The Ring
The Ring
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Feb. 27 2005 6:39 AM

The Ring

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Both the NYT and the WP check in on President Bush's ambitious plan to remake Social Security with private investment accounts. The Times takes a look back over Bush's political career and finds him gunning for a more market-oriented Social Security system as early as 1978. The Post, meanwhile, notices weary congressional Republicans already picking up on constituent hostility to the plan. Many are eager to compromise with Democrats in order to avoid the serious political fallout of a "Hillarycare"-style legislative defeat.

Many happy returns ... The Post's Dana Milbank reports inside that Ralph Nader is celebrating his 71st birthday the old-fashioned way—by soliciting money from strangers. His former presidential campaign, still in the red four months after the elections, recently sent out an e-mail asking supporters to help square their debts in honor of Nader's big day. The message offered 71 reasons to give, including, most notably, "his non-stop advocacy for the legalization of industrial hemp" and his role as "the driving force behind the Tort Museum in his hometown of Winsted, Connecticut."

Keelin McDonell is an assistant editor atthe New Republic.

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