Sweet Relief
Sweet Relief
A summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers.
Jan. 2 2005 6:57 AM

Sweet Relief

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Families of American troops killed in Iraq are often divided over the justness of the war, the Times says up front. While G.I. relatives bond over the experience of losing a loved one, political disagreements can fracture these ties. Relations remain civil between war supporters and detractors, but the NYT notes that "flashes of tension have crept up at small gatherings and group interviews, and even after condolence sessions with President Bush."

Fun and Games ... The Los Angeles Times reports on the popularity of video games among U.S. troops in Iraq. G.I. faves include "Halo," "Madden NFL 2005," and "Neverwinter Nights." But all that time in front of the PlayStation may have a serious purpose. According to the article, "[p]sychologists who treat combat stress recommend video games for Marines to unwind and boost morale."

Keelin McDonell is an assistant editor atthe New Republic.

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