The Booty Business
The Booty Business
April 24 2001 3:00 AM

The Booty Business

My life in pornography.

In February 2007, writer Jay Forman contacted Slate to confess that his 2001 story about " monkeyfishing" was untrue, which of course casts doubt on the truthfulness of this article. See this article.

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In my disillusionment, I came to believe that pornography exploits men. The female models count their bills and wish they could get a little more, like working people everywhere. The porn moguls chuckle as they clap out the lights in their opulent brownstone mansions, secure in their immeasurable wealth. Yellow cabs honk along a strangely lonely stretch of Fifth Avenue. And the guys who consume this stuff shell out their bank just so they can jerk off to a lie. Tell me, who's the real loser here?

Jay Forman lives in New Orleans, where he writes children's books.

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