Health care protests are influencing independents; Fed ends one piece of intervention.

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Aug. 13 2009 6:11 AM

Fed Steps Back (Slowly)

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The NYT's Guy Trebay notices that, this summer the "unvarying male uniform in the precincts of Brooklyn cool" has added an unexpected element: "a burgeoning potbelly one might term the Ralph Kramden." Too big to simply be blamed on the T-shirt's cut but too small to be called a beer gut, the "Ralph Kramden" is seemingly everywhere the perpetually hip hang out. Why? No one knows, really. Some think it's a pushback from the years of obsession with perfectly sculpted abs. Others say Obama might be to blame as contrarian hipsters are eager to refuse to follow the lead from a man who hits the gym every morning. "If we had a slob in the White House," said the editor of Details, "all the hipsters would turn into some walking Chippendales calendar."

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