Walking it back on Skip Gates while health care hits another speed bump.

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July 25 2009 5:32 AM

Obama Takes a Mulligan

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Sarah Palin officially relinquishes the office of Alaska governor tomorrow, but the tussle over ethics complaints lodged against her continues, even as she claimed to have cleaned up the state's political corruption. The Post uncovers little new material; the erstwhile governor has taken to communicating only in written statements to the newspaper. Palin isn't talking at all to the Journal, which was reduced to quoting her Twitter account in a story about how her future plans are still a mystery.

A close reading of perhaps the biggest viral YouTube video of a wedding procession graces the Post's inner pages, forever ennobling its Minnesotan subjects and providing inspiration to those late-twentysomethings who've given up weekend after weekend as wedding season slogs on.

Lydia DePillis is a writer living in New York.