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View From Chicago

The Supreme Court’s Loss of Prestige

For the first time in a long time, more people disapprove than approve of its performance.

Sept. 8 2015 12:33 PMThe Spectrum of SufferingWhy Europe is unable to handle its refugee crisis.
Aug. 13 2015 12:43 PMThe Strangest Campaign PledgeWhy it makes sense to support a candidate who vows to straighten out democracy and then quit.
June 30 2015 3:26 PMA Fractious MajorityThe Supreme Court’s conservatives increasingly disagree with one another.
April 16 2015 9:46 AMMutual Funds’ Dark SideWhy airlines and other industries keep prices too high.
March 26 2015 9:30 AMShould Charity Be Logical?Donating to Little League does not make you a moral monster.
Feb. 19 2015 3:23 PMFaithfully ExecutedObama’s new immigration program is perfectly legal and should not be blocked.
Jan. 26 2015 2:55 PMWhy Do Judges and Politicians Flip-Flop?To investigate, Cass Sunstein and I conducted a series of surveys.
Dec. 22 2014 1:54 PMThe Year of the DictatorDemocracy is stagnating around the world.
Dec. 3 2014 12:37 PMProsecuting Dictators Is FutileRevolutionaries should recognize that some people really are above the law.
Oct. 17 2014 9:30 AMA Moral MarketAltruism exchanges could ease the desperate shortage of kidneys for transplant.
Sept. 23 2014 11:39 AMObama Can Bomb Pretty Much Anything He Wants ToThe real constraint on a president’s war-making powers is political, not legal.
Aug. 28 2014 3:47 PMTreaty-ishObama’s proposed climate change agreement would be good for the planet and perfectly legal.
July 28 2014 4:26 PMThe Government Needs to Be Able to Bail Out Banks Sometimes
June 12 2014 7:49 AMRappers v. ScotusWho uses a bigger vocabulary, Jay Z or Scalia?
May 14 2014 4:37 PMWe All Have the Right to Be ForgottenEurope is ahead of the United States in repairing the damage to privacy the Internet—and especially Google—has wrought.
Aug. 25 2015 9:29 AMTrump Is the Only Candidate Talking About a Taboo SubjectCould immigrants really change American cultural and political values?
July 29 2015 1:58 PMIt’s Not Donating. It’s Selling.Fertility clinics’ feeble justifications for fixing the price of human eggs.
May 13 2015 10:00 AMCitizenship for SaleThe “immigrant investor” program is unfair, ineffective, and way too cheap.
April 9 2015 11:14 AMA Terrible ShameEnforcing moral norms without the law is no way to create a virtuous society.
March 2 2015 4:22 PMExchanges No One Can Use?We rely on courts to interpret laws impartially. When it comes to Obamacare, they don’t always oblige.
Feb. 12 2015 2:30 PMUniversities Are Right—and Within Their Rights—to Crack Down on Speech and BehaviorStudents today are more like children than adults and need protection.
Jan. 5 2015 2:49 PMWhy Uber Will—and Should—Be RegulatedToday’s rebel is turning into tomorrow’s tyrant.
Dec. 9 2014 4:39 PMWhy Obama Won’t Prosecute TorturersThey clearly violated the law.
Nov. 6 2014 11:41 PMLegacy TimeWhat Obama can accomplish in two years without any cooperation from Congress.
Sept. 25 2014 1:52 PMEric Holder’s LegacyHe wanted it to be about civil rights. Much to his chagrin, it will be.
Sept. 11 2014 1:11 PMLet Scotland Go FreeIndependence isn’t crazy, irresponsible, or childish.
Aug. 12 2014 8:16 AMYes, Obama Can Stop Millions of DeportationsThat shift in immigration policy is well within the limits of presidential power.
July 11 2014 12:46 PMBoehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Is a LoserBecause of the American conception of presidential power.
May 28 2014 1:52 PMChina Can Sink All the Boats in the South China SeaInternational law won’t stop big countries from bullying littler ones.
May 5 2014 4:22 PMThe U.S. Constitution Is Impossible to AmendBlame the founders—other countries routinely update their constitutions, but ours may as well be written in stone.