The Dow just had its worst week ever. Will next week be any better?

A summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers.
Oct. 11 2008 6:03 AM

Worst. Week. Ever.

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A former Finnish president won the Nobel Peace Prize for his decades of work to promote peace through diplomacy, says the NYT inside.

The economy in Spain has gotten so rough that the WSJ reports some Spanish debt collectors have taken to wearing top hats and tuxedoes in order to stage showy, humiliating requests for repayment.


How are average folks in America coping with the crunch? By selling their possessions on e-Bay, of course. The WP has all the wince-inducing details.

The LAT takes you inside North Korea's international film festival.

Jesse Stanchak is a writer living in Washington, D.C.