War Stories
War Stories
Sept. 13 2018 11:56 AMFalse SummitTrump and Kim plan to meet again, but North Korea still won’t give up its weapons.
Aug. 30 2018 3:49 PMIs Mattis Next Out the Door?Trump’s latest tweetstorm doesn’t look promising for the secretary of defense.
Aug. 17 2018 12:02 AMSpy vs. PresidentThe nation’s top former intelligence officials come together to issue a stunning rebuke to Trump.
Aug. 15 2018 3:47 PMMaximum OverrideTrump says he’ll just ignore the parts of the new defense bill he doesn’t like.
Aug. 7 2018 2:29 PMRegime Change By Any Other NameThere’s only one plausible motive for Trump’s Iran policy.
July 27 2018 6:29 PMThe “Reverse Kissinger” Theory of Trump and Putin Doesn’t Hold UpObservers want to believe there’s a grand strategy behind the president’s incoherent, disastrous foreign policy. There’s not.
July 18 2018 5:20 PMAccusing Trump of Treason Will Only Help HimThe facts are coming. There’s no need to leap beyond them.
July 16 2018 2:36 PMIt’s Resignation TimeTrump’s performance in Helsinki was a disgrace. Any member of his national security team who sticks with him now is doing a disservice to America.
July 12 2018 2:35 PMEscape From BrusselsTo save their summit, NATO leaders had to let Trump think he’d won something.
June 29 2018 10:16 AMKim Plays the Long GameDon’t look now, but it’s just possible that North Korea isn’t actually denuclearizing.
June 22 2018 5:55 PMThe Putin Summit AwaitsIs there any way this won’t be a disaster?
June 14 2018 4:21 PMDemolition DonaldIt’s undeniable that the president is wrecking the U.S.-led international order. The only question left is whether he’s doing it on purpose.
June 8 2018 12:23 PMShowdown in SingaporeThe best, and worst, we can expect when Trump sits down with Kim.
May 29 2018 4:33 PMThe North Korea Summit Might Actually WorkDespite John Bolton. And despite Donald Trump.
May 22 2018 4:54 PMWe Will Bury YouThe Trump administration is threatening to destroy the regimes of two different countries unless they bend to America’s will.
Sept. 4 2018 5:28 PMThe Middle East’s Tinderbox Is Heating Up AgainThere are danger signs all over the region, and Trump seems totally unprepared.
Aug. 28 2018 4:22 PMThe North Korea Peace Process Is All in Trump’s HeadIt can’t collapse because it doesn’t exist.
Aug. 16 2018 2:41 PMTrump’s Petty, Dangerous Campaign Against John BrennanThe former CIA director doesn’t really need his clearance, but it’s a dangerous warning sign to others.
Aug. 10 2018 10:44 AMDiplomatic DisunityAnother week of humiliation for America’s top envoys.
Aug. 3 2018 4:45 PMDemocracy, UnguardedWe can’t protect our elections from Russian interference if the president won’t even admit it’s happening.
July 24 2018 4:09 PMIran Is Not North KoreaAnd Trump’s new fight won’t end as easily as the last one.
July 17 2018 6:20 PMTrump Digs the Hole DeeperHis excuses and justifications for his performance in Helsinki were almost as bad as the debacle itself.
July 13 2018 3:44 PMRosenstein’s New Indictment Can’t Be Brushed AsideBut Trump will try, anyway.
July 11 2018 3:09 PMThe 2 Percent DoctrineTrump’s misleading and dangerous attack on NATO.
June 26 2018 3:18 PM“Mad Dog” in the DoghouseJames Mattis is being pushed out of Trump’s inner circle. That should worry all of us.
June 21 2018 11:37 AMSpace FarceSpace defense will be a major concern for the U.S., but Trump’s “Space Force” is not the answer.
June 12 2018 11:07 AMA Win for KimThis was a very good day for the leader of North Korea.
June 5 2018 5:23 PMIs the Singapore Summit Already Doomed to Fail?Two of America’s top North Korea experts paint a bleak picture of the Trump–Kim meeting’s prospects.
May 24 2018 1:02 PMArt of the FailIn calling off his summit with Kim Jong-un, Trump has again shown his lack of skill as a negotiator.
May 21 2018 1:34 PMArms Control, Trump-StyleThe president’s last foray into international negotiations doesn’t bode well for his Kim meeting.