Israel launches some of the deadliest strikes into Palestinian territory since 2000.

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March 2 2008 6:46 AM

Gaza Goes South

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Anyone wanting to read one more Bush retrospective might pick up Bushism chronicler and Slate Editor Jacob Weisberg's book The Bush Tragedy, which reviewer Alan Brinkley deems "mostly persuasive," if occasionally "highly speculative." Brinkley also points out that tragedies usually involve some amount of talent squandered and self-awareness of failure, which Weisberg argues that this presidency lacks.

The NYT took the time to collect a few voices from the dead, giving has-been presidential candidates the chance to hammer away at pet issues one more time. One of them, the Hon. Dennis Kucinich, may be more dead than others.


Correction, March 3, 2008: This piece originally stated that an unnamed source in the Bush administration said troops reductions were being planned for July. The plan allegedly calls for troop withdrawal by the end of the year, with pauses in July for provincial elections. (Return  to the corrected sentence.)

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