War Stories
Sept. 28 2013 6:45 AMBreaking Bad, Free Will, and Embracing Your Inner HipsterThe week’s most interesting Slate stories.
Sept. 20 2013 6:11 PMTake a Chance on IranPresident Obama would be crazy not to seize the opportunity that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has given him.
Sept. 10 2013 11:44 PMYour Move, PutinObama’s speech may not have sounded novel, but the president may have helped his cause in unexpected ways.
Aug. 30 2013 4:42 PMObama’s in a Jam on SyriaHe has feeble international support, and he doesn’t know what he’s trying to accomplish.
Aug. 22 2013 6:12 PMMyths About ManningWhy Chelsea Manning may get out of jail much sooner than you think.
Aug. 7 2013 3:42 PMFalse SummitsPresident Obama didn’t snub Putin. They never had a good reason for meeting in the first place.
July 30 2013 3:53 PMA Moderate VerdictThe Bradley Manning verdict and the failure of prosecutorial overreach.
July 12 2013 12:20 PMPyramid SchemeWhy $1.5 billion doesn’t buy Obama (or anyone else) that much influence in Egypt.
June 17 2013 6:04 PMObama’s Gamble in SyriaThe president needs to explain his objective in arming the Syrian rebels, and why he thinks it’s a risk worth taking.
June 7 2013 4:35 PM“The Foundation of a Very Oppressive State”Why one of America’s top terrorism analysts thinks U.S. government surveillance has gone too far.
June 4 2013 5:34 PMThe Iraqi SpiralIraq is descending into civil war—again. But this time only Iraqis are in a position to call a truce.
May 23 2013 6:25 PMObama’s Post-9/11 WorldWhile the president said nothing new about drone strikes, he appears ready to take real risks to close Gitmo.
May 10 2013 6:18 PMJohn McCain Don’t Know Much About HistoryWhen it comes to giving Obama advice about Syria, the senator has a shaky recollection of the past.
April 25 2013 6:13 PMSeeing RedIf Syria has used chemical weapons against its own people and crossed Obama’s red line, how should the president respond?
April 10 2013 7:10 PMLine Item WarfareIf big military cuts are coming, they haven’t arrived yet.
Sept. 27 2013 12:50 PMWill Iran Cut a Deal?Iranian President Hassan Rouhani doesn’t have a free hand, but Washington should take these nuclear talks as far as they can possibly go.
Sept. 14 2013 3:59 PMA Win-Win-Win for Everyone (Except the Syrians)The U.S.-Russian deal on Assad’s chemical weapons shows diplomacy is possible when interests converge.
Aug. 31 2013 3:49 PMObama’s GambleSeeking congressional approval for his Syria strike was risky and right.
Aug. 24 2013 4:59 PMObama’s Guns of AugustPresident Obama will likely bomb Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria. Here is the logic—and limits—for the president’s plan of attack.
Aug. 16 2013 3:48 PMStop Paying the GeneralsPresident Obama must cut off aid to Egypt’s military—now.
Aug. 2 2013 11:55 AMDamaged GoodsHow the NSA traveled down a slippery slope—and how it can regain Americans’ trust.
July 19 2013 6:28 PMIs It Too Late to Help Syria?The options were never good, but now they are far worse.
June 28 2013 5:28 PMWho Leaked the Stuxnet Virus Story?Why retired Gen. James Cartwright is facing allegations—and could be the first higher-up to go down.
June 11 2013 12:44 PMFire James ClapperThe Director of National Intelligence lied to Congress about NSA surveillance. What else will he lie about?
June 5 2013 2:12 PMThe Circle of TrustWhy Susan Rice will be the most powerful member of Obama’s foreign-policy team.
May 29 2013 3:32 PMWhy James Rosen Is Not BlamelessThe Justice Department should not be chasing national security reporters. But those reporters have a responsibility, too.
May 20 2013 6:07 PMObama’s Other Secret WarAre the president’s prosecutors criminalizing national security reporting?
May 1 2013 5:18 PMFeeding the Hand That BitesCorruption is a huge problem for the U.S. in Afghanistan. So why is the CIA funding it?
April 19 2013 11:51 AMHow Vladimir Putin Could Help BostonThe Russian president offered to help in any way he could. Actually, he could do a lot of good.
April 4 2013 6:49 PMThe Guns of AprilIs all the bellicose rhetoric on the Korean Peninsula slowly marching us to war?