Wake and Bake

The marijuana-infused k-cup is here.

May 28 2015 9:50 AMDon Lemon Is the WorstWatch the CNN anchor’s most awkward, head-slapping moments in two grueling minutes.  
May 27 2015 11:40 AMA Day in the LifeA behind-the-scenes look into how Slate’s daily podcast, The Gist, is made.
May 25 2015 9:15 AMTrick-Shot DocDr. Denton is more than your family's friendly practitioner.
May 24 2015 8:22 AMInside Van Gogh’s The Night CafeNo, really—inside it.
May 21 2015 11:37 AMThe Time Prudie Got Faked OutShe gets 400 letters a week—and reads them all on her own.
May 19 2015 8:27 AMExercise, Eat, Read: The President’s Morning Routine Is Surprisingly NormalPresident Obama probably starts each day just like you.
May 16 2015 12:02 PMMagnificent MandibleAn incredible insect predator escape, in miniature.
May 13 2015 4:39 PMFast and AirborneWatch an IndyCar driver walk away from a 200 mph crash.
May 13 2015 7:45 AMStarship PoopersFinally, an answer to space exploration’s most pressing question.
May 10 2015 7:00 AMVeep’s Guide to ParentingA lesson in how not to rear children, lovingly delivered by first mom and President Selina Meyer.
May 8 2015 11:24 AMClose UpThe cheap lens that transforms your smartphone into a microscope.
May 7 2015 8:17 AMFollow Pat Kiernan on His 15-Hour WorkdayThe sleep-deprived NY1 anchor regularly clocks in at 3 a.m. and checks out at 6 p.m.
May 6 2015 2:58 PMIs There Really a Rape Joke in Avengers: Age of Ultron?Let’s watch the scene for ourselves.
May 5 2015 4:05 PMThe Lost Americans for Prosperity AdHumanity v. Hillary 2016.
May 2 2015 8:59 AMThe Blood FallsWhat Antarctica’s eerie formation tells us about what’s under the ice.
May 27 2015 1:33 PMThis Gadget Could Transform Office MeetingsDiscover how an old-school staple is getting a major digital upgrade.
May 26 2015 11:41 AMCongratulations, Graduates! Here’s How to Find Your First Job.Employment 101: How to go from higher ed to hired.
May 25 2015 8:11 AMThe International Flag of Planet EarthFinally, a signpost to plant when we conquer alien worlds.
May 22 2015 9:21 AMOne of the Scariest Things About Movie Clowns?Their toys.
May 20 2015 10:30 AMFabio, Estelle Getty, and Alyssa Milano All Want You to Feel the BurnCelebrity fitness videos: Look better, feel better, and, most importantly, have fun.
May 17 2015 7:57 AMA Rat’s DilemmaResearchers tested a rat’s empathy by giving it a choice: chocolate or a drowning friend.
May 15 2015 1:16 PMOrdering Chinese Food? Put Down the Plate. Pick Up the Chopsticks and Carton.The Gist’s Mike Pesca investigates one of Hollywood’s greatest clichés.
May 13 2015 8:44 AMSeven Crazy Facts That Sound Fake, but Are Absolutely TrueEnjoy these mind-blowing tidbits that cover history, geography, and world events.
May 11 2015 1:58 PMHow to Edit Video on Your iPhoneBecome an expert in under five minutes.
May 9 2015 7:04 AMThe Truth Is Up ThereA NASA-backed project recorded hisses and whistles that sound suspiciously like The X-Files’ theme.
May 8 2015 10:43 AMIn a Galaxy Far, Far Away…Is where the Star Wars prequels belong, based on this terrible dialogue.
May 7 2015 7:12 AM “I Hereby Declare ...” The glorious spectacle of the U.K. general election results.
May 6 2015 11:13 AMHow Much Is the Apple Watch Really Worth?A piece-by-piece breakdown of what’s inside Apple’s newest gadget.
May 3 2015 8:59 AMSpace GeckosThe adorable games lizards played in zero gravity.  
April 30 2015 8:49 AMWatch HBO Now Without Apple TVIf you have an iPhone or iPad, this hack will let you watch HBO on your big screen.