Famous Film Scenes Side by Side With the Art That Inspired Them

New scenes from Moonlight, Children of Men, and more.

May 19 2017 8:03 AMWhat It's Like to Buy Groceries in PovertyThat milk will be $24.  
May 18 2017 1:16 PMWhy Do Your Shoelaces Come Untied When You Run?A study in slow motion.
May 17 2017 8:46 AMA Floating, Functioning Vegetable Garden Docked Off New York CityVisitors can pick produce for free.
May 16 2017 9:14 AMThe Moment a War Hero Becomes a War HeroA moving, gorgeous animation about World War II airman Andrew Mynarski.
May 12 2017 9:59 AMThe Man Metal-Detecting His Way Across the U.K.Meet Deep Digger Dan.  
May 11 2017 9:01 AMRunning HighAn inventive stunt video shot from above.
May 10 2017 10:57 AMThe Match CutHow one simple cut is among Hollywood’s most powerful tools.
May 9 2017 2:10 PMThe World’s Tiniest Cup of Coffee Is Made With a Single BeanVery small batch.
May 8 2017 1:34 PMA Used Car Ad to End All Used Car AdsYou might remember this vehicle from Jurassic Park.
May 4 2017 10:11 AMDriving With DogA woman and her basset hound on their commute to work each day.
May 2 2017 12:57 PMThe Balloon OrganAn organ made entirely of paper can produce some pretty amazing music.
May 1 2017 11:02 AMThese Sci-Fi Movies Created All-Female Planets—Just to Destroy ThemThe insidious male fantasy of “lady lands.”
April 28 2017 8:57 AMThe Parrot Who Gave a Ted Talk Does Dozens of Impressions on CueFor her 30th birthday.
April 26 2017 9:04 AMRock, Covered by RocksA machine uses stones to play "Here Comes the Sun."
April 21 2017 7:11 AMYour Brain on Drug PolicyRachael Leigh Cook returns with an updated drug message in this PSA.
May 19 2017 6:09 AMThe Apocalypse Isn't What It Used to BeHow our vision of the end times has changed on screen and beyond.
May 18 2017 11:28 AMThe Clouds Roll InWatch a gorgeous timelapse of the volatile weather over the Grand Canyon.  
May 17 2017 6:57 AMGamer Mice Try to Figure Out a Virtual MazeAnd give researchers clues about how they form memories.
May 16 2017 7:27 AMJust a Goat Wearing a Goat CoatHis name is Rambo. 
May 12 2017 6:52 AMTake the Johns Hopkins Memory TestHow does motion affect memory?
May 11 2017 6:54 AMWhy Kids’ Art MattersRobert F. Kennedy decked out his Justice Department office with his children’s drawings. He was onto something.
May 10 2017 9:22 AMAll in the WristA motion-controlled sensor that could replace your laptop's trackpad.
May 9 2017 1:23 PMOut of the FlueA Scottish “chimney rag” turned out to be something much more.
May 6 2017 8:24 AMA Self-Driving Scooter Negotiates Human TrafficThe technology goes far beyond cars.
May 4 2017 8:59 AM“A Smaller, Less Developed Version of the Original Creature”A Star Trek crew detects a new lifeform.
May 2 2017 12:01 PMSearching for Treasure in a Local Georgia RiverLost iPhones are the new gold coins.
May 1 2017 8:56 AMAn Extinct Species of Antelope, the Oryx, Returns to the WildThey’ve already had their first wild offspring.
April 27 2017 2:05 PMThe Lego Rainbow A tiny soccer ball and a machine with 1,150 moving parts.
April 24 2017 1:24 PMPunching a Raw Chicken Filled With Walnuts And other triumphs of film sound design.
April 17 2017 2:15 PMIn the 18th Century, They Pulverized Leftover Meat Into PasteNow you can too!