How many terrorist plots did we foil by water-boarding Zubaida?

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March 29 2009 9:36 AM

Not Even One

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Go ahead and build a border fence; truly determined would-be immigrants will just sail around it. The LAT takes a look at how border crossings have turned into sea voyages, with tiny overloaded boats traveling up the coast, smuggling drugs and people into the San Diego area. Coast Guard officials say they simply don't have the manpower or the vessels to handle the increase in traffic.

The recession is cutting into child support, reports to the NYT. Judges across the country say they've seen a swell of parents who have lost their jobs and can't afford to make the same payments as before. The article doesn't suggest that divorce really changes the way a layoff affects a family—lost income is lost income. These hearings are just one more way to measure the recession's impact.


The WP fronts a feature on the military's use of  trained dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Officials say they're invaluable aides that help save human lives. Sadly, the heroic pooches aren't immune to post traumatic stress disorders.

The NYT Magazine runs an exhaustive look at the history of tax deniers.

Don't believe everything that you Tweet ...

Just because it sounds like Christopher Walken doesn't mean it is. The WP reminds  readers that not everyone claiming to be a celebrity on Twitter is the genuine article. Stranger still, not every impersonator is pretending to someone famous.

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