Israel says it's ready to talk about a new cease-fire, but will Hamas listen?

A summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers.
Jan. 17 2009 6:37 AM

Gaza on the Brink of Peace

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The WSJ writes that a growing number of companies are cutting their workers' pay to shore up the bottom line.

Both the WP and the NYT front and the LAT teases an obituary for painter Andrew Wyeth. Wyteth was best known for painting stark rural landscapes.


The WP argues that Iraqi Prime Minister  Nouri al-Maliki  isn't just a leader anymore; he's a symbol of a political slate and the embodiment of new "Iraqist" political agenda.

Would you get a clothesline just because the Obamas have one? At least one advocacy group is hoping some people will go back to drying their clothes outside if the White House gets onboard. Other interest groups have similar plans, writes the WSJ. Interest groups are pushing the Obamas to do everything from installing an organic vegetable garden to adopting a stray dog.

The NYT takes a break from reporting on the U.S. economic meltdown to talk about the collapse of the Chinese tea bubble.

The WSJ reports that the Australian government's controversial aborigine welfare policies are paying unexpected dividends, particularly for aboriginal women.

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