Dust Bowl II

A summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers.
April 6 2007 4:56 AM

Dust Bowl II

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The LAT goes above the fold with a profile of blogger David Brody of Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network—though Brody considers it "a dig" to call the network Robertson's, we learn in the lede. (No dig intended, Mr. Brody.) The blogger's commentary is widely read among political junkies of all political and religious persuasions. Some Democrats see him as a way to reach the Christian right community, and some Christians see his blog as a way to bring nonbelievers into the flock.

The Next Vietnam … The Journal's editorial page has for the last four years hammered analysts who would compare Iraq to Vietnam. But, it seems, there is one similarity the page finds worth noting—Democrats should get the blame for both: "[B]y reverting to their Vietnam message of retreat and by blaming Mr. Bush for all the world's ills, Democrats on Capitol Hill may once again convince voters that they can't be trusted with the White House in a dangerous world."

Ryan Grim writes for the Huffington Post and is the author of the forthcoming book This Is Your Country on Drugs.

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