Landis' End

Landis' End

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Aug. 5 2006 6:13 AM

Landis' End

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The NYT brings word that Sen. Joe Lieberman has decided to scale back his primary-day get-out-the-vote effort—perhaps because he now feels his chances are nil. A new poll shows challenger Ned Lamont ahead by 13 points, 54-41, with 85 percent of voters having made up their minds. (The margin of error, which the NYT neglects to report, is +/- 3.3.) Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., who recently campaigned for Lieberman, says Lieberman should not run as an independent if he loses the primary by double digits.

This morning a French lab confirmed that American cyclist Floyd Landis had illegal testosterone in his urine during the Tour de France. The Tour will likely try to strip him of his title.


A long feature in yesterday's LAT tries to dig into Mel Gibson's true nature. Some of his friends speak out in his defense (he's a nice guy, but a mean drunk), but most don't return the paper's calls. Gibson hangs out with Jewish friends and has a Jewish bodyguard and publicist.

So, a Blue-State Reporter Ventures into Dixie and …

A correction from the Washington Post:

An Aug. 4 Metro story about slain Fairfax County [Va.] police officers Vicky Armel and Mike Garbarino incorrectly described a fundraiser as a roaming poker game. The event, called a poker run, is a motorcycle ride.

(Actually, it's a little of both.)

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