’s great news if Kim Jong-un is willing to talk about giving up his nuclear weapons. But whether it leads to a breakthrough is up to the Trump administration.
March 1 2018 3:55 PMDon’t Buy Putin’s Missile HypeIf the Russians want to waste their money on fancy new nukes, let them.
Feb. 27 2018 5:58 PMWe Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Nuclear CrisisThe Olympics are over, and the high-stakes Trump-Kim showdown is no closer to resolution.
Feb. 22 2018 11:07 AMAmerica’s Voting Systems Are Highly Vulnerable to HackersAnd we’re doing nothing to protect them.
Feb. 12 2018 6:04 PMAll Guns, No ButterTrump’s budget is a return to the let-’er-rip era of defense spending.
Feb. 7 2018 3:49 PMMattis Goes NuclearTrump’s secretary of defense has recently adopted some dubious and dangerous ideas about nuclear strategy.
Jan. 30 2018 3:10 PMI Was There for Nixon’s Last State of the UnionThis feels very different.
Jan. 22 2018 4:23 PMNuclear PosturingTrump’s official nuclear policy isn’t that different from his predecessors’. That’s what makes it so scary.
Dec. 21 2017 4:13 PMGetting Kicked, Taking NamesTrump’s unforced error on Jerusalem.
Dec. 15 2017 2:13 PMThe Thin Skin of John KellyThe chief of staff’s military background has helped him impose order on a chaotic White House. But his aversion to criticism from civilians makes him ill-suited for democratic politics.
Nov. 30 2017 4:40 PMDo Not Let Tom Cotton Anywhere Near the CIAThe senator is an extreme ideologue with the exact wrong temperament for the job.
Nov. 14 2017 5:16 PMTrigger WarningA congressional hearing underlines the dangers posed by an unstable president with unchecked authority to launch nuclear weapons.
Nov. 9 2017 3:00 PMCome Back Any Time!In Trump, China’s Xi Jinping has the American president of his dreams.