View From Chicago
View From Chicago
Aug. 28 2014 3:47 PMTreaty-ishObama’s proposed climate change agreement would be good for the planet and perfectly legal.
July 28 2014 4:26 PMThe Government Needs to Be Able to Bail Out Banks Sometimes
June 12 2014 7:49 AMRappers v. ScotusWho uses a bigger vocabulary, Jay Z or Scalia?
May 14 2014 4:37 PMWe All Have the Right to Be ForgottenEurope is ahead of the United States in repairing the damage to privacy the Internet—and especially Google—has wrought.
April 25 2014 5:42 PMThe Puzzle of Paying AmyCongress has to fix the problem with restitution for child pornography victims that stumped the Supreme Court.
March 27 2014 12:45 PMWhy Everything We Are Doing About Crimea Is Completely Wrong
Feb. 25 2014 1:19 PMWhy Are China and Japan Inching Toward War Over Five Tiny Islands?Japan has the law on its side, but China doesn’t care.
Feb. 14 2014 10:37 AMThe Paranoid Libertarian and His Enemy, the Angry LiberalTwo characters the government can’t afford to ignore, however irrational they are.
Jan. 16 2014 11:01 AMMake Journalists TestifyThe press is wrong to demand a reporter’s privilege for James Risen.
Dec. 30 2013 1:19 PMJudge Pauley Got It Right: The NSA’s Metadata Program Is Perfectly Constitutional
Nov. 22 2013 1:56 PMCentrists Should Mourn the Demise of the FilibusterOnly the extremists win—and in the end, mostly the Republicans.
Nov. 14 2013 1:20 PMKeep Spying on Foreigners, NSAThey have no right to privacy from U.S. surveillance—and they shouldn’t.
Oct. 16 2013 5:41 PMNever AgainIt's time to amend the Constitution to give the president the power to raise the debt ceiling.
Sept. 19 2013 2:40 PMAssad and the Death of the International Criminal CourtThe failure to prosecute him will be the end for the ICC’s brand of global justice.
Sept. 3 2013 1:07 PMObama Is Only Making His War Powers MightierThe credit the president is getting for asking Congress to authorize bombing Syria? He deserves none of it.
Aug. 12 2014 8:16 AMYes, Obama Can Stop Millions of DeportationsThat shift in immigration policy is well within the limits of presidential power.
July 11 2014 12:46 PMBoehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Is a LoserBecause of the American conception of presidential power.
May 28 2014 1:52 PMChina Can Sink All the Boats in the South China SeaInternational law won’t stop big countries from bullying littler ones.
May 5 2014 4:22 PMThe U.S. Constitution Is Impossible to AmendBlame the founders—other countries routinely update their constitutions, but ours may as well be written in stone.
April 10 2014 12:50 PMIn Defense of GMNo one is asking the right question: Was the company’s risk assessment about the faulty ignition switch reasonable?
March 10 2014 12:42 PMLet Crimea GoNext week’s referendum on joining Russia is underhanded, dishonest, absurd—and completely legitimate.
Feb. 18 2014 1:23 PMWho Scores the Best Embassies?Political donors vs. Foreign Service officers, in a chart.
Jan. 27 2014 12:57 PMLet’s Make a Deal With SnowdenThe (grudging) case for a plea bargain.
Jan. 8 2014 7:32 AMForget the FramersThe Supreme Court should not rely on James Madison in deciding how much power the president has to make recess appointments.
Dec. 11 2013 10:09 AMStop Fussing Over PersonhoodLaws treat corporations (and chimpanzees) as persons because it’s a useful—and often essential—legal fiction.
Nov. 19 2013 11:19 AMYou Can Have Either Climate Justice or a Climate TreatyNot both.
Oct. 31 2013 4:10 PMIs the Constitution Written Like the Da Vinci Code?That’s the ridiculous argument libertarians are making in the chemical weapons case before the Supreme Court.
Sept. 30 2013 1:51 PMOn the Debt Ceiling, at Least, Congress Will BlinkHere's why.
Sept. 9 2013 2:38 PMThe U.S. Ignores the U.N. Charter Because It’s BrokenObama should explain what should replace it.
Aug. 28 2013 5:17 PMThe U.S. Has No Legal Basis to Intervene in SyriaBut of course that won't stop us.